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Powernaut 2008: 1 2 3.
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POWERNAUT 2008 Part 2!

Reality House!


Hello, Readers!

Finally, a look inside the Power Patrol! The whole world's watching!

(signed) Scott Eiler, Publisher for Powernaut Comics, 2008.

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Hi, Heroes!

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Reality House, the Ellipsis Edition

Yes, this happened. And there was indeed some drama. Mostly it involved me and the Brazilian cursed fire goddess on a bike ride to a convention center in Boston. We got in trouble. Well, actually, *I* did. The Balance made sure she was safe, but I had to get myself out. I kept an extensive diary, if you want to know all the details.

I do prize the friendships I made among that team. No, not Ellipsis. And the Mighty Tim and I keep it on a professional level. But I could have honestly said...

  • "Laura, you rock the mom bod."
  • "Pam, I admire how Ultimate Darkness goes with anything you wear."
  • "Adu, yeah, of course you wear golden armor into battle 'cause no one is ever going to steal it from you."
  • And Karla... Being cursed not to speak, she didn't relate to me on a vocal level. I reciprocated; I started teaching ourselves American Sign Language... I think she might miss me. And I'm sorry we parted as we did. But I don't miss people, I just remember them.

My friends and I all got together after that. But I had just been indwelt by Ultimate Darkness, and I wasn't feeling sociable. On that occasion, apparently Adu and Karla felt sociable, at least with each other, so they saw everyone off and stayed in the room later... The Will be done. I had to separate from them after, because Gov stuff. Pam would have saved me, only my *relatives* came to have a family Gov intervention! Really. Fortunately I escaped after, but I did not trouble my housemates.

And that pretty much says how detached I am from both my relatives and my tenure in Reality House.

The Next Generation of Heroes!

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Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The Next Generation of Heroes

I get to describe these young heroes. It has been my job to track them. I think I caught them all.

  • The Toledo Torpedo. He basically has ninja powers, into which origins this series may explore. He also has a criminal past including a young accomplice. This series may well shove that aside.
  • Zorch. He has some link to the Powernaut, but no one knows how. The link may even be this series! Good enough for Reality House.
  • Capture. He comes from Dearborn, Michigan. His powers got revealed during an attack of zombies on a Mississippi river cruise from Dubuque, Iowa.
  • Intensity. I met her a couple of years ago! I'm glad to see her under control.
  • Vnesa Stalker. She was part of a program to breed vampires as servants last year! Her mother Khrisa Stalker has brought her into the Powernaut's household, for healing in a relatively normal environment... Good luck with that.

I Already Raised One

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The Ferguson Family of Heroes

Heh, I have to comment as Weird Uncle Wyatt now. I have to admit, I never thought my sister would identify with superheroes. Yet here we are.

  • Lauren got mixed up with "The Last Army War" in the 1990s. Her husband at the time said, she'd moved to the Caribbean with him. We found out later, it was to an island full of superhumans, determined to conquer the Earth. They mostly fought Ellipsis. But Philippe St. Joseph Lateran was in charge of brainwashing the island. Lauren was just too ornery for that. (It runs in the family.)
  • Andy was with Lauren at the time. He came out of the affair with "Vigor" superpowers - basically all physical abilities just beyond maximum human potential.
  • Calvin was a U.S. secret agent. He had a suit of flying shrinking battle armor. How cool is that? At the time, he tried to get me into a family intervention on the island. At the time, I was in the middle of a disaster, so I missed his invitation to join an international incident. As he missed my own involvement in a disaster and a subsequent series of incidents in New Jersey. - Indeed Calvin may have been delayed on his mission, while he checked his Gov sources on me. But then he kept going, to save Lauren and Andy... Calvin's story may perhaps be told another time. But he has logged his own diary, of which the world has gotten access to one episode from 2004.
  • I (Wyatt) am here represented with my most photogenic powers... the "Method", an agent of elves, godlings, and demons earlier this year. I've also hosted demons and Death before. In my world, though, all these powers come and go. The more accurate current representation of me is with a bicycle helmet, in a flashback sequence earlier in this series.

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Who the Boss Is

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Guest Instructors

Heh, the Reality House is splurging on guest instructors to make the series interesting. Chief among these is "Abe Knight", who practices law in Illinois - and strongly resembles Abraham Lincoln. There are rumors that he went to space before supposedly dying, the same way Zenobia did. Abe Knight neither confirms nor denies these, but he loves to end his sessions with what *could* have happened if Abe Lincoln went into space.

Other instructors have included Budo (a freelance swordsman from New Jersey), Mister Discipline (a businessman in Times Square of New York City), a former football player named Peerless, and the guy who once dressed up as the Mad Axeman from Shenandoah. They each had at least something to say about superhuman history and the modern world.

Community Reaction

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Field Trip!

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To Be Continued - in Part 3!

Author's Notes:

Here we have the State of the World, complete with Powernaut.

This expands greatly on a Powernaut proto-story I wrote in 2008, about a Powernaut Family. It also expands upon family interactions... I have granted my relatives the same ability to choose their superhuman avatars, as I granted myself. Yeah, we might be a superhuman dynasty. And superhuman dynasties might actually be important to the plot here.

Does Power School 2012 come from Reality House Home School 2008, or vice versa? Creatively, Power School came first. But chronologically in story order, Reality House must have inspired it! The story may include some little references thereby.

As a colorist, I have had to consider "Brazilian" in my spectrum of Wypipo colors. So, base Wypipo color (Powernaut) in this series may look different from other series. Someday, if I were ever to produce Director's Cut Powernaut Comics, it may backfill! But I will have to consider the new "Mighty White" skin color - suitable for Ellipsis, plus a couple of other characters in this series!

I now rank Reality House - Powernaut Edition as the fourth greatest thing that I have ever had to infer the existence of in my stories. It comes behind Doctor Fu, Hypergaard, and Powernaut 1941.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 4 May 2020.

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If your name is Patrick and you come from Lansing-Michigan, you are invited to contact the Powernaut on Facebook and claim the Toledo Torpedo. I will also let Karissa Stoker from metro Dallas-Texas claim the rights to Khrisa and Vnesa Stalker. (Heh, someone else came up with Khrisa's character name, but he was inspired by Karissa.) I will also let Amy Estes Larsen from metro Seattle-Washington claim Intensity. I will also let Karen Eiler, Mark Eiler, and Andrew Jones claim themselves from superhero games we used to play when we were all younger. Bruce Klybourn is a character of Vaughn Gross. Other than that, the story and all characters and artwork in this fiction are copyright © 2020 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.