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Hello, my Power Patrol! Welcome to my 1966 adventures! I'm a secret agent now!

(signed) The Powernaut!

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Oooh, He's So Dreamy!

We Have a Briefing Film...

He's Not the Weaponaut

Pow! Er! Naut!

Bonus Section: Excerpts from the Briefing: Louis the Secret Vichy Boy King

There is modern-day commentary at .

There are many factions of French Royalists. The House of Bourbon governed to 1789, the House of Orleans as late as 1848, and the House of Bonaparte to 1870. Each faction has at least one candidate to become the restored monarch of France. The factions of course argue over their candidates' legitimacy.

In France during World War 2, some Royalists considered the fall of the French Republic to be the will of God. One such faction of the Bourbons has taken refuge in a remote region of the former French Indochina, along with their royal candidate whom they have declared to be Louis XIX.

Louis is twelve years old. He is spoiled and manipulative, but accustomed to being protected. He may well have the most powerful bodyguards money can buy.

Secret Royalist French Nazis!

Bonus Section: Excerpts from the Briefing: The Aryan Skull

One possible bodyguard for the boy-king Louis XIX is the Aryan Skull. You knew him as Aryan Man, Powernaut; you fought him in Berlin in 1941. There you saw a phosphorous grenade explode in his face. He has your level of power, so he survived. But rumours indicate his facial skin was burned away. According to those same rumours, he roamed France seeking vengeance. We consider it likely, he felt himself disfigured and unworthy to represent the Nazi cause, even though he still believed in it.

You and he were both in France in 1944. But if you encountered him then, we do not know of it. We do know, he was in Brittany when the Allied invasion started. He was cut off from Germany, but with access to the Kriegsmarine submarine base at Saint-Nazaire which remained under German control throughout the war. He certainly had the power to return to Germany, either via submarine or by simply fighting his way through enemy territory - as you did in 1941. But for whatever reason, we did not hear of him doing that. We consider it likely, he's gone into hiding. We do not know what he would think of working for the French, but we do at least have to consider him as a possible opponent whom you might encounter on this mission.

My Weapon Knows You're Here

Bonus Section: Excerpts from the Briefing: Laotian Legend (Sun Gods)

As you may come in contact with Southeast Asian natives, Powernaut, it is worthwhile to review their ancient legends.


Notably, the Laotians do *not* have a sun god. They do, however, have many legends of the sun being blocked out by creeper vines or otherwise occluded.


Wait! You'll Need This!

The Fate of the Powernaut, Really

Bonus Section: After-Action Report

We deem the Powernaut has indeed come in contact with a Solarian, here on Earth. By his report he came in contact with one on Mars also. We have no reason to disbelieve him.

The Powernaut considered it impossible that the same Solarian be both on Earth and on Mars. We know it it actually possible, for the Solarians are masters of gateway portals. However, we consider it likely that the Earth Solarian was indeed distinct from the one on Mars. Consider: The Martian Solarian banished intruders. The one on Earth *attacked* them on sight. Earth's may have been an immature spawn.

Our "motor" the Pentahedron allowed the Powernaut to confront this Solarian. Mathematically speaking, that is like dividing infinity by infinity. Any result is possible. So please excuse that our Pentahedron is now missing.

It is amazing that any solar system has more than one Solarian. Any single Solarian has the ability to grow to the size of a star - and absorb it. *One* is therefore enough to destroy any solar system.

The Powernaut delivered Earth from the judgment of this junior Solarian. However, Earth may have to deal with the senior Solarian soon. We can only hope and pray the Powernaut is there to help us with it.

Author's Notes:

This series will be a challenge in and of itself... I'm publishing and mostly drawing this while I'm on a North American tour. So far, the drawing is massively ahead of schedule; I have dropped my habit of writing detailed travelogues, and just draw Powernaut cartoons in pubs as usual. I just have to get the drawings to where my Eilertech work computer is, to edit and publish. It can in theory go to pubs too, but that's usually antisocial so I've avoided it so far. Still, #1 is on schedule and I should be able to manage #2.

#1 more or less answers the question, "Where did you find a yellow bow tie?" (2012 RACCies Award Ceremonies)

Of course women go wild for the Powernaut. It's Powernaut-mania. But of course we can find one who doesn't, because there's Women's Liberation.

The aircraft now known as Powernaut 1 is totally 1966. It is modeled after the first rear-engine racecar to win the Indy 500. A. J. Foyt had to learn to drive a new kind of car the next year. It was a big deal.

One may well ask what happened to the rest of the Power Patrol. Heh. I think we'll find out in Powernaut 1968. But suffice it to say for now, the Powernaut got reinvented for 1966.

I had fun building the Laotian temple in this episode. I built it out of Laotian temples. I put four Laotian temples at the corners, a Laotian temple at the gate, and a big Laotian temple in the middle.

This *is* the same Powernaut as 1941, only more mature. By #5 you should see the difference. #9 will show his Finest Moment - and his fate.

I had not originally planned a Powernaut 1966 series. I wss just going to introduce a satirical successor Powernaut in 1968. I still will. But as I wrote more and more Powernaut comics, the Powernaut became a true hero instead of a satire. So I realized I could not retire the original Powernaut without this series.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 18 November 2013.

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