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Being the Adventures of Paul Poderr in the Ways of Power!
A prelude... Humanity gets (re)introduced to the concept of human heroes with superhuman power. Why do forces from beyond care?... Gee, 1912 has big comics!


  1. A Walk in the Woods
  2. Gasp! Mexican Banditos!
  3. What Now?
  4. I Am Ares!
  5. Now We Shoot at Each Other



More of the Story - Coming Eventually!
Powernaut 1918

The Powernaut Smashes Through!
He's the pinnacle of humanity, and he's going to fight Adolf Hitler! But can even the Powernaut win on his own?


  1. Origin
  2. Greece
  3. Invasion
  4. Off to Beat Up Hitler
  5. Un-Occupy Europe
  6. Aryan Man
  7. Le Résistant
  8. Who Is Le Résistant?



Powernaut and the Power Stars!
The Powernaut knows now, it takes more than one hero to smash the Axis. Here they come!


  1. Powernaut
  2. Power Stars
  3. Private Danger
  4. S.O.S.
  5. Galatea
  6. Doc Nostalgia
  7. Stonewater Smith
  8. The Secret Commando
  9. Zenobia
  10. The Diabolical Devilman
  11. Lass Lady
  12. Maybe Someday: Boy Brigade!



Yesterday the Future
Powernaut and the Power Stars vs. the last Nazis... across the decades.


  1. What Ever
  2. Let ME Try
  3. You Panicked
  4. Power Stars 2000+!
  5. We Have a Plan
  6. Surrender!
  7. It Worked!
  8. That's Our Way Home!
  9. Postlude: The Power Stars Christmas Special



Powernaut and Losernaut!
There's always a right way and a wrong way to handle every situation. Goofus and Gallant know that. So do Powernaut and Losernaut.


  1. The Red Threat



More of the Story - Coming Eventually!
Powernaut 1951

Kidnapped to Venus with Lady Wrestlers!
Manly space adventure. Will the rabid space crocodiles rip his flesh?


  1. The Match
  2. The Saucer
  3. To Venus
  4. Rabid Space Crocodiles
  5. The Spankatron
  6. The Spankers
  7. Colossal Woman
  8. We Got the Alien
  9. Surprise Ending
  10. Maybe Someday: Powernaut vs. Naughtynaut!



The Adventures of PowerTEEN!
There are new rules for comic books this year. So the Powernaut is changing.


  1. The Publisher
  2. Welcome to Power City
  3. Oh, Hi, Grampa
  4. An Origin
  5. He Can't Get Up
  6. Commies Attacking Malt Shop
  7. Time to Mobilize
  8. Is There a Next?
  9. Angry
  10. Losing Power
  11. What's the Computer Been Doing?
  12. Episode 2: PowerTEEN Meets Paula Power!
  13. Maybe Someday: Digit-O the Powerputer!
  14. Maybe Someday: The Bully Club!
  15. Maybe Vaguely Someday: Power-TEENs of the Future!



The Power Patrol!
The Powernaut and his Power Patrol have won the first step of the Space Race! But the Moscow Pact is coming back! Will they beat the Power Patrol to Mars?


  1. Power Patrol
  2. Beat the Commies to Mars
  3. Red Planet Must Be Red
  4. Space Race
  5. BOOM!
  6. Trapped on Mars!
  7. Part 2: Here Come the Reds!



Simon the Super Sea Monkey from Mars!
This series may have inspired the sea monkey heroes of the future. But more importantly, it introduced the Powernaut theme song!


  1. It's Time for Fun with Powernaut!
  2. Someone's Running Through Our Trophy Room
  3. I'm Going to Seal the Room Off
  4. I Think I've Figured It Out


The Man from P.O.W.E.R.N.A.U.T.!
He's a special agent now, alone on his most dangerous mission! What awaits him in Laos?


  1. Oooh, the Powernaut is So Dreamy!
  2. The Mission
  3. He's Not the Weaponaut
  4. Pow! Er! Naut!
  5. Enemies
  6. What's In That Room?
  7. Ulp!
  8. You'll Need This
  9. You Probably Saved the Earth


The New Look!
Phil Hanover has freed his mind and become the new Powernaut. As the Power Patrol heads to Southeast Asia, a Cosmic Being comes to enhance the fireworks. Can the Powernaut make it cool down?


  1. Origin
  2. You Defile the Real Powernaut
  3. What If I Find Him?
  4. Powernaut to Laos!
  5. You Open a Portal
  6. They Wish to Destroy Us

  This Year

All the Powernaut 1960s plotlines come together. More things than you ever wanted get explained - deep into the future.


  1. Paula Power's Been Kidnapped
  2. Oh No, It's That Fake Powernaut
  3. Playing With Portals, Are We?
  4. Big Buildings AND Big People!
  5. We Tracked a Kidnapping to YOU!
  6. What Hypergaard Is
  7. Who Here Can Hunt?
  8. Part 2: Prisoners of the Hyper-Piper!
  9. Part 3: The Secret of Planet Hyper-Piper

  This Year

More of the Story - Coming Someday!
Powernaut 1971
Powernaut 1973

A Very Powernaut Bicentennial!
He's been away for a while, but he's back - more patriotic than ever!


  1. What's Next for the PowerRider?
  2. I Shall Destroy You, Powernaut!
  3. Have Some America!


Can the evil enemies of the Powernaut resist the goodness of Sugar Frosted Air?


  1. John Revolta


Power-Star Comics!
Powernaut Comics has searched far and wide for new stars. Can we blame the publisher for dreaming some up?


  1. Manly-Man
  2. Hyper-Ninja Sewer Creaatures
  3. Solar Sail Roboto
  4. G.I. Gov
  5. Happy Bears
  6. Saved by the Turtle
  7. Episode 2: Hyper-Power Crisis Wars!


Hyper-Power Crisis Wars!
It's time for a crossover, with all the heroes we can find! Good thing we had some in 1984!


  1. Why Is This Happening?
  2. All the Heroes Of Our Earth
  3. You Threaten the Master
  4. Powernaut vs. Manly-Man vs. Hyper-Ninja Sewer Creatures
  5. Powernaut vs. Solar Sail Roboto vs. Happy Bears
  6. Powernaut vs. the Doom Bear
  7. Powernaut vs. G.I. Gov
  8. Let's Go... Uh Oh
  9. Get 'Em!
  10. The Expedition is On
  11. The True Fight is in Space
  12. Part 2: Crisis of Multiple Powernauts!


Powernaut Year One!
What do you call a reboot for a series that's been going for decades? Year One, of course.


  1. Jeff Goldblatt is the Powernaut!
  2. Stop the Powernaut Movie!
  3. Set 3
  4. Disaster!
  5. You're Not Dead!
  6. You're Headed for That Castle
  7. What Are You??
  8. Die!
  9. Still Die!
  10. Huh??
  11. There's a Real One Out There


If It Comes From Hell, It's For Him!
Hyper-Children of 1969 begin to meet. A villainous plot and a vigilant defender collide around them. Good thing a Powernaut is here.


  1. So You Want to Fight a Powernaut
  2. I Summon and Bind You
  3. Then What Do You Want??
  4. Network Intrusion!
  5. Hello, Powernaut
  6. What's In It for Me?
  7. I Don't Let People Be Hurt
  8. Cameras? What Cameras??
  9. Your Mighty Biceps Squeeze the Flame From Me!
  10. Something's Coming Out...
  11. What Do You Want With Him?
  12. Best Start Flying
  13. Time to Roam the Earth for Vengeance!


Quest of the Doom Bear!
The Powernaut of this year is not on a mission of vigilance. A villain of this year may succeed in his own mission.


  1. This Will Attract the Doom Bear?
  2. But Wait... I See Things
  3. I See Your Doom
  4. Either by Fire or Ice
  5. Doom to the Humans
  6. Is He Making the Humans Unhappy?
  7. New Doom Creatures
  8. And So Will His Woman
  9. Time to Chase the Doom Bear!
  10. I'm Your Biggest Fan!
  11. Kneel to Me!
  12. Humans Bring Him Chocolate


Return of the Doom Bear!
Faithful readers of the 2014 series may know how the Doom Bear vs. Ellipsis turned out in 1990s comics. How did the Powernaut figure in?


  1. The Powernaut for the 1990s!
  2. My Name Is...
  3. They Go to My Land with Me!
  4. It Seems Ellipsis Had Bodyguards
  5. A Good Naming
  6. We're Squished
  7. Destroy Them!
  8. Come, Baby Nuke Bear!
  9. Wait, I Don't Fly!
  10. Glad to Make a Difference
  11. Just Get Us Out!
  12. Stay Down, Chris!
  13. What Do You Mean, Ask Paula?
  14. Episode 2: Romance and Death!


World Without a Powernaut!
Last year the Powernaut disappeared. What happens now??


  1. A Year Ago Today, Jeff Goldblatt Disappeared
  2. Mr. Samuels, What Can You Tell Us?
  3. A World Without This Powernaut
  4. Why is Total Conversion So Important?
  5. Blood-Something
  6. I Am As Displeased As You
  7. This One Has Been Here Before
  8. This One's Weird
  9. Fight Over the Powernaut's Power?


Maximum Extremity!
In this world without a Powernaut, hero teams collide around a villainous plot. Might there be a Powernaut out there still to save the day?


  1. Giant Wave?
  2. Really? Here?
  3. But You Wanted Music
  4. I Got His Back Now
  5. We Might Rescue the Real Powernaut
  6. There's So Much Going On Here
  7. Why Am I Still Here?
  8. You're Not Really With Them, Are You?
  9. Part 2: Let's Get Started


The Rest of the Story - Coming Someday!
Powernaut 1996
Powernaut 1997
Powernaut 1999

Who is the Powernaut?
An old hero comes into a dark new age.


  1. Who is the Powernaut?
  2. Steven Oliver Samuels Knows
  3. It's Complicated
  4. If Only the Powernaut Were Here
  5. Episode 2: Party 'til the World Obeys!
  6. Episode 3: Workin' for the Powernaut!
  7. Episode 4: Occulator Compuplex - Prelude
  8. Episode 5: Occulator Compuplex!
  9. Episode 6: You're In the Army Now!



The Clenching Fist of Iowa
How to react, when Governments crack down on Heroes? The answer may surprise you.


  1. ... And You Lost?
  2. There are Prisoners in Iowa
  3. I Don't Think Iowa Is Ready...
  4. The Powernaut's Plane is Landing
  5. We Have a Plan
  6. Open Up!
  7. Huh?
  8. The Water Tower is Escaping!
  9. See You At the Camp
  10. Secure the Tower
  11. Loaned Power Out!
  12. It's Ultimate Darkness!
  13. Get Ready for... !
  14. Crossover: Yesterday the World
  15. Episode 2: Heroes of the New Present
  16. Episode 3: The Trial of the Powernaut
  17. Episode 4: Epilogue



People know you're big time when you get your own toll free number.


  1. If You Are Calling From...
  2. We Just Can't Keep Up With Him
  3. Episode 2: Reality House
  4. Episode 3: Reality House Goes to Paris
  5. Episode 4: Reality House vs. the World



Forgotten Heroes
The rest of the story of the heroes of 1944.


  1. No, Powernaut, I Can't Interview You
  2. Doc Nostalgia, Tell Us About Yourself
  3. Who's This Guy?
  4. Vigilante War Hero Arrested
  5. I Am Your Grandfather
  6. Do You Remember Yesterday?



Waiting for the Boot
End of the world? Powernaut smash!... Whenever an Earth is about to shut down, some of the best stories happen.


  1. I Guess There's the Powernaut
  2. Yeah, the Powernaut Would Do
  3. Time to Stop the First Meteor
  4. Ellipses! Now They Die!
  5. I Can Still Save This One!
  6. But That Shouldn't Have Worked
  7. Powernaut, Your Country Needs You
  8. What the Hell is a Pentahedron?
  9. Part 2: Powernaut and Leo in Magic Land!
  10. Part 3: The Final Level



Power School!
What can the Powernaut(s) do to be cool, after 100 years of publication? Well, everyone else this year is training the next generation of heroes!


  1. 100 Years of Powernaut
  2. Power School
  3. The President is Visiting
  4. I am Doctor Fu
  5. Huh?
  6. Have Some Candy!


In which guest stars swarm, and yet Our Heroes grow up.


  1. Power School Has a Dog??
  2. Battle Chess!
  3. Welcome to Homecoming!
  4. Your Strategy, Coach?
  5. Your Teams!
  6. The Excitement is Starting!
  7. The Legion Strikes Back!
  8. ...
  9. Part 2: Attack of the Terrible Three!


Who Are the Powernauts?
It's a new introductory series, with some surprise commentators. And maybe the end of the world.


  1. Let's Find Out
  2. Uh, Welcome to Power School
  3. Please Don't Break the Media Lab
  4. Ssh! We're Filming!
  5. If We Knew It, It Wouldn't Be Higher
  6. They Find New Earths a Lot
  7. It Flows Wherever It Has a Channel
  8. The Duck Tells Me from his Internet
  9. I Feel I Should Know You
  10. My Bull$#!+ Sense is Tingling!
  11. Part 2: World Egg



World's Fair!
This new introductory series gives us Power City itself! There might be some visitors.


  1. I'm a Powernaut
  2. Hello Fellow Human
  3. A Cocktail Party
  4. Part 2: The Towers



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