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  1. Mission Review, February 2004

    Speaker's Notes:

    I, Calvin L. Ferguson, hereby submit this monthly activity report as required by the United Nations Paxis Directorate.

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    This space for personal notes. My brother Wyatt loves to write so much, he's convinced me I should try it for fun. I write enough for work - whenever I'm not in the field, all my time goes into writing these PowerPoint presentations. But on my home PC, I can add these notes. The Nightfall security software will strip off this piece before it goes onto their PCs for dissemination.

  2. The Main Mission: Operation Overwatch

    • The UN routinely monitors the world's superhumans
      • This is Operation Overwatch
      • Paxis Directorate is in charge
    • The North American Department monitors:
      • The United States and Canada
      • The superhuman havens of Greenland and the Caribbean
    • The World Department monitors everything else

    Speaker's Notes:

    You probably realize, the superhuman havens take up a lot of our effort. But superhumans - or other roughly human-sized threats of corresponding power - are cropping up all over the place now.

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    That's part of why I work for Paxis. I'm responsible for protecting my family, but someone's got to be responsible for protecting the world too. I really work for Nightfall Systems, but they've got a contract with Paxis for security and superhuman-level support. And I field one of their "Hornet" battlesuits.

  3. Recently: A Busy Few Months

    • October: Investigate the Subhumans in Oregon
      • Subhumans are aquatic creatures of seal/humanoid hybrid form
      • Apparently they are changing shape to walk among us
      • This may be a survival mechanism, related to "mermaid" legends - and to slaughter in 1997
    • November: Investigate the Jellyfish Ambassador
      • Apparently a real alien, which only a few Americans knew about
    • December: A DuoPolarity Incident
      • Strange beings from other dimensions, not all human
      • Paxis gave technical and limited military support to California/U.S. request for help
      • The two lead invaders escaped; may be trouble later
    • January: The Aleutian Crisis and the Willow Farm Intervention

    Speaker's Notes:

    Before last October, things were pretty quiet. But then, things ramped up. I was personally involved in the October, December and January operations, and I can testify, Paxis is working hard to stay on top of things. But there's some work left to do.

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    Before last October, Wyatt was away from home. Starting in November, he was not only involved in every incident Paxis investigated, he was prominent in each one. I've tried to ask him what connection he has, but he says he's just a "weirdness magnet", whatever that means. Personally, I think it means he just sticks his dumbfool neck out too far.

  4. What Was the Willow Farm Intervention?

    • High political tension in the U.S., due to Aleutian crisis
    • Superhumans already involved, mostly as witnesses
    • Other superhumans and war criminals had taken over a large facility
      • Plotting to increase Aleutian tensions
    • They were crossing the line into blatant unlawfulness
      • Including the capture of Paxis-related personnel
    • Paxis got a call for help, and responded
    • Capture of war criminals was an unexpected bonus
      • Including Henry Heid, who'd built a robot army
      • And the infamous Fr. Philippe St. Joseph Lateran, who'd slaughtered Subhumans!

    Speaker's Notes:

    My own brother was captured by them. Clause 17 of the Paxis Charter mandates UN intervention in any situation which involves the immediate family of Paxis personnel. That intervention may take any form, from negotiation to military operation. And we have to admit, it paid off.

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    I wish my little bro were more responsible for himself. He never was good at that. But ever since Dad died, I'm the one who has to protect the family.

  5. February Status Report

    • Cleanup of Willow Farm
      • They were experimenting to manufacture superhumans!
      • Paxis has to prepare for testimony at The Hague
    • Robot Incursion in Afghanistan
      • A giant robot broke the U.N. blockade
      • Paxis and the People's Republic of China cooperated to blunt the threat
      • But more robots are rumored, possibly manufactured in Southeast Asia

    Speaker's Notes:

    Combatants captured at the Willow Farm site tested positive for superhuman powers - and were not in any world registry. Captives at Willow Farm tested anomalous.

    Reports that one of the Paxis technicians reprogrammed the giant robot to free Tibet from Red China are, in my opinion, unfounded. The priority at the time was to prevent the robot from coming under Afghan control, and the reprogramming was the best way to accomplish this. And obviously the robot was no match for a nuclear power defending its own territory.

    Robotic components recovered from Afghanistan indicate the use of Henry Heid's technolgy, only larger scale. Heid himself may not have been involved, but it's worth checking.

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    Did Willow Farm experiment on Wyatt? He was okay at the time, but now he seems unhealthy - and he spits acid from his mouth now. He says it's like peeing through his lips, which is barely more unusual than barfing - but could this mean he's been genetically modified? If so, what's triggering his powers? Get him tested again - tell him it's for the Lateran trial.

  6. Mission for March 2004 and Beyond

    • The Paxis Charter calls for reaction, not proaction
    • In other words, the mission of Paxis is vigilance, not societal change
    • So: continued monitoring, with intervention as required:
      • Afghanistan / S.E. Asia
      • Alaska / North America
      • Other threats as they arise

    Speaker's Notes:

    We serve and protect, because we don't presume to judge.

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    I'll have to watch my bro too. Maybe I can get Lauren to help; she could invite him along to her next conference or something.

  7. The Adventures of Me in Comic Books

    Calvin's Story

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