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The Powernaut

Power Patrol

Journals of the Powernaut

August 2005

Hello, my human, superhuman, and non-human allies! You can call me the Powernaut.

Last month, this kindly web provider had a public service announcement from our planet's guests the Jellyfish. This month, they're letting me speak.

I'm here to report, the stories of reality storms are true. Our universe seems safe for now, but the storms are raging outside. I know of refugee movements from two other universes to our own. Like any good citizen would, I've taken on the task to see them settled peacefully. And I've seen some action in this duty.

The first refugee made quite an impact... but secretly.

And so I went out among the reality storms. And I led more refugees back.

Just like trees grow after a forest fire, superhumans rise up after a reality shift. Like any good citizen would, I've taken on the task to help keep us all safe from the bad ones. And I've seen some action in this duty.

I'm doing my own best to make sure things are under control. But the reality shifts are coming faster now, and our shields may not hold. Allies of mine (particularly Thanos) are researching how to calm these down, and minimize their effect upon our reality. If you wake up one morning, and the world is different... we did our best to give you a soft landing.

And all of you in the Power Patrol have helped. We can all fight for our reality, just by liking it and wishing to defend it. You can sign up for the Power Patrol here!

I don't wish to hide anything from you, my allies. The Earth really is on the edge, and we all have to fight as allies to keep it from going under. I'll continue to make my full records public as they come out.

If all goes well, you'll hear more from me. God Save the Earth!

(signed) the Powernaut
24, 31 August and 4 September 2005

Bonus Section: Talk Back to the Powernaut!

Hello, this is the Powernaut. I'll take all your letters, as soon as they come in. Here's what I have so far, from some of the people I work with.

Hey Powernaut,

What for you say some boy has Superboy comic book powers? Now my son says you was talking about him. He says we has to go down to Alabama to fight a crisis or something. That's like two days drive from where we live. And that's where my ex-wife lives too. It best be worth it.

(signed) Kent L. Cletus
Elgin, Alberta
23 Aug 2005

My ally Kent,

There are indeed crises that science can't detect, but little children may be sensitive to. At some level, you and your son may have saved Alabama and the Earth from the last reality shift!

Thanks for helping fight for the Earth. Please tell your son, he helped the Power Patrol!

(signed) the Powernaut

Dear Powernaut,

Daddy says the aliens want to give us happy cereal and make us all happy. I like the new "Firebomb Wisconsin" cereal tin. Thank you for helping the aliens.

(signed) Calvin S. Ferguson (age 5)
Kalamazoo, Michigan
24 Aug 2005

My young ally Calvin,

I don't think the aliens planned any kind of cereal called "Firebomb Wisconsin". I'm glad you like the cereal, but I think humans must have made it up.

And it's fun to talk about firebombing Wisconsin, but it's just pretend fun. It's not real fun. If you really did it, it would hurt people. So don't really do it when you grow up.

Thanks for writing. Keep Patrolling!

(signed) the Powernaut

Dear Powernaut,

Why do you say I'm only simulated? I feel as real as anyone. Admittedly, I can't remember anything before when the extradimensionals captured me in Wisconsin. But my brother and sister tell me, it must be one of those reality shift memory things.

I tried to find you to talk to you at Mobile. (Thanks for keeping an online diary!) But we had traffic trouble north of town, and you'd gone by then. I only found a weather reporter who'd seen you. That meeting didn't go well... but that's another story.

(signed) Wyatt Ferguson
Bridgeport, Connecticut
26 Aug 2005

My ally Wyatt,

The aliens said they were going to bring back anyone who'd disappeared, and was dear to their relatives. Apparently you qualified.

I know something of how you disappeared. The next time you chase me, I'll stop and talk. But be ready for a tale of woe that makes reality shifts look like windy days at the beach.

(signed) the Powernaut

Powernauts in Comic Books:
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