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Superhuman World 2008 is a work of fiction. The characters herein and the commentary about them should not be considered "real".

Superhuman World

April - June 2008

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4 Apr

American Tour
I make Hurrier Tech known throughout the American Midwest.

For my American readers, I'm pleased to report that I've finished a visit to your great country. I had several engagements in your states of Indiana and Illinois.

Last Saturday I helped publicize an automotive museum in Auburn, Indiana. The town of Auburn is built around automotive performance. I can respect that.

On Sunday I appeared at your Dan Quayle Vice-Presidential Museum, in his home town of Huntington, Indiana. I sense some derision toward Mr. Quayle in your country. But it is a good thing to commemorate any honest public servant, especially those who would otherwise serve without recognition.

My next engagement was the following Friday in Rosemont, Illinois. I presented at a fitness convention. My speed comes in part from my own physical fitness, therefore I support those who instruct others to be fit.

I spent the intervening time consulting with specialists about the many threats to our world. There are very many things that threaten us, from secret conspiracies to alternate universes. I will not rest until I can declare us safe from them all.

12 Apr

Save the Animals
When superhumans fight, what becomes of other creatures? Hurrier Tech can save them.

Today I entered an agreement with the international police authority Interpol. My company will now investigate every incident site of superhumans that Interpol investigates, to rescue wounded animals.

Katerina, I know you love all of Earth's creatures. This is another thing I do for you.

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3 May

Theatre Sponsorship
Some theatre does not represent world leaders as buffoons.

Hurrier Tech currently has the pleasure of sponsoring a play which speculates as to the causes of the current Mesopotamian war. I have not had time to see this play, but I'm told it portrays the leaders of America and Britain as real people who were genuinely concerned about the welfare of the world. In contrast to other portrayals by self-styled comedians, this is refreshing. I too care for the welfare of the world, so I understand. People portray me as an uncaring jack-booted buffoon, too.

My efforts to defend our world have been redoubled. I've learned that there may be a conspiracy to influence the upcoming American presidential election, by presenting as candidate a man with minimal record of public service, therefore minimal adverse public reaction. And of course another candidate benefits from the Panlucida sorcery and the resultant organization of women. There are so many threats, they are difficult to distinguish.

My little Katerina, if you could only understand me, you would be proud of how I defend you. It has been so long...

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9 Jun


For reasons which will shortly be obvious, the management of the Superhuman World web site has changed again. At least for now, I'll be doing both manager and commentator duty. Dear Reader, I invite you to sit back and enjoy the story, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

(signed) Wyatt Ferguson.

15 - 16 Jun

Attack of the Corned Beef Zombies. I find during one of my trips, new powered beings are rising.

  • A boatload of superhumans from Dearborn-Michigan are taking the Dubuque-Iowa river cruise, when they run afoul of North Dubuque zombies who like corned beef, as served at the ship's buffet. Hey, why not. Zombies need preservatives even more than they need flesh.
  • The Dearborn contingent retreats to their bus. So do some other panicked prospective victims. The leader threatens to mind-control people off to make room, but a boy traps him in a business card instead. There's some room right there!
  • Meanwhile, a government agent is setting a trap for the whole lot of them. (15 Jun)

I heard the story the next day, when I checked into a hotel room in East Dubuque. The busload of heroes escaped, but there were still Federal agents crawling all over town. (16 Jun)

18 - 29 Jun

What Now 2008?
United States politics, an attack from hell, and a bit of romance. Back to the life of Wyatt Ferguson.

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