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The Adventures of Me 2006

E.T.s Go Home!

Our world has hidden superhumans, hidden aliens, secret inhuman cultures, fantasy visitors from parallel Earths, and paranoid governments, all in a precarious balance so far. Here's where it starts to get out of tilt.

And to mark the occasion, I take lots of road trips.

The Dark Maneuvers II. I went through a lot of self-destroying crap last year, starting about the time my old rival Ellipsis deported me through time. I got better, else I wouldn't be writing this.

But thanks to widespread reality shifts, others went through the same sort of crap too. And they have yet to recover.

While I'm busy surviving all that, our targets are a step ahead of us. Ellipsis Z and his companions from Body Up have hijacked the Occulator Compuplex alien hive mind! We pick up a mental distress call.

By the time we get there, the Powernaut has failed to impose his steely-fisted idea of justice. In fact, he's just standing there.

  • Doombreaker Designate Stephen-Wolcott, your memory lacks. We shall restore.
  • Yourself and associate-Designate Onslaught confronted others of your planet, and suffered personal defeat and separation. You fled and roamed universe and beyond .
  • There you found reality shift coming. You fought others to defeat the shift, but it was no use.
  • Yourself invoked our aid when shift came. Yourself led humans to us as Designate X-the-Unknown!
    • WHAT?! (from many of Body Up)
  • We maintained them unaltered and transported them as you arranged.
  • Yourself went to own planet to drive away extradimensionals and counteract shift. But Designate Spanker-4 drove shift to you. You were shifted from Designate X-the-Unknown to Designate Ellipsis-Z.
  • Ourself followed to counteract shift, and worked with Deathbringer Designates Wyatt-Ferguson and Powernaut. Stayed on to monitor and establish regular contact.

I have to complement the aliens on their mind-fighting strategy today. To me that was like one of those boring travelogues you get at the U.S. national parks, when you'd rather just go look at the geyser or something. But everyone else seeks kind of agitated now. And thanks to the hive mind we're all in, we all involuntarily speak at once.

And suddenly, because we're in a hive mind, everyone here remembers 18-year-old Stanley T. Levitz, ward of Stephen Wolcott a.k.a. Ellipsis, abandoned and left to die in Greenland in January 2005. Stan considered me his next of kin.

Silence falls. There's no good way out of it... until the aliens speak again.

  • Humans, this offense was in a different universe. With a different designate-Ellipsis. The universe has shifted since that time. From what we know of Earthling justice, you cannot judge this situation.
  • Plus: We have reason to believe, your designate-Stanley-T-Levitz suffered this offense despite the shift, but survives in this universe.

Oh, Stan survives? Well, I'm not crediting the reality shift with any survivals worth mentioning. But Stan was the Champion of Death, so I guess he could make a deal with Death. And of course the hive mind knows my guess now.

Ellipsis responds first. "Still I must ensure it. I must leave you."

But Body Up's leader "Mistress" Norma McMillan speaks up, "Not so fast! You signed a contract with us! We need you too!"

The aliens had a lead on Stan. They say he's a force of weather now. The Gorilla Sheriff Mormon Quest video and roleplaying game was apparently based on him!

So Ellipsis is on his own penance quest now. With a troop of beautiful athletic women, on a magnificent customized tour bus. Most men would cream their pants to be him right now. But he wouldn't, and I know it. He's probably hating the obligations, and the lack of control and solitude in his life. So I'll take my little bits of vengeance where I can. (16 Feb 2006)

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

When we emerged from hive mind, my brother's pager was going off. He had a text messsage from our sister: "Come home quick, the house's been bombed!"

Our Neighbors the Aliens. The Powernaut offered to fly me and my brother across the continent to Connecticut where my mom and sister live. From Wisconsin. Imagine several hours of head wind at hundreds of miles per hour, when it's February in the North anyway, and you get the idea of how pleasant that would be.

So instead, we booked a charter jet flight from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, near the alien outpost in Appleton. Oshkosh is actually a hotbed of civilian experimental aviation, so it was damn near optimal to fly from. The Powernaut satisfied his need for action by flying escort.

After all that, my sister and I have to decide which of us gets a white and orange sports car that's been shipped to the two of us via Barrow, Alaska.

Going South. A tour bus filled with superhumans. Plus a rogue alien, an apocalypse, and a knight from another Earth. Welcome to a relatively quiet period of life in my world.

Going North, or The Dark Maneuvers III. There are still people who have yet to recover from the reality shifts. And their recovery may not be to everyone's taste.

So, I'll be busy with Earthling ceremonial death observance, and may have to leave the story to others for a while.

But where do I leave off? Alien occupiers are still here, and people are still willing to blow things up to get at them; there's a mutant supergenius on the loose again, and who knows what he's up to by now; the U.S. Gov's on the prowl even more than before, and we have alternate-universe Earthlings to screw things up even more.

In other words, I'm sorry the world hasn't really progressed while I dealt with personal stuff, but it's still fun and games as usual.

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