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Superhuman World 2007

Secret Wings

The United States wants to harness superhumans. Most other countries crave the underlying superhuman technology instead.

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Prelude: Russia vs. Monaco. Two more countries are getting involved in superhuman politics. This could lead to big things.

Secret Wings

Secret Wings. The U.S. came out of the reality shifts with most of the superhumans, but Russia got the best personal aviation tech. Their "Red Sun" nuclear-powered armor was like miniature Chernobyls waiting to happen, but they had a "Dauntless" flying corps that worked out well for them. Some other nations are trying to catch up. Leading these are Great Britain and Germany.

We get to Goose Bay via the Trans-Labrador Highway. My car and I have both gone up that dirt road before - but it'll be good to get a dispose-a-car for this mission, with cash. South Lansing has no shortage of dealers to support us.

It takes about three days from the southern Quebec jump-off point at my favorite rate of travel. We do it in two this time, plus two more to get to Quebec from Ontario. At least we're not driving all night the way I've done on one mission.

At Goose Bay I park the car in the woods, sand down the Vehicle Identification Number with a power sander, burn the registration, strip the license place, and throw it in the water. When we leave here, we won't be trying to outrun Canadian forces on a dirt road. (13 Oct 2008)

The target is the North American headquarters for the German Air Force - actually named "Taktsches Ausbuildungskommando der Luftwaffe-Kanada". It may sound like the Nazis took over the world (like they did last year), but it's real. Yes, Germany still has a Luftwaffe, and they take advantage of the NATO alliance to practice over Canada because sonic booms there will only disturb the caribou.

Headquarters looks like a typical house, though it actually has its sign out front so it's not a secret lab. It's located on CFB Goose Bay. Security is loose there, because visitors to Goose Bay almost all come in through the base's airfield. That's why we came up the dirt road instead.

At the house, we put on some Baptist choir robe mantles. For purpose of military justice, we are now uniformed combatants, not the non-uniformed type who get might locked up in the Canadian equivalent of Guantanamo Bay. Which is probably Resolute Bay or some other Arctic island even more remote than Goose Bay, so let's try to avoid it.

When properly uniformed, we shove one of my walking sticks through the glass window, and hide behind the bushes as my grandpa comes to the door to look... Huh? Grandpa? He's looking old and feeble, but I happen to know he's really a practically immortal commando, based near Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay. I'm not sure what brought him in to this mess, and now's probably not the time to ask.

Then, things start flying out the window! The prisoners have been looking for a chance to escape. And they all have secret aviation machines. They all burst out at once, now that the guard's been distracted. Our pastor comes out first.

They all land, mostly without injury. But the sleds are kind of unstable still. I guess they need some work.

By now, Canadian forces are coming. Time to get out, and not to Canadian territory.

We chase down our pastor. He can't walk. I say, "We have to move him! Just a little!" So we do the old shoulder carry.

Fortunately I can dimension-walk, even with a couple of passengers. So we get what we came for. I can't save them all, though. Sometimes not even Superman can do that.

With my own limited powers, I do get my friends back to Lansing where they live. In return, they say they'll let me spend the night in the spare bedroom, before my real car comes to bring me back to Port Huron where I live. A night of hospitality is always good enough for me. (12 Oct)

But a Russian man meets us at our door and says, we'll be chased! Russia will protect my friends at a safe house, if they can debrief them. They want me at a different safe house, in London, Ontario! Okay, I think. If the Canadians suspect me of raiding Canada, they'll never expect me back in Canada.

As the Russians lead us our separate ways, they tell me, "Viktor Antonenko says Hello." Oh, goody, I've made friends with a Russian militarist, and now he thinks he's doing me a favor. But my friends could use it. Which he probably realizes.

Britain has a teleporter named Bounder, and Germany's recurited their famous Hurrier. But by the time they're on the hunt, we're gone.

Seduction Day. I've been known to intervene in superhuman affairs, so I'm a target.

At the Source. When things come out of Russia to affect my life, I can go to Russia and investigate! I can't get into their special weapons base in Siberia, but I can always be a clueless tourist nearby. I have some experience in clueless tourism there. And I can transport my own self there.

Hung Be the Heavens with Black 2

Hung Be the Heavens With Black 2. Is it the end of the world again? Maybe not, but it's some heavy international politics - including a nuclear attack on North America.


Life's been good... until the 1st of November, when there was the flash in the sky, and everyone's electrical systems stopped working.

The scary thing is, I recognize the players.

I think today might be a good day to get out of North America. I'm one of the few people who can. Planes aren't flying yet, but I can just walk - through the other layers of reality. That's my favorite superhuman power.

There are some threats against me personally.

Scouring of the New Shire. Even in grand old hobbit adventures, the victorious adventurers had to clean up their homelands afterward. It seems I have to do that too.

Here in our New Present, we've had interplanetary crises all year. Now they've come down to international levels. And I can see from here, superhumans are messing up this world even faster than we messed up the old one. It's not the end of the world yet... but let's not rule it out.

Me in a Superhuman World:
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Author's Note: Threaten to put me in your novel, will you, Erin? Well, then, you get to help me live a chapter of mine!

All characters in this fiction are copyright © 2009 by Eiler Technical Enterprises, as is the phrase "Superhuman World 2007". The map of the Superhuman World is based on one from Henry Bottomley's map software which is well worth a visit.