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The Comic-Book Adventures of Me 2006

Yesterday the World

As bad as my world has been, there's always something worse. Like, oh, a world full of Nazis. Of course, that's what I find when I want to flee my own world and find something better.

Part 1. It started out invitingly enough. I was out walking the universes. Let's not talk too much about how I can do that; I just can.

I found an Earth where three men and four women wanted me for an eighth member on an expedition to southwest Pakistan. The women said they'd even do our laundry, just because it was expected where we were going - and they'd whup our asses if we made a big deal about it!

But where we are now, Nazis are fomenting revolts against the Japanese in Baluchistan, and the Japanese in turn are supplying rebels in Pennsylvania! It seems we've had yet another of those reality shifts. Oh joy.

In the latest reality, Islamic fundamentalists made the difference in World War 2, by sparking an anti-British revolt from Egypt to Bengal. It all started in Fallujah-Iraq in 1941, when the British couldn't put down an Iraqi-Axis coup on the first try.

The revolt let the Germans and Japanese link up in India, which was just enough to turn the tide of the war. Of course, now the Nazis are rounding Moslems up (for the same reason as they did the Jews), and sending puppets out to try to get more people in their camps. I hope the Islamic fundies are happy now.

...Yeah, it's another reality shift. The scary thing is, I know people who wanted to trash the reality I came from. They may have done that by now. Is this what all realities are like now? I guess there's only one place left to try... something called the "Real World". (25 - 29 May 2006)

Part 2. I'm back from the "Real World". I just couldn't take it.

Nazis and Imperial Japanese are still ruling the "Not-Real" world I come from. So I'm hiding in Siberia! Not for the first time, either. This time, it's because no matter how successful Nazis ever get, they hardly bother with Siberia. So, I'm reporting Siberian news this month.

As I mentioned, there's a Siberian Resistance. They meet me at the diner, when I'm arguing with the surly barmaid over what to do with someone's money when he's dumbshit enough to leave it sitting out at the bar. Let's just say, the Resistance noticed my fighting spirit.

The Resistance thinks they might have some work for me, on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. And I'm inclined to try it out. I can complain about how squalid life is, or I can fight against it. (14 - 17 Jun 2006)

Part 3. There's been some important action against the Nazis who now rule our world, but I wasn't there. I was busy helping refugees.

But back in the non-"Real World", Our Heroes finally intervened and drove the Nazis out. It was manly and heroic... or so I'm told. My former colleagues Ellipsis and Vesper were heavily involved.

Afterward, we seem to have reverted away from Nazis, but not all the way back to President Hatch. It's still President Bush here.

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