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The Comic Book Adventures of Me 2006

The Return of the Balance

Superhumans are returning - to a world that never knew them. Blame the reality shifts.

Of course, they're all forming up in teams. One such team, the one that started the whole public "team" thing back in 1990, is known as "The Balance".

I hadn't intended to sign on for that crap... but it seems I can't avoid it.

Return of the Dire Wolves. A wolf attack gives the world's first superhumans an excuse for a reunion.

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World's First Superhuman Team Saves Washington, D.C. From A Wolf Attack

An ancient species of wolf tried to swarm over Washington, D.C. But the world's first superhumans reunited to stop them.

The wolves were Dire Wolves, larger and stronger than today's wolves. Scientists thought they were extinct. But a horde of them came out of a cave in Virginia, and swarmed toward the U.S. capital city!

It seemed nothing could stop the wolves. Policemen put up sandbag barricades, but the wolves swarmed around them. The population ducked for cover. But then the Balance returned!

The Balance is the nation's first team of superhumans. They were four college students when they first formed at Michigan State University in 1990. After college, the three surviving members went their separate ways.

But their leader, the Mighty Tim, was in Virginia when the wolves attacked. He called his old friends Ellipsis and Morningstar, and they responded to the nation's need. And they brought their own friends. Together, they drove off the wolves.

Now, the Balance has six members. They usually work separately, but they're ready to unite again to fight the threats that can only be defeated with unity.

Special to the World Journal Monthly by Sylvester Morrow

Bad Moon Rising. The suherhuman reunion gathers momentum. And I get sucked in. Oh joy.

Reality House. Now that I've been sucked in to a superhuman reunion, I get to hang out with them for fun. It's like a Reality TV show with celebrities - who can maul or immolate you.

Thus ends my membership in a superhuman battle squad and social club. I lasted less than two weeks with them.

But nothing is forever. If Karla ever truly needs a friend, I'll be there.

And I'm sure the superhumans will disturb me again, whenever they need me for some other reason. They always do.

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