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Pentahedrons are power objects created by Scott Eiler. So to speak.
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For time beyond measure, the trans-dimensional realm of Hypergaard has tried to keep its lower-dimensional neighbors tranquil. The Pentahedrons are a major tool in this peacekeeping mission. On occasion, the forces of Hypergaard have brought Pentahedrons to Earth.

Powers and Abilities

Pentahedrons are powered by the Master Pentahedron of Hypergaard. It attracts, encloses, and broadcasts cosmic power. It's existed from time immemorial. The Master Pentahedron was destroyed in 1985, but it was recreated using the power of one hyper-powered Solarian, with five Powernauts just to contain it. That fairly well describes the power level of Pentahedrons.

Pentahedrons have many abilities, beyond the projection of cosmic power. Wyatt Ferguson once said: "It's a power object, but that's like Alexander Graham Bell calling my smartphone a telephone. I've heard of Pentahedrons used as power sources, computers, navigators, communicators, force shields, and dimension doors."


A Pentahedron is a hyper-tetrahedron, a four-dimensional solid with triangular surfaces. (2005/pentahedron.htm) When you look at it, it looks like a pyramid with four shiny pyramid shadows that make your vision of everything else go blurry. If you blur your vision of the Pentahedron just right, it looks like a pentagram.

When reduced to three-dimensional vision, a Pentahedron may resemble a vibrating triangular pyramid, or a square-based pyramid, or a five-pointed star - or any of the variations of those. Pentahedrons may take any size, from finger ring to skyscraper. They usually glow.


Author's Notes

There's no particular reason I created this entry today. I think I just stumbled across the original artwork, and it caught my attention. But Pentahedrons are important to this universe, and I've always planned an entry for them. Why not now?

(signed) Scott Eiler, 14 October 2017.

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