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Who Are the Powernauts?


Hello, Readers!

Powernaut Comics is ready to introduce people to Powernaut Comics of the modern age. So this is an introductory series! We're also tying in with the international Free Comic Book Day! So, the adventures of the Powernaut can go farther than ever now - and always for free!

(signed) Scott Eiler, Publisher for Powernaut Comics, 2014.

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Wikis! Psychovant


Doom Bear

Doom Bear Psychovant Power School 2013 You're Filming!

Bonus Section: Paulie's ONLINE Pen Pals!

Shane Roch

Hey, is Paulie your name, or is it Pauly?

Paulie Poderr

It's a nickname. I don't really care how people spell it. For social media I took "Paulie", but Powernaut Comics likes "Pauly" because fewer letters, ha ha. Anyway, my real name is Paul Poderr III. My mom calls me Paul Poderr the Third when she's mad. So either "Paulie" or "Pauly" works for pen pals.

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Wiki! Urr

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Bonus Section: Paulie's ONLINE Pen Pals!

George Phillies

Psychovant, I hear you are trying to teach American History... Welcome to a Modern American High School. Remember, Psychovant, you will be the normal, sensible, calm person here, and that's before you meet parents like Helicopter Mom, Helicopter Dad, and Helicopter Lord.

Psychovant the Duck

Well, $#!+. Power School is run by Powernauts for li'l Powernauts, and Helicopter Mom and Dad are *built in*. They're the *teachers*. I ain't %^&!ing with that.

But maybe I could go get a job across town, at Power City High School. (Not to be confused with Power School.) Lots of people live in this town and they can't get in Power School. Heh... Maybe they and their damn *inactive* parents need some Duck in their lives!

Paulie Poderr

Oh, crud, you're giving him ideas!

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Three Wikis! Mother Time


Chaos Theory


Lydia Devin


Lucianus Autonomus Vara Hosea Doctor Lithium 2013 What about Science?

Three Wikis! Lucianus Autonumus


Vara Hosea


Doctor Lithium


My Doom-Sense is Tingling

To Be Continued - in Part 2!

Author's Notes:

In my recent travels, I discerned the need for a new Powernaut Comics introductory series. I don't think I can replace Powernaut 2005 ("Who Is the Powernaut?"), and I shouldn't even try. But I can at least put out a new version which refers to all of known Powernaut continuity - and some new clues to what's coming. Most importantly, this series will try to answer *why* there are Powernauts, in a way that a casual reader can understand. Artwork and production are underway, and I'm preparing for publication beginning April of this year.

The first four issues of this series will make a good "Free Comic Book Day" handout. But this episode will be open-ended. I've already plotted seven issues. After those, it will take questions from the user community! *That includes you, dear reader.* So... any questions? Follow the Powernaut (or Powernaut 2005) on Facebook, and you can ask!

The natural narrator for this new series is Paulie Poderr. But Psychovant the Duck would work too. So I have done *both*, plus the Doom Bear. Is doom coming for Earth-Power? Well, this particular Doom Creature thinks so. That will be Power School 2014 Episode 2.

There are so many guest stars (or maybe cameo appearances), I've needed to put in a table. The ones who fought the Doom Bear, have creators who are inactive (and increasingly dead, unfortunately). Those who *raised* the Doom Bear, deserve some comment. I tried to be faithful to their artistic vision, but I exercised creative interpretation.

  • Chaos Theory is a grown cosmic being. Sometimes he self-identifies as a baby. Other times, he interacts with adults as an adult, capable of the joy of interaction. So I gave him the baby body, and a grown-up head fully capable of speaking. On the scale of Powernaut Comics he doesn't get fractals, he gets little stars.
  • Mother Time is the famous Three Fates. In her own realm, she appears with her Youth, Mature, and Crone heads all coming out of the same black cloak, with various apparatus in her many hands. Here, she's making a more public appearance. So I give her the Mature body in a green robe covered with brown cloak, like the leaves in the seasons for much of the Earth. Her one visible hand holds an hourglass, which is probably the one greatest tool she ever uses.
  • The Primordial Essence of Life comes from the final episode of the comics of The Continentals. Their creators were kind enough to loan this essence to the ceremony which raised the Doom Bear. Some Internet commentators hate those creators, but you just have to talk to them the right way.
  • Lydia Devin comes from online fiction of her adventures as The Goddess. Her original story has ended, but her creator has cheerfully made her available for fiction throughout the multiverse. Way to go! I here represent her as taking up a cloak like that of Mother Time. She can totally do that - or anything she wants.

(signed) Scott Eiler, probably June 2019.

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Powernaut 2014: 1 2.


Characters Creator
Crusher Joe Corrigan Joe Fucile
Megaphone Bernie Lisewski
Leo Ray Conrad
Doctor Lithium Doug Robinson
Mother Time Jeanne Morningstar; Rob Rogers
Primordial Essence of Life Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton
Chaos Theory Drew Perron
Lydia Devin (The Goddess) Andrew Foltz
Other Characters Scott Eiler

George Phillies and Ununnilium (Drew Perron) provided real commentary for this episode. The story and all artwork in this fiction are copyright © 2019 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.