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Episode 2

Heroes of the New Present


Hello, Readers!

After some weirdness, Heroes vs. Governments has resolved itself. What shall heroes do now?

(signed) Scott Eiler, Publisher for Powernaut Comics, 2006.

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I Hope You Enjoy Cuban Hospitality

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! We Resume 2006 Already in Progress!

This was the Caribbean in August. I'd really rather not have been there. But since I was, I get to report.

This is a Powernaut story, so it does not represent how boring this conference actually was. Basically, *everyone* got to report their status. I will admit, this series hits the high points. And I may have left before the action. But I'm glad I was at least there for Kwame Cannon. He's the son of Stonewater Smith.

Do Something for an Old Veteran?

Wiki! Private Danger


Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Guest Stars in Order of Appearance, Part One

I suspect that what everyone really wants from me, is the celebrity list. Let's catch up, from the beginning in order of appearance - and left to right when necessary. (Documentary support where hyperlinked.)

  1. Lucianus Autonomus. "Castro's Favorite Boxer". World champion in the 1970s; amazingly vigorous for his advanced age. Indeed, he is the world's leading "white mage"... so he may have the secret of growing old gracefully.
  2. Kwame Cannon. a.k.a. Ron Cannon. Formerly known as "The Devil in White", urban mentalist. Born in Hypergaard; son of Paula Power and Stonewater Smith. Nowadays, he's really getting into his African self-identity.
  3. Me, Wyatt Ferguson.
  4. Leo. Cat-powered, former member of Total Conversion, and almost as much of a weirdness magnet as I am.
  5. The Powernaut. Latest in a lineage which goes back at least to 1968.
  6. Vara Hosea. Former Champion of Death, former member of Total Conversion, and ongoing "white mage". As we all know, the color of our magic auras is not equal to the color of our skin.
  7. The Mighty Tim. Energy projector, teleporter, and experienced hand-to-hand fighter. Former member of The Balance, which makes him the first real superhero other than the old Powernauts.
  8. Doctor Fu. Practitioner of weird science, from Taiwan. At superhero conclaves, weird science is always welcome.
  9. Stonewater Stern. Superhuman self-styled samurai, with some elemental control powers. Member of Total Conversion.
  10. Private Danger. Reluctant patriotic hero, fresh from World War 2.

(to be continued, in the next commentary)

Please Tolerate Our Guest

And We're Getting Paid!

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Guest Stars in Order of Appearance, Part Two

We have a few more guest stars here.

  1. Adu Asantemantse, the Warrior Ashanti. An actual African prince, of the Ashanti tribe of Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Mid-level superhuman strength, with enhanced reflexes and resilience. He once served in United Nations peacekeeping forces, alongside the Mighty Tim.
  2. Hedasys (the Dragon). Apparently, Hedasys is a bonafide ancient Greek warrior, probably immortal somehow. And not time-traveled or captured by aliens or something. But he is known as Hedasys the Dragon! He may have actually cleared the way for Alexander the Great to advance into Persia with his fire breath. (Or napalm, or somthing. "Greek Fire" was a phenomenon back then.) That makes a lot more sense than the normal theories of how Alexander made it into Persia over the mountain passes from Asia Minor. (The normal theory is, "Oops, we forgot to defend the pass!")
  3. Gray Lion. In his advanced middle age, his physical strength inexplicably began doubling every year. Now he is up to upper mid-level superhuman strength.
  4. Rock Pile Jim. An Earth human whose brain was transplanted into a rock-creature body. High-level superhuman strength and damage resistance, plus the ability to adjust his own bodily density by eating or excreting minerals.

The Future is Now!

You Don't Get to Play God with Hurricanes

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The Reality Shifts of 2005 - 2006

Since the comic is talking about a particular historic hurricane, I sense a need to talk about the state of the Earth's history - especially in the last year. The aliens say, our Earth is infamous for having a reality shift every couple of years. But in the last year, we had *four*.

  1. Baseline: All our heroes plus these United States Presidents since 1989: George H.W. Bush 1989-1999, Hillary Rodham 2000-2003, and Orrin Hatch 2004-next reality shift.
  2. July 2005: "Humans of the Earth! We Are In Control!" George W. Bush is now U.S. President, in a world familiar to that of many readers, complete with familiar hurricanes. Superhumans disappear; when they reappear, they are depowered.
  3. November 2005: "Occulator Compuplex." The world stays as is, except most of the alien and superhuman enemies of Spanker 4 are imprisoned.
  4. May 2006: "Yesterday the Future (of Darkness)." Forces from 2006 and 1945 intertwine, to produce a Fascist modern world.
  5. July 2006: "The New Present." Earth's superhumans are repowered, and the world reverts to a history based on April 2006.


But Of Course!

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The Failed Exfiltrator

The "Flying Super Process Server" was apparently really, really poorly equipped for getting out of Cuba *without* creating a spectacle. Intentional...? If he is any sort of "ambulance chaser", he can probably use the publicity.

Despite the conspiracy theory, the main discussion about him has been: Is he a failed *infiltrator* or a failed *exfiltrator*? That is to say, did he fail inbound or outbound? ... It's obvious he failed outbound. But his root cause may have been, attracting attention during infiltration. Of course, a veteran exfiltrator would just let the suit *get* the attention. and then take a cab to Havana airport... The debate has no answer yet.

This Changes Nothing!

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! I Hope He Likes South Lansing Too

From university in Purdue, I visited Michigan State University in East Lansing once. We walked out a trail, to a highway underpass. Beyond was a pub. My companion said, "Let's not go there."

Beyond, was South Lansing. It was a cheap place for college students to live - if they wanted to drive to campus, good luck with that. It was also a factory town for General Motors. My own General Motors metro area in Indianapolis was not much different... It all depends on where you live.

Later in 1991, South Lansing would become infamous for raids by Captain Gonzo and the Mighty Tim (later, to join Ellipsis and Morningstar as The Balance). They were campus superheroes, looking for adventure. They wound up at some drug houses and some really skeevy bars. They broke up one biker cult and freed a couple of sex slaves. I hear, though, they went into one bar and wound up sitting beside the Mayor. And that sounds right, from what I know of bars and Mayors.

I might have to go check out South Lansing sometime.

March of the New Present

Author's Notes:

You might think, I keep heroes such as the Mighty Tim around just to make the Powernaut look cool. Well, if it were Mighty Tim Comics, the Powernaut would be there to make *him* look cool instead. One may even *see* the Powernaut making the Mighty Tim cool once, in an old 2011 text story from before Powernaut Comics!

You might also think, I keep all these heroes around just in case a wonderful guest star such as the Flying Super Process Server appears. For that, we can turn to history... I wrote a text version of this story in 2006, and it had no Skyhawk. And the Mighty Tim ran away with the sequels!

But since Powernaut 2006 is a Powernaut story, I've made things about him. His part of the story is yielding some untold details about him and Skyhawk. At this point, we know...

  • Karl Scribner disappeared sometime between 2006 and 2009.
  • Skyhawk gained influence over the Powernaut sometime between 2006 and 2009, probably by 2007.

Early results show, Skyhawk seems to be a popular character. Will he run away with the Powernaut sequels? Probably; he's already there in 2009. And he's probably better at his lawyer job than at his exfiltrator job.

I started introducing more people to the Powernaut, with the 1945 series. I never would have guessed 2006 to be The Year of the Powernaut, but it could yet happen. And it's going to be fun to explore that "Trial of the Powernaut" stuff.

As for South Lansing... It was once the District of Dominance for the Domination of Eiler! That is to say, I once lived there. It is still regarded as a benchmark for skeevy neighborhoods - heh, like onto Worcester. But "skeevy" is kind of a First World problem, because you can at least walk to the market without having to dodge the enemy artillery. Yes, there are meth labs, but you'll be safe walking past, and you might actually see the Mayor sitting next to you at restaurant. I did!

(signed) Scott Eiler, 25 March 2017.

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Leo is a character of Ray Conrad. Crusher Joe Corrigan is a character of Joe Fucile. All other characters, the story, and all artwork in it are copyright © 2017 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.