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Episode 4

The Trial of the Powernaut - Epilogue!


Hello, Readers!

The Powernaut has been his usual heroic self, recently as much as ever. But in this epilogue to the Trial of the Powernaut, judgment is coming.

(signed) Scott Eiler, Publisher for Powernaut Comics, 2006.

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We'll Give You a List

Wiki! El Cero

Clients Sometimes Think They Own You

Wiki! Ellipsis

What's Your Plan?

Wiki! Wolven


Bonus Section: Commentary from Karl Scribner! The Continuing Tale of the Wolf-Woman

You're probably wondering what we did with the wolf-woman, on the night that we had custody... The Powernaut took her back to Mobile for the night, and let her play in the lawn sprinkler and sleep in the garage. I sensibly stayed in New Orleans.

We Accept!

You Don't Have to Live With It

Wiki! Skyhawk


Bonus Section: Commentary from Karl Scribner! The Moretti Connection

The Moretti family of Milwaukee-Wisconsin has a few links to superhuman history.

  • A young cameraman Louis Moretti met the Secret Commando in Rome 1944.
  • Louis would later move to Milwaukee, and establish businesses both legal and extra-legal. He may have encountered the golden-age Powernaut in 1953.
  • Louis Moretti would have five sons, and one daughter who is youngest. The daughter Giulia (Julie Wolcott) was abducted during the Hypergaard Affair of 1969. Louis was able to contact the Secret Commando to arrange a rescue attempt. However, the Power Patrol and the "hippie" Powernaut of that era brought Giulia and the other abducted children back first.
  • The Moretti daughter was sent to school, out of state in Michigan. There she met the mutant Ellipsis, and eventually married him. So her whole family is in-laws with Ellipsis. Nobody is really happy about that.
  • Louis Moretti has retired from control of the clan. By 2006, his eldest son Carlo had assumed the leadership.

Author's Notes:

Thanks to design efficiencies suitable to comics full of talking heads, this Epilogue came in at five issues instead of six. Yay, Powernaut!

This story has a lot of the pressure taken off it, since I did my research. It seems Karl does not disappear until at least 2008, for instance. And the Powernaut will be up to some definite hijinks then. So the ending of the 2006 series is a lot happier than I'd planned. Yay, Powernaut!

I made some design decisions during this series...

David Brizitski is a character created by Richard Desautels. All other characters, the story, and all artwork in it are copyright © 2018 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.