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Mighty Tim is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Mike Roberts
Team Affiliations: The Balance; The Paxis Directorate of the United Nations
Status: Active
Location: Mobile, based in western Michigan
Favorite Music: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Character Portrait


In 1990, Mike Roberts gained superhuman powers from, err, radiation contamination in a campus lab. He was part of his campus gaming culture, and also a fighting member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. So it was inevitable he take to the streets in costume.

So the Mighty Tim was one of the first four public superheroes in the world. Ellipsis was aside him. The four were a team called "The Balance", in and around the campus town of East Lansing-Michigan. They were all college heroes.

Eventually the membership changed - for instance, when Ellipsis graduated. By then, Mighty Tim was convinced the Balance was a force for good in the world. Even after he got his master's degree, he joined his college as an employee. Thus he stayed, to secretly guide the junior heroes.

The Mighty Tim was surprised when the U.S. Government approched him as Mike Roberts. But they were impressed. They gave him a job, in superhuman affairs! Eventually the Mighty Tim would lead missions for the United Nations Paxis Directorate.

During the "Powernaut Rapture" of 2011, many heroes got led off the Mighty Tim's Earth. He stayed, though. He has not laid down his fight for his homeworld.


Mike's personality is quite forceful, when he wishes it to be. He has become a natural leader.

The Mighty Tim was the most heroic character in his universe, until the Powernaut came along. He eventually became a trusted ally of *both* the Powernaut and Wyatt Ferguson, as well as Ellipsis. That says something about how much people trust him.

Powers and Abilities

Mike practices martial arts with a battlestaff. He has practiced for nearly thirty years. To respect his own elder status, he seldom goes on field operations now. But when he does, he carries the most advanced armor in the world; his cape is now armor-plated. And his battlestaff has spent uranium in it, to increase its fighting density.

As a superhuman power, Mike has the ability to create spatial warps. These come with great bursts of flame. Everyone's best guess is, the radiation gave his mind the power to punch a hole out of this reality, by way of a dimension composed of fire energy. The fire energy continues to empower him, to punch further holes between the dimensions. The teleportation proceeds through Ultimate Darkness.


Mike is 6'6' tall'. Due to his exercise, he is quite powerfully built.

As recently as 2006, Mike had a nearly-full head of red hair, plus a beard. These are going white now, but Mike is not going bald. As such, Mike looks much like a college president. This once helped the world adapt to him as a superhuman troop leader. But in his 2017 world, this seems to make people not trust him.


Author's Notes

Some people confuse the Mighty Tim for a hero whom someone created for a superhero role-playing game campaign I once ran. He was there for that campaign, but he was a non-playing character... He was mine! And he made the big time with Powernaut Comics 2006. It's about time he had a Wiki.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 10 May 2017.

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