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Leo is a hero created by Ray Conrad.
Alter Ego:

Mark Simon

Aliases: Leo the Pirate Vampire King; Captain Simon of the Tuvalu Defense Forces; The King of the Damned
Team Affiliations: Total Conversion (1992-1999), Vampire Pirates of Tuvalu (2008-present)
Status: Active
Location: Tuvalu (independent Pacific nation island chain)
Favorite Music: Green Day
Character Portrait


Commentator: Wyatt Ferguson

Leo is publicly known as Mark Simon. He is a superhuman with cat-like powers - and now vampire powers too. And he has a lot of history.

  • 1990: Mark Simon was experimented upon by the CoopTech corporation. He fought his way free with his new cat-like powers. Yada yada.
  • 1991: Mark found patrons: Stephen and Julie Wolcott. He became one of Julie's bodyguards, and took the name Leo. He thereby got drawn into the Total Conversion battle squad which Julie operated for her husband Stephen Wolcott (Ellipsis). There he met Doctor Lithium and Crusher Joe Corrigan. While on Total Conversion, Leo briefly got a place on the New York Yankees roster. The one game in which he played, led to a prohibition on superhumans in major league sports. Leo then left Total Conversion to work as a trainer for the Yankees.
  • 1997-1998: Leo was re-recruited to Total Conversion as they fought against the Last Army. Crusher Joe and Doctor Lithium were there also, as was Vara Hosea under the name Bokor. Total Conversion eventually dissolved when its leaders Stephen and Julie Wolcott were captured.
  • 1999: Stephen and Julie Wolcott reappeared. (asabove.htm) Shortly thereafter, the Earth suffered a reboot-level crisis. (me1999.htm#hung) After the crisis, Leo stayed in seclusion. Rumors say, he was mutated during battles with the Last Army and had nine tails.
  • 2003: Leo, now cured, briefly reunited with Stephen and Julie Wolcott for a celebrity baseball game. (november.htm) In the wake of that game, he married a supermodel.
  • 2005: Leo was plagued by a vampire queen. To avoid vampires, he sold his marriage to the Devil - and then signed on with the British Army in Iraq! I worked with him there - and so did the Powernaut! (2005/occulator.htm#army)
  • 2007: Leo took refuge from the world, alongside Crusher Joe on Crusher Island in Washington state. (2007/crusher.htm) Unfortunately, Crusher Island was then attacked by Lunar allies of the Russians. (2007/secretwings.htm#hung)
  • 2008: Crusher Joe was drawn back into alliance with U.S. superhumans. Leo defected from him, and went on missions with militias against the U.S. Government. (2008/commentQ1.htm#oakland) Meanwhile Leo came under continuous harassment by invisible aliens known as Zarkonites. Eventually he tired, time-travelled back to 2005, married Rose the Vampire Queen, and became Leo the Vampire King! Leo and Rose then accepted sponsorship from a mysterious superhuman known as Eric X, and moved to the island realm of Tuvalu. There Leo would command pirates as Leo the Pirate Vampire King! (2008/assessment.htm#undersea)
  • 2009: Leo, now Captain Mark Simon of the Tuvalu Defense Force, worked with U.S. Vice-President "Crusher" Joe Corrigan to negotiate a mutual assistance treaty. He also hired a mercenary to deal with his original experimenters, who were selling meat made from his clones. (2009/journal.htm#leo)
  • 2011: Leo once again worked with "Crusher" Joe Corrigan to help the Powernaut get into the Dreamtime. This ultimately led to the "Powernaut Rapture", a reality split. Leo went with the Powernaut. (Powernaut 2011)
  • 2013: (Update) Leo has a daughter, the Vampire Jane. She is enrolled in Power School.

I once said, based on sheer weirdness, the world needed to watch Leo. I was right.


Mark Simon was happy-go-lucky. He has never objected to his changes in life, because those gave him somewhere to go. He stumbled into every power he had, as Leo, or Vampire, or King. But he was always open to it.

Now, Mark Simon is Leo the Pirate Vampire King. He rules a nation of humans plus a nation of vampires. He is responsible now. Yet he may on impulse jump back into adventure.

Character Portrait #2

Powers and Abilities

Since his originlal feline modifications, Leo has had hyper-enhanced rehances - and claws. He has had these claws, ever since the beginning of the Superhuman Age of 1991. These claws can vibrate, for extra damage against superhumans.

Since then, Leo has become a king of vampires. He is now undead. Leo has normal vampire powers.

Leo is a prince by world treaty, and a national commander of vampires. He and his nation keep some sea lanes safe from pirates.


Leo has a bushy bright-yellow coat of hair upon his head. He has no outbreak of body hair.


Author's Notes

Leo has been in the middle of this story line, more than any other guest star. Thank you, Ray Conrad, for such a willing and adaptable character.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 23 Nov 2017.

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