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Private Danger is a hero (or maybe neutral) created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Harry Evans
Aliases: Harold T. Evans
Team Affiliations: Power Stars (1944-1945); Agents of Doctor Fu (2006-present)
Status: Active
Location: Doctor Fu's ranch near Power City, Oregon, Earth-Power (SW12)
Favorite Music: Arlo Guthrie
Character Portrait


Harry Evans grew up in northern California. He was conscripted in the U.S. Army in 1943. There they discovered, Harry had some unexplained power which made him bulletproof.

The Army groomed Harry as a hero. They gave him the codename "Private Danger". But soon they realized he would need a handler. Private Danger was extremely unmotivated. However, he did like to see things blow up. So they gave him grenades.

In Northern France in 1944, the Army sent Private Danger into combat - but always under observation. That was fortunate. After the first few missions, the Germans trapped him in a pit. Private Danger was super-resistant, but not super-strong nor super-resourceful. Fortunately his observer S.O.S. called in an airstrike (coincidentally led by Stonewater Smith). This allowed the U.S. Army forces to rescue him.

After that, Private Danger was used sparingly in combat. That was fine with him. But in April 1945, the Powernaut requested superhuman backup for his mission to capture Adolf Hitler in the Alpine Refuge. The only backup available, was Private Danger. So, he joined the Powernaut in the assault.

During that assault, they confronted the villain Auge von Shaitan. They then got catapulted into the distant future of 2006, in which the Axis had conquered the Earth. Private Danger there helped the Powernaut hold off some German assaults, until other heroes could change that future. The Powernaut went back to the past - but Private Danger stayed. He'd finally found his way out of the war.

In the future world of 2006, Private Danger found employment with one elderly Chinese Doctor Fu. He was recruited back to national security work in 2010, at a time of great U.S. Government need. He was promptly subverted by the enemy target mentalist, Philippe St. Joseph Lateran. After that incident, the U.S. Gov relented from ever hiring Private Danger again.

After the Powernaut Rapture of 2011, Private Danger is now on the world of Powernauts. He works for Doctor Fu again.


Private Danger mostly wants to be left alone. But he also wants to be paid. Oh, the eternal conflict.

There are many stories of the timelost heroes of fiction. Private Danger is one such, who chose to stay in the modern age. Thus far, he's adjusted nicely. His catchphrase for the modern world is, "So that's how we do things now,"

Powers and Abilities

Private Danger is bulletproof. Indeed, he is proof against most high explosives. But that is his only superhuman power. He is easily restrained in hand-to-hand combat, or trapped in pits, or so on.


An astonishingly normal guy, with poor grooming which he became used to during World War 2.


Author's Notes

Private Danger has long been an underlying concept of my story universe. He arose after a game simulated the events of Power Stars 1944, in which every hero died who was not bulletproof.

He is known to have disappeared at the end of World War Two. And he is known to have reappeared to fight Nazis, during the 2006 story which inspired the most recent Powernaut series. And he's known to have stayed. The rest is merely documentation.

So, as a Power Star of 1944-1945... Welcome to the big time, Private Danger!

(signed) Scott Eiler, 23 December 2016.

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