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With Great Wealth Comes Great Power

In which I get my longstanding wish for more reliable wealth, and I may get my chance to see if wealth is more useful than superhuman powers. Featuring:

The Return of Ordered Realities. I once took notes on an interdimensional council of reality travellers... but you won't find my notes on the Web, because this was back when all I had for computers was an Apple IIe. Whenever I tried to share these notes with someone, something happened to stop me. Now I'm geting worried. Can you see this web page yet?

Kid Thanos

The Rise of Kid Thanos. Let's see... Thor probably has a geopolitical plot going, or else he wouldn't have parked Asgard over New York City and started encouraging pagan worship. Ellipsis has a geopolitical plot going. Ordered Realities have one going too. I'm opposed to all these plots to some degree, but even with all my new power, there's not a hell of a lot I can do. I'd feel left out... except now Thanos apparently has his own plot going, and he's recruited me.

The Galactic Party. My entire galaxy now has reason to wonder what the heir of Thanos has planned. And that would be me. (Yeah, I know I'm really his executor, not his heir, but you know how rumor machines are. They're even more so, when they're the size of the Galaxy.)

Thanos would have kept them in the dark... but that's not how I work. I think right now is the perfect time for a party.

As parties go, this was certainly better than some. I won't swear I paid attention to everything that was going on there, but I was at least a good host throughout the party, and I didn't hear any guests swearing vengeance upon me. Of course, my hearing is not always the best... (29 June 2003)

Only I Can Save Us Now. I have a grudge against Ordered Realities; I have the power to oppose them; I have the wealth to oppose them. And now, I've figured out how to go about it.

Even with power and wealth, I'm outmatched... unless I find myself some allies. The Galactics may be my pals now, but it's not like they care about alternate Earths. What I need right now, is alternate Earthlings. And (though certain psychiatric professionals don't believe me) I can visit alternate Earths.

The bad news is, the Council of Ordered Realities knows which ones I've been to, so I don't want to revisit them until I'm a lot more ready for a confrontation. The good news is, I've found another alternate Earth to start with...

More. There are always more travels to make, and more alliances to build.

At first, I stick with local superhumans for a while. At least relatively local, and relatively human.

But then, I'm back into the field. The multiversal field, that is.

At the rate things are going, I've got a fair shot at waging my own military campaign against Ordered Realities soon - and winning.

Me in Comic Books: Startup Escalation 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Wealth A Sequel 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 .

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