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Skewered by Higher Power

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The League of Extradimensional MightyFriends

I've been building a multiversal alliance to fight the Council of Ordered Realities. Now it's ready for action. Featuring:

Order of Battle. Here's my force...

But the enemy controls a reality where Poland conquered the world. Really. Poland has rocket cavalry, an outer space death platform, its own League of Assassins, and all that good stuff. And it can draw upon allies from across the universes, which helps explain why Poland rules its world and provides a good base for omniversal conquest.

In short, we're still overmatched.

Plan Quartermoon. If we had to strike today, we figure the odds of success are about 25%. Hence the term, "Quartermoon". If the plan gets more likely to succeed, someday it might graduate to "Halfmoon" or even "Fullmoon".

First Strike. I've come under attack! But it could give me a really good opportunity...

Laying Low. Like I said, I'm under observation from our enemies. Until Plan Quartermoon grows up, I'd better not hang out with the troops too much. But I'm practically incapable of laying low. So, I go back home and draw attention away from them.

Death Trap. Galactus is dead in spirit and I'm dead in body, but we might make a comeback together before the spider aliens feast on us... huh? How did this happen? Well, I'm not entirely sure, but I suspect someone sent the spiders after me.

Plan Fullmoon. I've just found what I needed. Plan Quartermoon just grew up!

Me in the Marvel Universe: The End. Yes, it's the Last Me Story. At least in the Marvel Universe - for the foreseeable future. I was tooling around the universes with practically no limits to my power for a while... but now I have to pay the price.

Me in Comic Books: Startup Escalation 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 LXMF 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 .

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