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The Adventures of Me 2002

Silly Days Are Here Again

Courtesy of Islamic terrorists, the World Trade Center has become a tourist attraction known as Ground Zero. I got a chance to look at it, during a temp job in Manhattan. It would look pretty nice, as a pit planted with grass. The neighbors don't like the way the towers came down, but they like having more sunshine and fewer hundred-story eyesores.

The anniversary of 9/11/2001 has now been officially declared a Federal holiday. The United Way at work is selling 9/11 commemorative T-shirts for $10, or three for $20; they've got enough of a stockpile to last for years longer than they expected.

My boss on my latest job is a Shi'ite Moslem, and he let me out from work early that anniversary day for memorial services. He thinks we should overthrow Iraq, then Saudi Arabia.

We're still getting some "incidents"... but it's hard to tell the terrorists apart from the local loonies any more. Personally, I suspect the time of national trauma is over, and it's time to move on. And I've decided to nudge it a bit.

  • As part of my travel guides, I've written a guide to Silly Towns. I've gotten some adverse reaction, but overall, people realize that any publicity is good publicity. During my travels, I've gotten some businessmen in these towns to help me form a Silly Towns Guild.
  • The first semi-respectable holiday after the middle of September is Columbus Day. I managed to convince three towns of the Silly Towns Guild to hold parades then, a different town on each day of the three-day weekend. The parades are conveniently located to Boston, New York, and Chicago. And if I take a plane, I can make all three.
  • The first two parades went well, and they were suitably silly, despite the obstacles. Let's face it, stuff like a stained glass window in a church lavatory may be silly, but it doesn't always translate well into a parade. But the silly people of Douglas, Massachusetts and Freehold, New Jersey rose to the occasion.
  • By Monday, the parades had made national headlines. Celebrities and politicians started heading toward Hoffman Estates, Illinois for the last "Silly Days Are Here Again" Parade.
  • Of course, things kind of fell apart afterwards... but that's another story.

    Author's Note: This adventure started out as one of my interminable comic book stories about Me in the Marvel Universe. But during its writing, I became convinced that America needs this story in a stand-alone mode. So here it is, devoid of supervillains.

    As ever, after some of the paragraphs, I note the date some of this stuff was written.

    Thanks to Rick and John, the real life Sludge Brothers, who registered to join the parade in real life. John was in Silly Town #3 for sludge training. Really.

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