The Translation Guide to Me in the Marvel Universe

If you've made it this far into my stories, you're probably wondering where all the Marvel Universe characters are. They're all here. But I'm making them wear disguises, so as to avoid the wrath of Marvel's lawyers. We wouldn't want Marvel getting mad at me for publicizing their characters for them, after all.

The following table lists all the characters I've created, each alongside a real person or comic-book character who inspired him or her to some extent. If you like, you can use this as a "translation guide", to shift my adventures back into the Marvel Universe and Omniverse that we fanboys all know and love.

There are characters from other comic book universes in here too. After all, it's one big happy Omniverse. So I've listed the publisher for each character.

There's some real people in here too, but they're hiding from their lawyers. For them, I've listed "Real Life" as the publisher.

Translation Guide
My Universe Character Marvel Universe Character (or Guest Star) Publisher
Ellipsis Reed Richards (and Superman) Marvel (and DC)
The Mighty Tim Captain America Marvel
Morningstar Jean Grey Marvel
Vesper Thanos Marvel
Stonewater Jessica Drew Marvel
M.A.N.I.C. 6 Daimon Hellstrom Marvel
Vara Hosea Tori Amos (and Amanda Sefton) Real Life (and Marvel)
Patty Abdol Paula Abdul Real Life
Crusher Joe Corrigan The Incredible Hulk Marvel
Wyatt Ferguson Me! Real Life
Scudbuster Venom Marvel
Subhumans Atlanteans Marvel
DuoPolarity of Boston The Fantastic Four Marvel
Domesday Doctor Doom Marvel
The Countess The White Queen Marvel
Urr Darkseid DC
The Strategos The Teknophage Big Entertainment
Titan The Vision Marvel
Zenobia Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons DC
All characters in the "Marvel Universe" column are trademarks of their respective publishers. Crusher Joe Corrigan is a character created by Joseph Fucile. Titan is a character created by Ray Conrad. All other characters in the "My Universe" column are copyright © 2001 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.