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Uh Oh

Escalation: The First Wave

  • City of Death. Kurt Cobain and someone named "Vesper" are going into the afterlife business together, and I'm stuck in one of their hotels, in a basement corner room. It's supposedly in Manchester, New Hampshire, with IBM sponsorship. But I know it's the Land of Death, because Mom's there. She's rightfully dead; I banished her to Death myself, the last time she tried to mess with my life. But it seems my sister doesn't realize that, because she's there too. Oh well, that's her own choice.
  • Tekno-Otelo. The Strategos is an ancient Greek strategist whom alien lizards captured and gave immortality treatments to, intending for him to give them pointers. He took over a bunch of their planets. Now, we're forced to play a game with him for the fate of our world, particularly Grafton and Marlboro, Massachusetts.
  • Vesper Comes to Dinner. This self-proclaimed Overlord of Death is kind of interested in me now that he knows I can go to his city at will, so he's returning my visit.

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    Vesper, the Strategos, and Tekno-Otelo are copyright © 2002 by Eiler Technical Enterprises. And all the real people in this document, including me, are really celebrity impersonators. I'm really a guy named Wyatt Ferguson. So there.