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My Life in Comic Books

Plan Joab: The War is On!

Terrorism has made it into my universes. As far as the Marvel Universe is concerned, it's just a bit more noise, what with Kang the Cross-Time Conqueror invading and all. But it's still a big deal for me, whatever world I live in. Fortunately, I don't always live where Kang invades. Unfortunately, other places I live have their own problems.

  • Prelude: Toward the end of WW2, German prisoners evolved a music style which the American military, and later the Supremes, would pick up. A Hogan's Heroes episode describes how a collaborator named Adosti Imaginus helped make this possible. (2 September 2001)
  • Airplane Down. As the Deputy Champion of Death, I have a duty when the enemies of America attack.
  • What Happened to NYC? Every comic book universe is going to have to figure out whether they still have a World Trade Center. The Marvel Universe doesn't. I guess the superheroes were so busy fighting Kang, and Graviton, and The Master, and who knows how many other super-powered master villains capable of throwing a severed Galactus head into Times Square, that some normal hijackers with boxcutters were able to slip right through.

    My own universe doesn't have a World Trade Center either. The superheroes stopped the hijacked airplanes, but the towers went down later anyway. To explain why, I'll have to tell you someone else's story.

  • "Plan Joab". While I'm ignorant of the enemy's precise plans, I have my own plan to counteract his influence. He's influencing fundamentalists in the Islamic world... so I'm planning to reduce the influence of fundamentalists in the Christian world. That way, when the inevitable backlash against religious fundamentalism comes, Christianity will barely notice.

  • Foreign Affairs. The Towers are down, so we have an international incident. And apparently during my own Plan Joab I've been so effective in fighting foreign menaces, I've been noticed by those who notice secret things. While I'm globehopping, the U.S. Government enlists me to help deal with it.

    Me in Comic Books: Startup Escalation 1999 2000 2001 Plan Joab 2002 2003 2004 2005 .