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Eek, Crisis!

As Once Seen in Aleutian Playland! (Which this series has survived.)

The Adventures of Me 2004

The Aleutian Crisis

I live in a world of heroes, and of superhumans. Not always do these concepts meet.

You may not recognize these people; they don't live where you do. But heroes or not, superhumans or not, they've been working hard to change their world for years. By now, it would barely look familiar to you... except in my experience, all worlds tend to look similar, as long as humans live there.

I'm just beginning to understand why some people call this year the Anno Ellipsis 14. Not only is a superhuman called Ellipsis involved, "Ellipsis" literally means the punctuation symbol "..."; it stands for "et cetera", "and so on", and so on. There's a lot of "and so on" in my world, since superhumans went public in 1990.

This year, it's coming to a head. I begin to be scared. You see, I just learned what comes next.

Next! Various Arctic territories have split off from their benevolent democratic overlords in the last few years. First it was Greenland from Denmark, then Keewatin from Canada. Now, the Aleuts want to be next. They live in Alaska and Siberia - that is to say, the United States and Russia. This Arctic independence movement is now getting the close attention of world powers.

A Week on the Other Side, or, Siberia This Time of Year. After a brush with danger in Texas, I get the bright idea of avoiding trouble and laying low... in the middle of Siberia, in the middle of January. Climatically speaking, it may not be the best idea I ever had, but nobody will be expecting it.

A Day in the Movement, or, Alaska This Time of Year. Activist superhumans have started going to the Bering Sea's St. Paul Island in shifts, for moral support and to make sure if something happens to violently deter their independence movement, there's at least some kind of witness.

I still have a trenchcoat that can fly and drag me along with it, so I'm able to fake superhuman power and tag along with a group of Penn State University student-heroes. No, I'm not snitching them out to the Guvna of Texas, even though I just worked for him. But if I'm going to be a consultant on superhumans, I should at least stay current on the phenomenon.

God Loves, Man Kills Here Too, or, The Willow Farm Intervention. Okay, I got in an incident at a church. It was kind of unpleasant, and the United Nations made a big deal over it, but it was really just business as usual for me. So I'll try to make this story quick.

When I come to, I'm back in the real world, surrounded by UN peacekeepers with black helicopters, baby blue helmets... and mongo serious battle armor.

Postlude: A United Nations force has just intervened on United States territory, and uncovered a plot by an international war criminal against an oppressed section of the population. Just like they did in Iraq last year. The governments of Texas, Cook County in Illinois, and the Vatican City are all fighting off allegations of involvement. The US Gov itself looks innocent but negligent. You can bet it's a big deal.

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