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Uh Oh

Escalation: The Introduction

Once upon a time (okay, it was 1995), I had a nice steady job with Hyperion Services, a company full of superhumans. The government dealt with us because we were a bit more accessible than those other superhero teams.

I actually didn't have superpowers at the time. But I pulled my share of the mission load, maybe because I was much more used to weirdness then my cow-orkers (oops, I misspelled co-workers). One time I even got thrown into a parallel universe by the Fantastic Four's kid... years before the FF did.

This is the story of how I lost that job... and gained superpowers. Sort of.

(If you see a date in parentheses here, it's when I first came up with the idea. Sometimes my ideas don't occur in order.)

  • The Countess. I check into a fancy hotel, even though I'm having heart problems, and see an advertisement on the hotel TV by its proprietor, the Contessa Teresa Patricia de Fremontagne, who shows off her brown leather bikini for purchase. And she's invited me for dinner, where she shows me her private art collection.

    It seems the Countess craves me for my powers, whatever those may be. Hell if I know what these powers are. The best I can claim, is to have been exposed to powers. But the Countess doesn't like that answer.

    The Countess quickly overpowers me. She's really strong for her size, and really nasty, if you know what I mean. And I have heart problems, which happen when I overexert myself. Bad time for a heart murmur.

    But she gets nothing for her troubles except to promptly appear with me outside the door of Bell Atlantic where I'm on assignment now, whereupon I promptly go inside past the guards and she doesn't. I'm a bit confused, but she's even more so. (3 January 1997)

  • Aerobic 11. Prologue: Tomorrow Never Knows:
  • Human Rights Inspection.
  • The Homecoming Attack. Prologue: Heid-Ketzel Robot When Robots Attack: The Heid-Ketzel Temple
  • Out of My Life, Mom/The Homecoming II Attack.
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