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Hello, Readers!

This series *still* explains a lot of stuff. And it's escalating. I'm still going to let it speak for itself for now.

(signed) Scott Eiler for Powernaut Comics, 1969.

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Can We Just Call Ourselves Powernauts?

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Steven Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)! The Hyper-Sea

In any four-dimensional hyper-universe, the surface of a four-dimensional hyper-sea would of course be three-dimensional. So despite how Hypergaard's ocean vessels look like sailing ships, they are actually space ships. Presumably their sails catch something like a solar wind; Hypergaard's universe does have stars. Either the ships have environment control to provide warmth and oxygen, or they don't need it. I didn't figure out which... I always regretted being sucked into this adventure without a full set of scientific equipment.

But I Need You NOW!

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Steven Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)! The Hyper-Children

The Hyper-Piper chose children who would be important to world history. We figured out *who* shortly afterward. All this time later, we finally know why.

The abducted children were:

  • *Jeff Goldblatt*. California, USA. Age 13 in 1969. He grew up to be an actor. In 1987 he would become a Powernaut.
  • *Steffi Brock*. Manitoba, Canada. Age 6 in 1969. She grew up to be a meteorologist. In the 1990s she would gain control over her own density and gravity.
  • *Wyatt Ferguson*. Indiana, USA. Age 8 in 1969. He grew up to be a technician. In the 1990s he would wield universe-altering gems *and* become a so-called champion of Death. From what I now know of his powers then, he was capable of defeating or even *destroying* everyone else present - even the Hyper-Piper.
  • *Giulia Moretti*, later Julie Wolcott. Wisconsin, USA. Age 1 in 1969. She grew up to study journalism, but she became an office administrator among superhumans - albeit *not superheroes*. (I will have much more to say about that in my commentary for Powernaut 1992.) In the 1990s and until 2001, she would wear the hyper-speed armor designated "Scudbuster". After that, she got control of a gem which influenced organic matter - but oddly, she did not have control of such a gem in 1969. It is as though the Hyper-Piper could not see any future history after the 1990s.

(to be continued, in Hyper-Mother commentary)

No, They're Getting Near US!

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Steven Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)! Hyper-Mother #1: Paula Power

My friend and colleague Paula Page, also known as Paula Power, was abducted along with the "hyper-children". We now know she was pregnant. Her child would grow up to be the adventurer known as The Devil in White. He could change the image of his face, and wield mental and telekinetic powers.

(to be continued, in Hyper-Born commentary)

But He Can't Fight!

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Steven Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)! Hyper-Mother #2: Marian Wolcott

Marian Wolcott was abducted along with Paula Power and the "hyper-children". Of course, we know now she was pregnant. Her child would grow up to be the mutant telepathic supergenius Stephen Wolcott, known as Ellipsis. As a university student he served on a project involving antimatter, and emerged with matter conversion powers.

Marian Wolcott was a single mother, toward the end of child-bearing years, and not in the best of health. This would have drastic effect on her son's later life.

(to be continued, in Hyper-Born commentary)

I See Things About You!

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Steven Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)! Hyper-Born #1: The Devil in White

In 1992, a young adventurer named The Devil in White appeared in New York City. He wielded telepathic and telekinetic powers. He interfered with Ellipsis, who by then was powerful enough to pose a threat to the U.S. Government.

In later years, the Devil in White would abandon that costume and dress more colorfully. He would be known as Ron Cannon, and affiliate with campus superhumans.

We now know The Devil in White was Ron Smith, the son of my colleagues Stonewater Smith and Paula Power. He was born in Hypergaard in 1969, though we registered his birth at Power City, New Jersey late in that same year. His parents of course had something to do with his powers, but we don't know what or why.

  • His father Stonewater Smith was an exemplary human being in all respects, but he had no superhuman genetics to contribute.
  • His mother Paula Page (Paula Power) had powers of vague origin related to the Powernaut. Those powers may possibly breed true, but we have no one other than Ron Smith to judge from. Obviously his powers were not like those of the Powernaut, nor like his parents.
  • Hypergaard itself may have been a factor in the mutation of young Ron's powers. We therefore continue to track him as one of the Hyper-Born of Hypergaard.

Go, My Final Hyper-Warriors!

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Steven Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)! Hyper-Born #2: Ellipsis

In 1990, a young adventurer named Ellipsis appeared in East Lansing, Michigan, alongside other adventurers collectively known as The Balance. He wielded telepathic powers, but obtained massive energy-wielding powers through scientific experimentation by the middle of 1991. By 1992 he was at war (albeit unconventional) against the United States Government. I assisted the Government in that operation.

Ellipsis is known to be one Stephen Wolcott. His birth was registered at Rochester, Indiana in 1970. His parents were listed as Marian Wolcott and Stephen Samuel Lamarcus. Marian Wolcott was present in Hypergaard, and we know she gave birth there. Therefore we have strong reason to believe Ellipsis is one of the two Hyper-Born of Hypergaard.

If we could investigate Mr. Lamarcus, we would - but he has basically disappeared from history. We have literally no trace of him. I know of exactly one male who has no history, is old enough to have fathered Ellipsis, and has ever taken an interest in him... *Could Ellipsis be the son of the Hyper-Piper??*

Let Me Tell You About Power!

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Steven Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)! He Told Hyper-Children About Power

At a critical point in our 1969 expedition, the self-proclaimed Powernaut turned aside two Hyper-Children by giving them a vision of the evils of power. I have to admit, that saved us. I can now comment on how those children grew up, and whether they were affected by his teachings.

  • Wyatt Ferguson was old enough to understand the full message. Recently in 2003, he published his diary under the title, With Great Power Comes Great Irrelevance. I have to conclude, he remains warped by the 1969 incident.
  • Stephen Wolcott (Ellipsis), on the other hand, was roughly five minutes old at the time. His mind had artificially advanced to its eventual super-genius status, but he was still an infant. In later life, he ceaselessly sought increasing power, no matter the consequences. (I helped the U.S. Government ward him off in 1992.) I conclude, he forgot the teachings and recovered from the incident.

I'm uncertain how I feel about this. On the one hand, society has dealt with the power of Ellipsis - despite his having been *unsuccessfully* brainwashed to renounce power. And in some respects, he's used his power for the good of society. On the other hand, the 1969 brainwashing seems to have held for Wyatt Ferguson. His reaction to great power has uniformly been, to renounce it. Given the amount of power he's renounced over his career, that may be safest for the world. But how can that be *proper*?

To Be Continued - in Part 3!

Author's Notes:

I did not come into this series with a firm concept for what the Hyper-Piper of Hypergaard looked like. That was just as well, because (of all possible characters) Loki has become a movie heartthrob. So the Hyper-Piper looks like Movie Loki, only more so.

Coming into Part 2, I retroactively changed some coloring in Part 1 #7... (1) The Penta-Ship of Hypergaard ought to be easily distinguished from a pirate ship. Shiny! (2) Superhumans and their allies have some more color than normal people do in Hypergaard. Paula Power qualifies. As for the start of Part 2, I think children in the 1970s will be able to go into Spencer Gifts and see a "Glom" poster of the Powernaut.

This series has the advantage of a highly-developed future timeline, full of Children of the Future! The Hyper-Piper can read about these children, because he can go outside the timeline. ( The series was explosive enough already with *four* captives from there, but I went ahead and picked six. I think the drama will only be enhanced; indeed, they all became essential. The detail of whether the Children of the Future have intrinsic powers, wielded powers, sponsored powers, or what, has turned out *mostly* not to be important to a Powernaut comic. And the interaction among *mothers* explains a lot of things I've never mentioned in my stories. 8{D>

It's been noted, the strip is becoming creepy. It stays creepy for a while, because villainy only looks like fun and games until the magic human brood-slavery starts. But I do promise, one or two characters will have their Finest Moments.

I preceded this series with four weeks of time off from publishing the Powernaut. Of course I worked on Powernaut comics anyway. At one point during Part 1, I was coloring strips all at once, four weeks in advance. As of the start of Part 2, I can't even finish the line art that far in advance. (Well, not quite.) But still, the last time I was running this far ahead on the art, I took the strip twice-weekly. I think I'll hold onto my buffer this time, though.

Most of my characters will be recognizable to the readers of Powernaut comics, especially once S.O.S. adds his commentary. Giulia Moretti / Julie Wolcott, not so much, especially in infant form with powered hyperspeed armor. Oh well. Then there's the Devil in White, who's been a background character for 20+ years and is about to get 20+ more. Future Powernaut comics will take up his story.

Jeff Goldblatt as Powernaut 1987 arose from one of those Facebook challenges, wherein if you like a post you are supposed to pass the post on. The offending post was, Post a Picture of Jeff Goldblum. I responded by posting a picture of the masked Powernaut 1987. Thus was his origin sealed. Mr. Goldblatt is about five years younger than Mr. Goldblum, though, so as to still be a relative child in 1969.

I have a concept of Conservation of Characters. This expresses itself here as, Son of Stonewater Smith = the Devil in White = Ron Cannon = Kwame Cannon. (The Devil in White was a background character for Ellipsis. Ron came in from a convention game, when I needed characters for the Aleutian Crisis of 2004 - . Kwame changed his name from Ron, and once appeared in a Powernaut text short-short story which got rejected for Jolt City.) Now that I am exploring the origin of Ellipsis, I have an even more explosive equivalency, which I've mentioned in commentary. I literally came up with that idea while writing that commentary. Oh, shit.

(to be continued, in Part 3)

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Powernaut 1969: 1 2 3 .

"Scudbuster" (a.k.a. "Patriot") was created by Paul Fontaine. All other characters and all artwork in this fiction are copyright © 2014 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.