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The Adventures of Me 2002

Make It Never Was

Dedicated to Irma of Hoffman Estates, Illinois, who was a real-"life" counterpart to part of this adventure.
Make It Never Was!

This is the story of the day I got married. But as ever in my life, that led to lots of other stuff. Even unto death.

Part 1. Unbeknownst to me, the superhuman Ellipsis has made his way into Stark Industries, and is soaking up repulsor rays from the superhuman Iron Man. Ellipsis is a mutant supergenius energy wielder, and Iron Man is a highly-trained battle-armored warrior who works for Stark Industries, so it's just natural that they have this superhuman bonding fun together. But there's a strange thing about this: Ellipsis lives in one universe and Iron Man lives in another.

... Yeah, I know this detail about superhumans bores you. Tracking the superhumans is a hobby for me, but it's not for everyone. But I do have some more important news to report...

I'm getting married to my friend Judy!

Part 2. Unbeknownst to me, there's a small assassin machine that moves across dimensions. Ellipsis chased it into a Stark Enterprises workshop. He's still chasing it across the dimensions, and Iron Man is chasing him. Yes, they can both do this, thanks to their life support and navigation abilities. Meanwhile... Part 3. Unbeknownst to me, there's a lab that has its own plan to turn back history. They're measuring how well their plan is working now. Meanwhile, in the place where I land...

At the end, we get visits from superheroes or aliens or Asgardians, nobody can quite tell. Except for me: I know Iron Man, and I know Ellipsis. The final issue of Time splurges on a new photo and a banner headline, "Will They Save Us?" I'm guessing not.

Well, I've found the man who killed my bride. And he's already under sentence of death and oblivion. Maybe I'm just tired, but I guess my throttling his damned throat would just be counterproductive. Especially when a couple of superhumans who hate me are looking on.

The trouble is, there are still these assassin machines which are able to travel through time, so they might escape the end here.

When my new friend Kristi and I get back from the nuclear holocaust to civilization, we're both weaker than we want to admit. I let her crash at my place, while she decides what to do with her life. We'd walk on each other's backs for mutual relaxation, but we're too tired to stand.

So here I am again, with no job, and no lady in my life. Jobs I can always find more of... but in retrospect, I should have known that my getting married to a nice lady would be a sign of the Apocalypse.

(22 July, 24 July, 10 August 2002)

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