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Uh Oh

Second Wave: Escalation for Me in the Marvel Universe

  • Like a Cannonball. A fiendish plot to fire me at the Countess. And, in postlude, we take on Domesday. (30 November 1995)
  • Running on the Dark Side. Planet Apocalypse is being invaded, its ruler Urr is missing, and it wants my company's services. We have to make it through a countryside swarming with strange mindless creatures, and the suits of armor they give us want to eat each other. (7 January 1996)
  • The Skies Belong to DuoPolarity. Meet DuoPolarity of Boston, N.A. I was at a swimming pool with one of their employees on the day they launched their space ship. She tried to sneak on board, but got caught and thrown off. Not quite like the comic books, where everyone and their kid brother makes it onto rocket ships and gets superpowers. So I gave her a business card, and hey, now I work for them. (21 October 1995. My subconscious was doing remakes of the Fantastic Four before it was even cool.)
  • DuoPolarity to the Rescue. When you have a really cool space ship, who needs superpowers?
  • Tekno-Otelo II.

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    DuoPolarity of Boston, the Strategos, and Tekno-Otelo are copyright © 2008 by Eiler Technical Enterprises. And all the real people in this document, including me, are really celebrity impersonators. I'm really a guy named Wyatt Ferguson. So there.