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Superhuman World 2011 is a work of fiction. The characters herein and the commentary about them should not be considered "real".
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Autumn of Discontent
Notes of Chancellor Wyatt Ferguson about Earth-SW10, 2011

The World Journal Monthly:

They're way more important than they realize. The Wooden Man of the Yucatan knows that too. He used to just sit in a chamber and adjust calendars. But here he's taken over the World Journal Monthly!

The senior correspondents Bruce Klybourn, Sylvester Morrow, and Joyce Darcy are now editors! Others have taken their place. I am now tracking three correspondents. The correspondents are the ones who make the difference.

Noelle LaRue: secretly Wenchy the Witch! This should not a surprise to anyone, given how often they're in the same place lately.

Bill Blau: secretly a Subhuman! His species lives underwater but is now active above. Has he been involved in their actions? I don't know. But he hears about them.

Aaron B. Jeremy: secretly with the Ministry of Speed! Coincidentally, Jewish. He gets all the miscellaneous missions.

Aaron actually gets along with Bill. Bill infiltrates militias, but when he sees racism among humans he finds it silly.

News of the World:

(20 Mar) Total Conversion has a punk sort of Superman on staff now. He's mostly famous for the bizarre places he's painted graffiti... Also in the news, one museum has a bear that's been given an Indian name and trained by sasquatches, or so they say.

(31 Mar) Outside a staged superhero fight at an arena, two young heroes Dr. Fate Junior and the Candy Coach are fleeing for their lives. They've got vanilla, chocolate, and cherry powers, but they'd better find something else useful like butterscotch... Earth-Balance mostly has heroes with standard powers like Flame and Vigor, but they get some interesting ones sometimes. (These might end up with the Powernaut.)

(12 Apr) There's a superhuman musical! Wyatt's been credited.

(26 Apr) Channel surfing shows the game of Hollywood Triangles, some movie about a Mexican maid, and how the latest avian plague is actually mosquito-based... Dystopia mixes with life as usual on Earth-Balance.

(13 Jun) Bandolier II is taking over more of the operations of The Juniors. Her adoptive father Bandolier I is showing signs of Alzheimer's disease; he's having trouble with the sliding doors in his team headquarters. His former captivity in Iran was not good for him.

The Century Jump:

(20 Jun) The Century Jump. A man wants to buy a train ticket for exactly 2011-12-13 14:15:16. If he does this, he can go back to a better time: 1911! But instead he brings people forward! He ends up with a conference room full of female trade unionists. One of them is awfully hard to shove aside, and she's not even the strongest.

Eventually the lot of them are put on a helicopter into Saigon. The ARVN tries to shoot them down, but U.S. airships are on air superiority patrol.

... OK. This ties in to the Summer of Discontent. We just need to tell the origin. If we feel like it. There are more important stories to tell before 2011 ends. But one can understand the urge to leave 2011.

Villain War: see villainwar.txt

Time Bounce:

(11-12 Apr) see 2014.txt

(18 Apr - 13 May) see 1971.txt

The Summer of Discontent, Master Timeline:

(14 Mar) Eric X vs. Nuns

(18 Mar) Auge von Shaitan vs. the Sons of Norway

(4 Apr) The Alien Beast goes to Alexandria-Egypt and exposes Red China

(10 Apr) Britannia Beach

(11-12 Apr) Wyatt 2014

(12 Apr) Wyatt 1971 Start

(15 Apr) The Adventures of Lady Sherlock: The Recruitment!

(28 Apr) The Plan

In high parts of the U.S. Gov it was reportedly asked: Why is Wyatt so damn important? I blame a Trickster god who once cursed our life to be interesting. We shared the life back then. ( )

(30 Apr) Night of the RACCies

(6 May) The War

(13 May) Wyatt 1971 End

(21 May) Day of the Rapture

(24 May) New Bosnia: By Appointment To Their Majesties

(25 May) The Deal

(6 Jun) The Agents.

The Mighty Tim and the Powernaut resurface. They've come from where candidates are planning the next presidential election. One Republican wishes Nixon could appear for him in Florida because Nixon's the only one who could take the state now. Another remembers Bush I in Massachusetts... That's actually on my world! The agents are trapped there.

For what it's worth, SW10 is feeling much the same way. In Earth-Balance, Obama became President as an independent. The political establishment solidified around him. A rightist "Libertine Party" has formed, on the brink of rebellion - over the brink in Nashville. Liberals in turn are claiming betrayal by former liberals.

(14-20 Jun) The Myth

(15 Jun) Wyatt's back on mission! He's in a Trillions ship, because they actually trust him. He has to do atmosphere checks.

(17 Jun) In Orlando-Florida, the ship of The Trillions is requesting that humans form up in mating pairs. Most people there are okay with that. But that defeats a U.S. agent infiltration attempt.

(18 Jun) In response to a terrorist attack by Libertines, the U.S. is at least pretending to wipe out Vojvodina. Eric X has taken possession there after the natives left, and he's playing along. Looks like a bit of misdirection, against the Libertine sponsor Auge von Shaitan, or against the Trillions ship there.

(20 Jun) The Century Jump feeds into The Myth.

(21 Jun) The Strike.

(22 Jun) The Adventures of Lady Sherlock: After the Action!

The Time of the Crossover. After the universal blockade comes up from Earth-Balance, things start breaking in. It starts from far beyond.

(5 Aug) The Coming of the Super-Mage

(Other expected crossovers seem to have suffered the summer doldrums.)

Waiting for the Boot: My reality theorists say, Earth-SW10 is headed for a reboot. Their last ones were 2006, and that's practically forever by their standards. The question is, who'll drive it?

Ellipsis Isn't Useless! (2 Sep)

The Element of Surprise (28 - 30 Sep)

3 Sep: Someone's developed strawberries that ooze cream when it's cold. The berries are mushy, but the cream tastes kind of like yogurt.

23 Sep - 21 Oct: Aliens Attack.

8 Nov: There's a worldwide currency display. The Philippines use Chinese money now. (South Chinese!) European Russia and some neighbors are using the Euro, but only from certain nations. (South Europe and Siberia may not be playing along.)

11 Nov: Last year, South Lansing-Michigan was safe. This year, it's rebelling! The Libertine faction is holding an offensive west along I-496 - and the City Council is pleased! They may not like the Cyber-Strike making them a target.

12 Dec: There's a wargame for the Arab Spring rebellions. Hey, it works! Now, do software storage push forms make sense with it?

... In short, that world's still going to hell.

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