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Superhuman World 2011 is a work of fiction. The characters herein and the commentary about them should not be considered "real".
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SW10: Superhuman World 2022 #1: Pedigo!

Six of my adult and near-adult relatives and I are in a courtyard. Where? I was trying to go anywhere else, but this wasn't it.

A banner strip around the courtyard is written in several languages. I recognize, "Pedigo" and "I ask".

I say, "Oh, $#!+. Ordered Realities Plaza."


My brother Calvin says, "Huh?"

"... We're at an interdimensional immigration bureau. And they've met me before. You are probably welcome here, but I'd best go." I turn to leave.

My sister-in-law Laurie yells, "No! Please stay!"

I turn back. "Uhh?"

"You're the only one of us who knows what's going on here! Please stay until they make you leave!"

"... When you put it that way, I suppose I ought to stay."


People are lined up in the courtyard, to enter in one building. I wave our party back from the line. And I start explaining stuff.

"This is the Congress of Ordered Realities. It has alternate Earths. And it has attitude."

My nephew Calvin says, "I bet."

"Yeah. They have an actual congress here. But mostly they have a Council that decides stuff. And last I checked, one of me actually ran it."

My nephew Chas says, "That's not you."

"That's me! Sort of." ... Then the flying drone cameras arrive. I wave. They back up a bit.

So I continue talking... "The Chancellor Wyatt and I agreed, I should leave this place. I think it was 2010. But there was a lot of other stuff in my life then." ( )

"... At the time, they were heavily open to refugees from other universes. Perhaps they still are. At least, they still seem to have lines for that." I point around at the rest of the courtyard.

Then a drone on dog-like legs comes out, raises upright, and says, "The Vice-Chancellor will see you and your party now. Please follow me."

So we skip the line.


Inside the office... "Hello, Kristi. You look like you made it here well."

"Uhh, hello, Wyatt. You look like death!"

I stopped to consider myself. I looked much like I was used to, only my hair was straight and white, and my face was shriveled. My teeth were almost visible under my lips. "Uh, yes. I made it here the long way, just like you did. And I just got back from there again."

"Yes, we know it's that time..." We clasp hands.

I continue... "My relatives from then and there are with me. They wish refuge."

"Oh. Somehow we'll let them stay." Kristi turns to them. "What do you do?"

Calvin: "Corporate Vice-President. Glorified administrator, that is."

Laurie: "Homemaker. And former department administrator."

Jana: "Civil engineer."

Calvin Jr.: "Studying for Educator."

Chas: "Studying for botanical engineeing. And firefighter."

Kristi: "Oh, we can work with those last three! You two others, you can apply as junior admins in our own hierarchy." Then she turns to me... "Wyatt, your role is still filled."

I laugh. "Congratulations! I will get out of your way as soon as possible... But as long as I'm here, might I spend a night?"

"I think we can arrange that, for one night while the Chancellor is away... Your family will get a suite."

I look at the others. "Yes, I guess they are my family."

Kristi: "Wyatt, where will you go?"

"Anywhere else. I hope I don't end up in Power City."

"That's one of the best multiversal places you could go. But here at Ordered Realities, we know you. And I know you too. So I know what you mean."

Calvin says to me, "Let's have dinner and talk about this tonight."

Kristi says to us all, "We'll send you something to your suite."


Dinner is two whole roasted chickens, with side dishes known to Americans. These chickens are smaller than modern American roasted chickens, though. So it's just enough for five people.

Calvin says over dinner, "Do you still want to leave?"

Wyatt: "No, but I suspect I must."

Laurie: "You said you wouldn't leave until you had to!"

- knock knock - "Excuse us, we are here for immigrants..." (in eastern Europe accent)

Wyatt turns to leave, but Laurie holds him back. "Which immigrants?"

"Just to register anyone within this dwelling."

Wyatt points to Laurie.

Laurie says without opening the door, "Warrant, please."

"That's not a rule here. Chancellor Stanjem repealed it."

Laurie looks over to Wyatt. He gives thumb down No.

Laurie says, "Thanks, no."

They knock some more. But all they can do is knock.

They keep knocking.

Wyatt says, "Shall I go out and deal with them?"

Calvin responds, "No, this is for me."

He gets into his flying armor. It shrinks, and flies out the crack under the door.

There are three hisses. All is silent outside, as Calvin flies back in.


Next several hours, Jana, Calvin Jr., and Chas each get job offers. They just need referrals from someone other than a relative.

I can still get to Vice-Chancellor Kristi. She has left referrals outside her chamber.


The next morning comes. By agreement, I go anywhere else from Ordered Realities Plaza.

Laurie says, "You said you'd stay until they made you leave!"

"I have stayed. They are making me leave."


I have said this before... If you really want to worry about me, don't worry too much, because dammit. Up to now, not even gods, demons, Ultimate Darkness, and the mightiest superhumans of the Omniverse have been able to keep me away from home for long. Based on past history I still have to say, a few months at best. And in the meantime, I'll survive.

This time, I merely shall need to decide what is home.


Coming sometime: Lower Levels!


Author's Note: I dreamed of an extensive downtown walking network for this story. Kind of like Dallas. A walking plaza in French would be "La Marche". In Spanish, it is "Peatrafico". I'd envisioned this to be in Power City.

But this plaza was named Pedigo. I cane up with that phrase while I was barely awake last night. I imagined it meant "Pedestrians Move"! But Pedigo means "I ask" in Spanish. To proceed with Pedigo, either (1) Power City has its own immigration authority, or (2) entrants at Plaza de Pedigamos end up at Ordered Realities! That lent itself to at least one plot hurdle. Which is not a bad thing for the story. This story has been written to handle that.

Wyatt will be pleased to leave his relatives at Ordered Realities, but he will himself go anywhere else. He's got his own agreement with Ordered Realities - which means he doesn't stay there.

The phrase "Chancellor Stanjem repealed it" comes from a telemarketer call. Yeah, telemarketer, don't tell me President Trump repealed the National Do Not Call website when I can go access the National Do Not Call website.

I increasingly look forward to sequels for this story. It could become, Wyatt Ferguson vs. Powernauts! And that is becoming increasingly complicated.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 16 January 2023

Various characters in this fiction may have been created by various people. These are noted in credits where already claimed. But absent claims from these people, all characters in this fiction and the phrase "Superhuman World 2011" are copyright © 2011 - present by Eiler Technical Enterprises.