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Superhuman World 2011 is a work of fiction. The characters herein and the commentary about them should not be considered "real".
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Author's Note: In response to a RACC Challenge titled "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern", to bring in common characters to tell their own story.

(from sw10://

I'm Rose Goldstein, investigative reporter. I have a story to tell. I call it "Iv: The Real Story!"

So the Planet Iv supposedly crashed into Earth in 2009. ( ) Why didn't we all die immediately?

There are so many other questions we could ask about that. So I asked the experts.

Question: We all saw Iv in the sky. But we never saw it hit. Some kind of stasis field supposedly made us sleep through it, and kept the Earth solid and buffered. But if we were all sleeping, how do we know the impact actually happened?

Answer, from Dr. Brent A. Ziegler, of the International Institute of Human Stasis: We do have stasis field technology now, similar to that of The Trillions. We did turn it on in widespread manner at the time of Iv's closest approach to Earth. Other people had intended to film that approach. But the fields suppressed practically all electronics. Even traditional cameras were affected by warping effects upon light rays. In short, we have no record of the supposed impact.

Question: The Trillions supposedly gave us this stasis field. We just fought them. ( ) Is this how we react to the aliens who saved us? Or was there nothing to save us from?

Answer, from Don J. Kozak, of World Foreign Policy Magazine: There have certainly been numerous quick shifts in alliance during human history. The start of the Cold War is one example. But even that took five years to become a bona-fide conflict. Barring political upheaval or dysfunction within one party of an alliance, an alliance shift within two years is practically unheard of. I'm forced to conclude that any alliance Earth had with The Trillions was false.

Question: Planet Iv supposedly changed the Earth's orbit. Someone supposedly talked to the Earth's tectonic plates so they held solid as we bounced into the new orbit. Uh, really? ( )

Answer, from Deborah G. Dowdell, engineer on the 2000-Mile Rail Gun Project: I can't say I support the theory that the North American tectonic plate can send and receive e-mail. That's the World Journal Monthly's explanation, not ours. All we can really say is that our project got a very brief message from an unknown source, during an earthquake which impacted our communications network. Follow-up messages all got responses, but we were unable to trace them precisely. For all we know, some supervillain has an underground communications network which taps into ours. So the idea that North America itself talked to the other continents and got them to suspend all tectonic activity, is at best unproven.

Question: How many of us have been off Earth since? How can we see where the Earth is?

Answer, from Amanda R. Selig, resident of Luna City now relocated to Fort Devens, Massachusetts ( ): Some of those rednecks from Mars say Earth has moved. ( ) But I've been to their Mars colony. I got to say, they'd be pretty easy to bribe to tell whatever story you want. We definitely need to get that interplanetary perspective back to tell for sure. Too bad the Moon's not there any more; Iv did slam into it. But Earth? How could Iv hit Earth and the Moon? It would have had to bounce like a billiard ball!

Question: The sun looks dimmer most of the time. But the mad scientist Ellipsis has already admitted he can manipulate the amount of sunlight hitting the Earth. ( ) How do we know he's not doing it now?

Answer, from Larry M. Glover, professional optic engineer: We do know there's technology to warp optic rays on large scale. To affect solar light, it would have to be deployed in space. Earth's space fleet currently lacks a deep-space deployment ability. But Ellipsis and his superhuman allies can go into space even with large masses. So I have to conclude, it's possible he is manipulating the amount of solar energy hitting the Earth.

Question: Astronomers say they can see the orbital change in everything they look at. But if Ellipsis can manipulate the light from the sun, he could manipulate the light from everything!

Answer, from Alan L. Bridges, former staff astronomer at Harper College, Palatine, Illinois: We do appear to see the planets in different positions now. Those positions are consistent with a theory that most of them haven't changed their orbits but Earth has. Mercury and Earth's former Moon have also. Jupiter is in its former orbit, but nuclear fusion is now taking place there. All its moons are shifted and it's difficult to tell exactly how, with the different optical conditions there. Earth itself also has different optical conditions, due to certain energy manipulations in orbit. In short, we can assume what we see is the new baseline state of the Solar System, but it's hard to confirm.

So. My conclusion, alongside six independent experts? Hoax!

I speak for the Occupy Earth Movement. We have one demand: Stop pretending there are external causes for our economic crash. End the injustice upon Earth!

Author's Notes:

My favorite viewpoint character Wyatt Ferguson was as recently as 2003 resident in the Marvel Universe. Then he commented how most people consider Galactus to be a specially-equipped weather balloon which Reed Richards once launched from the Baxter Building. ( ) Marvel Comics later published a different public perception: Merchandising hoax! "Galactus: The Real Story", April 2009.

Heh. Public perception is mutable, isn't it? Maybe even if something's moved the world? I have the urge to find out. Hence, this story.

In the spirit of this challenge, I used the random name generator of So the names may be public domain. But the characters are all copyright 2011 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.

Various characters in this fiction may have been created by various people. These are noted in credits where already claimed. But absent claims from these people, all characters in this fiction and the phrase "Superhuman World 2011" are copyright © 2011 - present by Eiler Technical Enterprises.