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Superhuman World 2011 is a work of fiction. The characters herein and the commentary about them should not be considered "real".
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Background of Earth(s) 2011
Notes of Chancellor Wyatt Ferguson

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I've got three Earths to watch before all others. My own Earth ("Sovietica" or "MW02", Mage World 2) is politics as usual at Ordered Realities Plaza in Warsaw-Saint Laurent. I won't bore you with details, but any day I'm not stabbed in the back is a good day.

A second Earth is tagged "Balance", so named for its premier superhuman battle squad. It's also known as "SW10", Superhuman World 10. The mutant supergenius Ellipsis (who helped found the Balance) came from there in 2004, and took over Ordered Realities. ( He's back home now. Good riddance.

I have a dimensional counterpart there. We've known each other for years. He jumps around the universes almost as often as I do. He left his world last year, on a mission to mine. Then he went elsewhere. Then home. Then elsewhen, then elsewhen again... You'll need to read the main story if you want to keep up.

Earth-Balance/SW10 is facing a new ice age. The alien Trillions sucked them into a war against the Infrared Sunbreaker Choir, who responded by changing Earth's orbit. (

There's an Earth named "Wall" (or "TW03", Tech World 3), where the main powers are Turkey and Brasil. Turkey recently teamed up with Atlantica (New England and the Maritimes) to take over the Free City of New York. The United States only goes from the New York suburbs to Denver.

I'm friends with TW03's young Turkish Sultan, Hope Springs VII. Yes, he uses Roman numerals with his English throne name. He's proud to do that. His predecessors conquered Byzantium and took over the title "Caesar of Rome", just like in every other universe with the Ottoman Empire. ( )

I like Earth-Wall/TW03 because part of me comes from there. I'm multi-dimensional that way. The other Wyatt is like that too. We used to be merged, but we parted ways in 2003. I got most of our drive, and he got most of our wanderlust. ( )

Earth-Balance/SW10 recently sent a freelance invasion force against Earth-Wall/TW03. ( ) They'd wanted to land in Montana, in the native-held Great Spirit Alliance. I used Ordered Realities tech to strip this force of its weapons and redirect it to New Jersey, where the Turkish army was waiting. They captured almost all of the invaders, but...

The invaders into Earth-Wall/TW03 came with a superpowered magic were-bee that can turn humans into other were-bees. ( ) This bears watching, but it's not the End of the Omniverse. Were-creatures usually don't just turn everything else into themselves, because they need other creatures as food. Ho hum, one more apex predator.

The Trillions are more of a problem, because they do turn everyone else into themselves. They believe in unlimited life - and they go into suspended animation to support it, with spaceships to propagate it. They're taking over Earth-Balance/SW10, recruiting Earthlings for their spaceships. I've added that Earth to the Ordered Realities blockade list.

The blockade is inconveniencing some plans of Earth-Balance/SW10 to reverse their oncoming ice age. Oh well. My friends who are parents say it's hard to let their children live with their mistakes, but they still have to. Worlds are the same way.

I say all this as introduction to this current news briefing.

News briefing:

Author's Notes:

I wrote this as an introduction to my "understory", where I organize the upcoming story concepts. Other people could use an introduction to my current story line too, so I've published this.

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