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Superhuman World 2011 is a work of fiction. The characters herein and the commentary about them should not be considered "real".
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Welcome to the Superhuman World web site, dear reader. People say our world is headed for the Apocalypse, and this is the year it will become obvious. As my editor Wyatt Ferguson would say if he weren't on leave... Well then. There must be stories to tell.

(signed) Katerina Katzmann, publisher.

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Cover Gallery

Earth 2011
Earth 2011 Is Here!
Britannia Beach
The End Starts at Britannia Beach!
Wyatt's Gone, But...
The Super-Wizard
The Super-Wizard Has Come to Watch!

Executive Summary.
Notes of Chancellor Wyatt Ferguson of the Council of Ordered Realities.

Defense of the Corned Beef Zombies

1 Feb
Deputy Ambassador to Another World.
Can she save us?

2 Feb
Zombies vs. Vice-President Corrigan.
What does the zombie secret mean for the world?


6 Mar
The Perils of the Wolf-Woman of Tennessee.
Can she fend off hunters, sasquatches, and unicorns?

Britannia Beach

10 Apr
Britannia Beach.
The fate of the world gets decided here.

10 Apr
Satanists with the Silver Skull Machine.
Satan-worshippers demand power over the world.

New Bosnia

21 May
Lateran Speaks.
A villain comments on the day of the Rapture.

21 May
Day of the Rapture.
What lies beyond the Earth?

21 May
The Gates of New Bosnia.
Even beyond our Earth, it's more of the same.

24 May
By Appointment To Their Majesties.
On the other Earth, commanders assemble their forces.

24 May
The Land of Coins and Diners.
The last refugee gathers allies.

24 May
The Land of Smoke and Soapflakes.
The last refugee begins his first confrontation.

24 May
The Land of Guns and Women.

26 May
The Land of Plans and Castles.
Our Hero organizes the freedom attack, as a power object shifts.

26 May
The Land of Blood and Honey.
The freedom attack begins.

26 May
The Land of Thud and Blunder.
The freedom attack confronts its final enemy.

28 May
The Land of Might and Royalty.
What could happen next? Peace, or War?

The Summer of Discontent

18 Mar
The Villain War of 2011.
Forces from outside traditional society start to take sides.

12 Apr
Wyatt's gotten sidetracked again, the day after Britannia Beach.

28 Apr
The Plan.
The U.S. government plans to stimulate the Earth - back to its old orbit.

6 May
The War.
The United States vs. South Vietnam.

13 May
Wyatt is even farther from home.

25 May
The Deal.
Will Ordered Realities let our Earth save itself?

6 Jun
The Agents.
The agents are starting to return. Have they done the job?

20 Jun
The Myth.
A God-King has returned to affect the plan.

21 Jun
The Strike.
The plan comes together. But does it work?

22 Jun
The Report.
A heroine reappears, and questions are answered.

The Tape - RACC High Concept Challenge Winner!

1 Jul
The Power of the Tape! - Trailer.
Summer Blockbuster Movie - obviously not starring Our Heroes.

1 Jul
The Power of the Tape! - Clip.
This blockbuster become so popular because The Hero won for once.


23 Oct
Iv: The Real Story.
People suspect the recent history of the solar system is faked.

28 Oct
Stay Dead!.
In another world, a Champion of Death and the Ultimate Darkness affect a weird afterlife.

19 Dec
Clueless Lad vs. Nudist Man!.
In that other world, weird heroes interact.

What's Next?

6 Aug
The Coming of the Super-Mage.
Something stronger than every magic-user in the world is invading.

2 Sep
Worse Than Useless?.
Sometimes mad scientists should just strive to be useless.

30 Sep
The Element of Surprise.
Power from the Super-Mage goes toward apocalypse.


12 Oct
Endgame 1.
It all builds up to something, starting with an alien attack in Michigan.

19 Oct
Endgame 2.
As the alien attackers are hunted, the situation may explode.

The Sequel! Powernaut 2011


18 Apr 2003
Four Heroes Part 2.
The heroes of 2011 make an early appearance, in 2003!

22 Jun 2012
Satan Wants His Spine Back!.
The Devil's representatives on Earth are missing something.

26 Mar 2013
The New Ambassador from Another World.
Ex-Vice-President Crusher Joe Corrigan needs something new to smash.

12 Apr 2014
Office Hours.
Wyatt 2014 decides what to do after Wyatt 2011 visits - and so do some others.


20 Sep 2020
Wyatt Ferguson, Near the End.
The end for Earth is coming, and someone should know.

3 May 2021
Someone whines about being old. Like no one has ever done that before.

23 Sep 2021
Wyatt Ferguson, The End (Again).
For real this time. Where shall people go?

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All characters in this fiction and the phrase "Superhuman World 2011" are copyright © 2011 by Eiler Technical Enterprises. The map of the Superhuman World is based on one from Henry Bottomley's map software which is well worth a visit.