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Hello, my Power Patrol! 2011 Part 3 has The Boot! But who will press it?

(signed) The Powernaut!

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Strip #18

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Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Who'd Win #1! Leo vs. SHAJAM

This comes down to the source of the SHAJAM powers: Salome, Herodias, Athaliah, Jezebel, Asherah, and the Medium of Endor. These are all documented in the Bible, so history knows their powers and weaknesses. Don't make me look up the references, or else I'll be preaching to you.

  • Salome, Herodias, Athaliah, and Jezebel were Israelite royalty. They made their living by influencing kings. But vampires could probably impress them, and warriors could overcome them.
  • Asherah was a goddess of the natives and the next nation over, so it was multi-cultural and tolerant to let her in. There was even a movement to let her marry Yahweh! (Just ask the Discovery Channel.) Goddesses were immune to warriors, and they probably *sponsored* vampires, but kings could *and did* prohibit their worship.
  • The Medium (also known as The Witch) of Endor could summon frightful spirits, even to terrorize kings - and probably warriors and vampires too. But she in turn knew that kings could put her out of business. Now, what's the most terrifying spirit she could possibly summon? Probably the Spectral Torch - which is already working with her! Good luck summoning anything else on short notice.

So it really depends on who fights whom. The evil queens and princesses could neutralize kings. If Asherah and the Medium of Endor get going without a king to restrain them, and the others restrain any kings in the vicinity, watch out.

Strip #19

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Who Is Eric X?

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Well, he's new but he's one of the most powerful men in the world. Here's what we know he's done.

  • He used superhuman mimic powers to take over the island nation of Tuvalu, and made it a preserve for pirate vampires. (2008/assessment.htm) Tuvalu then became a strategic ally of the United States.
  • He confronted Ellipsis and stormed the Polynesian god realm to capture the Magic Fishhook of Tongafusifonua, with which he dragged a fallen meteor of rare minerals to Tuvalu. (2010/uplift.htm)
  • He took over a nunnery in Tennessee, on suspicion that the nuns had been working with Satanists. (2011/villainwar.txt)

That's just what we know. Beyond that, for one thing, he's rumored to be the Anglican Archbishop of Kenya. Or rather, the Archbishop of Kenya is rumored to be Eric X. And that archbishopric is already recruiting American churches... For another, I think I saw him at a Secret Masters conclave. (2007/raleigh.htm). He may well be leading that conclave now. So at the very least, he's got a wide-ranging approach to the accumulation of power.

What does he bring to the final confrontation? Probably every alliance commmitment he ever made, plus the prayers of much of Africa and the United States, that nature may be repaired naturally (or whatever). That is all very significant in the Dreamtime.

Strip #20

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Who'd Win #2: Eric X vs. Ellipsis vs. the Powernaut(s)

Eric X: powerful and treacherous but not experienced. He has mimic powers, plus a stockpile of the rare mineral which the Ellipses rely on, plus lots of manna from public support. He may be the dealmaker in such a battle.

Ellipsis: powerful, 20 years of experience, but his science powers may work funny in Magic Land. Ellipsis has been beaten up by people with Powernaut-level powers before, but he's continually adding to his power set. By now he can probably channel his energy aura into his body to increase his damage resistance; I know I would if I were him. His most powerful weapon against most people is mind control, but he usually throws some energy blasts in as well. I'm told, a full-on assault by Ellipsis is terrifying. But the last one of those may have been the 1990s. He's really not focused on combat. But he's a mutant supergenius and can recall his combat skills really quickly.

The Powernaut(s)... together 70 years of experience, and a grab bag of powers. The senior Powernaut had most of the powers one would associate with Superman, while the 1968 version could probably access other powers as he had need. The modern-day Powernaut may be able to channel the powers of his predecessors. And don't forget, he's also carrying around a Pentahedron, which is kind of like a Cosmic Plot Device.

Results are unpredictable, but full of offensive instead of defensive powers. Any battle among these three will probably be over very quickly.

Strip #21

Strip #22

Strip #23

Strip #24

Author's Notes:

Fire Up the Conspiracy Signal!

I always wanted to write an ascension-quest story. Now I finally have. But somehow I always figured Ellipsis would be a participant, not an obstacle. Oh well.

The U.S. President of the Powernaut's world has finally entered the story. I've already revealed elsewhere who that President is (Reticent, Superhuman World 2008). But if I've done the artwork right, you should recognize him anyway. In that world, there were rival shadowy conspiracies which gave Hillary Clinton the nomination but Barack Obama the office. So don't consider this series to be an indictment of our current officeholders. Merely a reflection.

This is the end of the story I've been writing for almost thirty years. There is more to write, but I'll mostly have to go backwards... For 2013, I plan to observe the opposite of January Novel Writing Month. I've earned a break for January. But for the rest of this year, I plan to alternate classic stories with 2005 and onward, still an episode every week. Keep watching!

(signed) Scott Eiler, 5 January 2013.

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