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It's All Happening in Iowa

The Adventures of Me 2006

The Clenching Fist of Iowa

Dammit, I'm staying as far away from this one as I can. But it can never be far enough. Especially when an old friend resurfaces. In Iowa. Why do people have to resurface in Iowa so often?

(For my international audience, Iowa is one of those heartland provinces of North America. Iowa has lots of corn, but not much else of international importance. Iowa would be kind of like Belarus, except Iowa never had nukes, and Iowa's host country hasn't ever successfully deconstructed as yet.)

Ultimate Ted. Ted Clark, late (as in deceased) genius-leader of DuoPolarity of Boston, is back... 30 years younger! And his wife doesn't know! He's like Ultimate Ted now, the same way all those comic book heroes get rebooted as "Ultimate Spider-Man" and such.

I'm there as a favor to Ted's ex-wife Ingrid. When rumors arise of an inventor named Ted Clark, I agree to check it out for her, because I live near Iowa anyway.

In the Camps. Our Superhumans are moving toward a civil war. Some want to work with the politicians (but which politicians?); some want to rebel.

So, the U.S. Gov is looking for a safe place to store its pet superhumans at. The campgrounds at the Blackhawk Conservation Area near Maquoketa are looking good, because they're both remote (in a cultural sense) and centrally located (in a U.S. power politics sense). And nearby Mayor Anvernacht is promising a supportive environment for security concerns. (19 Apr 2006)

But the bureaucrats may not have realized the implications of herding a certain class of people into camps. Yeah, that will calm the rebellion...

... Anyway, Ingrid would like me to check the camps out.

I report back to Ingrid. She agrees, maybe I'd best leave town. She'll manage somehow without a big strong male like me to protect her. Well, yes, I know that already.

Attack of the Vincible Stomper. It seems I've missed the fun (for once). A giant battle-bot is marching through Iowa now.

Eve of the War. Though I missed the action at the camps, I meet an escapee.

But then, she just wants to talk. It shows all the signs of villainous monologue, as well I know, but I think she's just being sweet.

Well then. I think she deserves her chance. So I call forth the Powernaut - who secretly resides within me! Let's not get too heavily into how that happened; I've practically lost track myself.

So what have we learned? Government in my part of the world is moving ever closer to repression. The targets of repression in my part of the world have mounted a spectacular demonstration in response. Outright rebellion never works too well here, but it's always a possibility.

Oh well, it's always something. As far as I can tell, the natural tendency of governments is toward repression. If the target weren't superhumans, it would probably be homosexuals or illegal immigrants or dis-belivers in Creation Science or something.

But that doesn't mean I have to put up with it. I think I've had enough. I'm betting there's something better out there, and I'm going to find it. After all, I can walk across the universes, so I don't have to just sit here and whine about this one. (25 May 2006)

Me in Comic Books:
Startup Escalation 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 A Prequel Iowa A Sequel 2007 2008 2009 .

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