Legion of Net.Heroes
Clueless Lad in the Legion of Net.Heroes: Nudist Man The Kiwis The Great Catastrophe
Horrible Name Lad and Poignant Death Lass: Stay Dead! Don't Stay Dead! Not Dead!
The Devil Legion: (Satan Wants His Spine Back! SW10 LNH) Devil Missionaries from Planet Hell Devil Dog
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Get Clueless!

Clueless Lad is new to the world of the Legion of Net.Heroes. Perhaps you and he may discover that world togther.

Horrible Name Lad and Poignant Death Lass in Classic LNH

Stay Dead.
Suspense in the afterlife.

Episode 1
Don't Stay Dead.
Return from the afterlife.

Episode 2
Not Dead.
What comes after afterlife?

The Devil Legion in Classic LNH

Satan Wants His Spine Back!.
Who is the Devil Legion?

Episode 1
The Tale of the Devil Dog.
The Risen Beast finds his own way.

Comic Strip
Devil Missionaries from Planet Hell!.
A new approach to devil worship.

Clueless Lad in LNH 20

Episode 1
Clueless Lad vs. Nudist Man.
A new hero against a weird man.

Episode 2
Clueless Lad and the Kiwis.
The young hero is observed by secret wise beings.

Episode 3
Clueless Lad and the Great Catastrophe.
New Hero Crossover!

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