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Superhuman World 2010 is a work of fiction. The characters herein and the commentary about them should not be considered "real".


The Rise of Cap-Macaya

March - April 2010


Oh, shit. While we're all following other stories, the big one rises. In the finest tradition of our Superhuman World, a new mini-nation is rising in Haiti. And of course, I'm involved...

(signed) Wyatt Ferguson.

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The Rise of Cap-Macaya. Commentator: Wyatt Ferguson.

21 February 2010: It's rumored, Cuba has an ex-Nazi enforcer who looks like a tattooed crocodile man. He may have been bio-engineered in the 1950s. Is he still around?

28 February 2010: I find this out in Evansville, Indiana. Someone might be trying to recruit me.

  • After one beer with dinner, I fly home above wires and a highway. My most dependable superhuman power is teleportation, but at short range it only works at about the speed of walking. My second-most dependable power is flight, but it works best near electrical wiring. So I usually just walk.
  • Tonight since I can fly, I avoid mean-looking people on the sidewalk. But a woman waves me down for a neighborhood concert. Maybe I'll have one more beer here instead of home.
  • In a house next door to a brightly-colored temporary office, some businessmen are meeting. One old cow-orker invites me in, and I meet another going up the stairs.
  • We're all suffering from indecisive employers again. But one businessman gives us cards and tells us to stop by for interviews. All in all a good night.

The interviews specify I go on heavily-guarded military-style transport with wireless transmission disabled, to a secret destination. I agree. I have the power to instantly give my commentary throughout the world, for I have the power of the Internet! At least someone repsects my power enough to pay me not to use it.

6 March 2010: When I arrive, I learn more. Oh, joy, here I am on a secret airfield in Haiti. More specifically, South Haiti.

  • Haiti has grudges. reads like it was written by the last dictator of Haiti, but it correctly lists how Haiti was under international sanctions until at least 1862, and its troubles started when Christopher Columbus found it in 1493.
  • Haiti has secret history. In the Civil War Louisiana campaign, the Federals evacuated freed slaves from New Orleans to near Pic-Macaya, the west tip of Haiti, right about the time the U.S. finally recognized Haiti. The U.S. was not always comfortable with freed slaves then, and was happy to get them away anywhere.
  • After a recent mid-Haitian earthquake, foreign aid is flooding into east Haiti, but South Haiti is cut off by that same earthquake. Cuban advisors are coming in with aid! They can do that, after Russians attacked all of North America in 2007 and Cuban sanctions were loosened.
  • Haiti has secret military connections other than Cuba, though the Cubans help connect them. Reportedly the Philippines has the best aviation radar, left over from old U.S. military bases. Filipino military trains are so uncomfortable that women are advised to wear bubble wrap around their sarongs, though that hardly affects Haiti... (10 Mar)
  • With foreign aid, the southwest tip of Haiti is declaring autonomy, under the name of Cap-Macaya! There's only one road there from the rest of Haiti (Route 200), and it's pretty easy to block that off.

10 March 2010: I called Vice-President Corrigan to report a potential military situation in Haiti. I think President Obama himself answered. The VP was in the bathroom.

  • ... Why am I calling the Vice-President on direct phone? He actually trusts me, more than he trusts any other superhuman. A bunch of us worked with him in 2003, when he was Governor of California. Unlike the others (aside from John Brandywine who has some issues with literal alcohol dependency), I'm still more-or-less independent.
  • So I get kept on site in South Haiti. Let's hope I find out some stuff.

14 March 2010: There were some men involved in a plot in South Haiti in 1960, to use it as a staging area against Cuba. Some Eastern European women who were there are cooking dinner for us tonight; caterers are setting up the tables for them. One John Paschatta narrates; he and Gander AFB were part of the plot... In short, I found out why the Cuban Gov would like to assist this area, and the U.S. would rather they not.

15 March 2010: We're moving toward the target area. On patrol with the Army, I find why entire units come from one town. You really do work with people better if you grew up with them. We go through an organic farm where an engineering friend of mine volunteers with a Christian relief contingent. The chickens surely are fat, and the pigs are cute and fuzzy.

16 March 2010: A Chicago newscaster friend of mine (Jodi Beaudine, if you must know) is doing a video news segment from a pilot's seat at an aviation museum at Guantanamo Bay. Most U.S. military bases, current or former, have some kind of museum. And Guantanamo is now becoming famous for being close to Haiti.

18 March 2010: Back in our hometown (well, Replica Tropical Speedway-Florida filled in from the Everglades near Port St. Lucie) on a Friday night, my sister figured she could meet me at Replica Mom's favorite restautant. But the Army was patrolling, and she got lit up with targeting lasers. And I'm not even there; I couldn't make it home from South Haiti. Replica Tropical Speedway is now our staging zone, and it's classified.

19 March 2010: My cellphone's trying to navigate me to a Cuban restaurant, but I have to ask my boss where we're starting, and paint my own license plate. How about white on red?

28 March 2010: I have to backfill my diary now. This happens often, and I sometimes rewrite my diary to look like I wrote something every day that something happened. But this time I have an excuse. I was crippled.

  • I was with a U.S. Army Ranger force, on patrol (oh joy). We'd done hard hiking to the head of a river valley north of Cavaillon-Haiti, to see if that was a back way around how the highway was being blocked. Cavaillon was just past where all but the one road ended, so that what where we went to look for the way around. (24 Mar)
  • We saw Russians. For some reason, they're working with Cubans again! I figured, New Russians instead of Gov-Russians...
    • Cubans have a military tradition and are always ready to intervene for Caribbean solidarity.
    • Gov-Russians can't really afford to support anyone, even though they have effective control of outer space since 2007... Hey, how'd they afford that?
    • But New Russians are like robber barons. They're fond of Cuba and can easily support a few nearby military plots. It seems Cuba was just collateral damage when the Russians took over Earth orbit.
  • I'd camouflaged myself with landscape to hide from them. My camouflage didn't work, which could be fatal. I hope my companion did better; he sewed himself a fur hat. (24 Mar)

Both my knees are out of joint. When I try to put them back in, it just hurts worse. When I try to drag myself with my arms, the right side of my chest feels like somethng might pierce my lungs. Nobody's here to help me; I see dead Ranger bodies all around me. I still have my canteen and provisions, and so do they, so I won't die of thirst or hunger. Just of neglect.

As far as I can figure, I'm in between two cliffs near Haitian Highway 2. At the bottom of this chasm, I alternate days facing up vs. on my side. Today is Frontal Sunday. Will I be around for the next one? (27 Mar)

  • Where I lay, I think of a documentary on old weapons. It had 19 missiles on 17 targets for one big fireball, all coordinated by radio spotters and cassette tape guidance programs. I guess old tech is good enough to explain what just happened to me... Really, a roadside bomb would be. But I think I saw the Cuban Crocodile-Man too. (27 Mar)
  • The next things I recall are thrift store ladies asking Judy about me, Judy asking her grand-niece Mary Mystery, and Mary coming to complain about my drinking problem. Mary has issues with me, and has come to make sure I get treatment before I marry Aunt Judy... as though Mary herself weren't addicted to black magic. Right. I'd guess this is a hallucination, like maybe the weapons documentary. I think it's Side Monday by now. (28 Mar)
  • But I wake up in a hospital - in Germany! I guess Mary Mystery came through.

29 March 2010: I'm being treated in private, by the "American-German Business Club". (Yes, there really is one.) Germany may or may not be interested in what I'm doing in Haiti, but at least certain business organizations give them some deniability.

  • I've always been good at going out for a walk. Yes, I was crippled in Haiti, but nothing was broken, only disjointed. And I love walking sticks; I can usually train them to fly and to let me fly. I suppose this hospital cane will have to do.
  • I cut through a bad neighborhood near the MLK Strasse in Bonn. A soldier wants to swap his scarf for my sweater, but I borrowed the sweater and can't offer it. He takes it anyway and says he'll just have it washed for me. Right.
  • This is on the south side of town, where the main attractions are the United Nations Premises and the Consulate of the Republic of Togo. These both have some German guards now. Much like any town in America, Bonn's gone downhill in recent years, since the German Gov has moved out. Much like any town in America, the Martin Luther King Street is the typical place to find this.
  • In my absence, South Haiti was not exactly subdued. The United Nations agreed to a Cap-Macaya Cuban assistance zone there, manned by Cuban soldiers under United Nations observance and approval of patrol routes, with a demilitarized zone near where I spent days under cliffs. The Crocodile Man has not re-appeared.
  • Cap-Macaya has some Internet opposition to its autonomy, but that's about all Haiti can muster. Cap-Haitien's web site calls itself, but it's on North Haiti and prides itself on its having led Haiti once... and not being quaked lately.


10 April 2010: Despite my personal failure in bringing the rule of law to South Haiti, I'm briefly famous as a rescued American civilian. I'm on a boat for American-sanctioned R&R, playing frisbee with President Obama on the shore. He might get his feet wet. Oh, well, that's why I respect most anyone.

12 April 2010: I'm on the move again, because I am an actual American secret agent. Yes, really. Nobody takes my web journals seriously anyway, so I can pretty much go where I want. But my fiancée Judy's going with me, so she doesn't have to get Mary Mystery to invoke demonic powers or whatever to watch me any more.

  • So she and I have made it to a store in an obscure part of China, near Shanghai. She wants to listen to Lounge-a-Palooza or Temple of the Dog. I forgot those CDs, but we can buy them bootleg here for under $2. (12 Apr)

15 April 2010: We see military police cordoning people in a park and telling them to take off their shoes... Folk tradition in many nations beside China will testify to foot-borne folk remedies.

16 April 2010: Judy acts as my sponsor in a women's club. The leader is okay with my flying North Korean and Somalian flags, as long as they're not US. A high school friend of mine is trying to infiltrate the club in drag. I guess he's cover for me, because I actually am infiltrating.

So, what have we learned?

  • The trend of the world seems to be toward mini-nations. One superhuman, Ellipsis, believed in this and supported it. He even inspired others, including friends of mine. They're sure he's not supporting the trend in Haiti, but it's still happening.
  • Some of us may fear the maxi-nation China, but China could well implode some day. Let's hope it doesn't take the world with it.
  • Case in point... Since 2007, we feared a sort of monolithic New Russia. Now the Russian Gov seems friendly enough, but it's a pretty virulent vessel for New Russians who don't need their own mini-nations, because their maxi-nation lets them do what they want.
  • I've seen a prediction that Cubans would be spreading out throughout the Atlantic by 2011. Now in 2010 I finally see it happening. In my world, that really is a sign of the Apocalypse. Oh, shit.

Me in the Superhuman World:
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Author's Notes:

The Superhuman World website now works with concepts from the Usenet group rec.arts.comics.creative. But this story does not. This is where the regular writer of the series tells everyone, "Oh, look, my regular plotline's interfering!"

After I finished writing contest and other miscellaneous entries and sorting out other stuff in my life, the main thread of Superhuman World 2010 finally reasserted itself. This story occurs around "The Opposites" which is now March 2010 #2, but that is not important to either story's plot.

This story may be found on the Web at . It is loaded with hyperlinks which will greatly enhance your experience if you should wonder, for instance, how the Russians attacked North America in 2007.

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