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Superhuman World 2008 is a work of fiction. The characters herein and the commentary about them should not be considered "real".



Fire Up the Alien Signal!


The superhuman stuff was typical, aside from how I refreshingly wasn't involved. But the political outcome surprised me too.

(signed) Wyatt Ferguson.


Prelude: A Bit of Downfall. Commentator: Wyatt Ferguson.

Where in the Southwest could the Israelites have lived? I think they'd feel at home crossing the Colorado River...

Meanwhile, three young cartoon ducks are finishing a delivery for evil men, but get warned by alternates of themselves, pulling a sleigh for Jack Kirby and Dancer the reindeer. Dancer wants revenge because his own nephews are in Iraq. (30 Aug)

  • Israelites and talking ducks? Sounds to me like another DuoPolarity exercise like 2003 and 2007. Some people seem to be getting addicted to these exercises. Flying reindeer and a famous dead comic-book artist are just a bonus.
  • Ducks pulling a flying sleigh? Hey, it makes more sense than reindeer pulling a flying sleigh.
  • But these ducks and their allies (particularly the feisty uncle-warrior, the especially feisty uncle-patriarch, and the hyper-technician) are the Toon equivalent of the hyper-dimensional conquering Draka. They even come from a fortress in a city named after Sir Francis Drake, as the scholar-nephews love to mention. So they overthrow their summoners.
  • This helps overthrow another Secret Master - MANIC 5 this time. He'd gotten loose from his captors in the Combine. Maybe that will teach that silly mage not to play with omniversal forces.


Politics 2008. Commentator: Wyatt Ferguson.

Political Conference
Do these people remind you of any political candidates? Hint: doesn't the Riddler look like Mike Huckabee?

The factions are lined up for a three-way presidential election.

  • Hillary Clinton is Democrat nominee, having benefitted from the Panlucida women's movement. She's picked Indiana Senator Evan Bayh for V.P. People have told her about the mostly-successful Rodham-Bayh two-term presidency from the old Superhuman World (before reality shifts of 2005).
  • John McCain is Republican nominee, and for V.P. has picked former Massachusetts governor Jane Swift. Though once unpopular for her abuse of state power, she is now influential in the Panlucida movement in a way Senator Clinton can't match. Look out for Mommy Rights!
  • Barack Obama is running as an independent, and has recruited Vermont's independent senator Bernie Sanders as his running mate. Senator Sanders at least has experience on domestic issues. His predecessor Jim Jeffords would have been better on foreign policy, but he's still retired.
  • The economy's the major issue; go figure. Issues about Iraq, Russia, and space aliens are diluting the foreign policy discussions.
  • Breakdown:
    • Clinton and Obama will split the Democratic vote. Clinton will get the working class (not bad for a sorority girl from a Massachusetts college); Obama will get the "trendies".
    • Obama will get the black vote, but that's mostly Democratic anyway. He'll suffer an equal backlash from white Republicans and even some Democrats, but nobody will admit that in public. There are just too many other reasons to not vote for Obama. Or Clinton or McCain, for that matter.
    • Clinton and McCain will split the female vote, thanks to Governor Swift.
    • Obama and McCain will split the male vote.
    • McCain will get most of the Republican vote, though Bayh and Sanders both have some appeal to this. Obama's calling himself the Candidate of Compromise.
  • Conclusion: Anything can happen. But unless something strange happens between now and November (and it usually does in these stories), it's looking like a McCain presidency.


Something Strange 2008. Commentator: Wyatt Ferguson.

The aliens are still interested in Earth superhumans - and Earth politics. They swiped the superhumans once. Now it's the politicians' turn. But aliens have their own ideas about which politicians to take.

  • Green Bay town meetings have been taken over by the Packers and their fans. They make a lot of noise when they stomp... The aliens consider Green Bay to be a world capital, based on their disproportionate influence on world culture. So they swiped the mayor. (4 Oct)
  • The McDonalds in Douglas-Michigan is closed, but you can get a cow-shank ham at the general store. Governor Granholm shows up there, aged 20 more years and complaining about a 66-day budget stalemate. (4 Oct)
    • Michigan's governor Jennifer Granholm got mistaken by the aliens as Republican VP-Candidate Swift whom she mimicked for debating purposes, therefore swiped.
    • Another abductee was Madonna, who always acts like a socialist presidential candidate and therefore got mistaken for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. She's come back 70 years old. I guess she won't be complaining about not being on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine any more.
    • Yet another abductee was Jesse Jackson, who always acts like an independent presidential candidate and therefore got mistaken for the independent candidate Barack Obama.
    • Major party candidates / Senators McCain and Bayh also escaped abduction, but Obama's running mate Bernie Sanders didn't.
    • The abductees were deposited in an Earthling colony in a hyperdimension. There they were subjected to twenty years of Earth-style politics.
    • Madonna and Governor Granholm (who are both superpowered, like all women now) led the party back. Senator Sanders came back wrapped in a watermelon, or so the returning Earthlings claim, but Rev. Jackson didn't.
  • In the meantime, four minor political parties are having debates in a boxing ring... The Libertarians, Greens, Socialists, and Ralph Nader have decided to call attention to their non-major party campaigns in controversial manner. (4 Oct)

... Now why are the aliens intervening again?

  • The various Galactics have been working with the Earthlings - but they consider the government of Earth to be Wendie Robinson, a schoolteacher from Texas. Other Earthling factions have been reluctant to work through Wendie. So other Galactic factions may be ready to do some more peacekeeping. But the Galactic idea of militarism is (surprisingly enough) alien.
  • Earth is a major Galactic tourist destination. Reportedly the view of Earthling reality shifts from the Moon is unique and spectacular. And there's also a really good access to hyper-realms from the Earth. Some aliens enjoy the ability to get into the Dreamtime unrestricted by Galactic authorities, and then act like gods. This is not without precedent; even Jesus of Nazareth alluded to human ascension when he quoted the Psalm, "I Said, You Are Gods".
  • The aliens have been relating with us for over a year now. But we mostly don't recognize them because they're so alien.
    • Some tourists arrive by flying saucers which the "Green" race operates. The "Gronite" alien space lizards like this mode, though the Greens themselves never go outside their spacecraft here because our sun drives them crazy. The Gronites mostly like to crawl through swamps and sewers, and peek out.
    • Other aliens project through the Dreamtime. That is to say, telepresence. One race (the Zarkonites) is energy-based and specializes into telepresence into host bodies. That is to say, mind control. And they consider tourism to be conquest. They're getting a lot of willing Earthling hosts now, even without compensation; the mind-altering experience is payment enough for some. But it took Zarkon a while to understand "willing". (10 Oct)
    • One race (the Caladrians) is nearly humanoid, and can pass for human if they care to. They'll come here any way they like; they're as nearly unpredictable as humans. Indeed, their splinter factions say they may have colonized the Earth. The Galactic mass is somewhat worried about Caladrians, the same way as about the Earth.
  • When "peacekeeping" was desired, Zarkon got the commission to mind-control the Presidential candidates - but they couldn't quite find the right ones.

The main casualty so far is Barack Obama's independent campaign, since the best-case scenario for Bernie Sanders is incapacitation. But if Obama can find a suitably independent replacement V.P., he might thrive on the backlash. Joe Lieberman is out of the question, since he's started advising the Republican candidates... but they say Obama's asked Joe Corrigan, famous superhuman maverick politician.

  • Joe Corrigan comes from the old Superhuman World 2005, where he was the outlandish governor of California. But he was effective too. During one of those extradimensional incursions, people wound up saying, the world was lucky it happened in California.
  • After reality shift, this California already has a governor, so Mr. Corrigan retired to a private island. But inevitably, he got drawn back into politics. There's actually a support group "Mothers for Crusher Joe", which makes him a factor among the Panlucida women's movements.
  • Zenobia the famous women's leader was supporting Crusher Joe last year. And she claims involvement in summoning Holy Mary for the Panlucida Incident. Does that say something about the forces in play for the upcoming election? (23 Aug)


Reticent. Commentator: Wyatt Ferguson.

The Alien Beast doesn't talk much, but he's like the Manhunter from Mars would be if said Manhunter actually hunted men.

  • The Combine has been called in by the Obama / Corrigan presidential campaign as expert investigators. As alien involvement is suspected, the Alien Beast is taking point. Hudson Ramo tags along for companionship and human interface. Any amount of support can be provided from the world's most experienced superhumans back on base.
  • The Beast is often seen in hat and trenchcoat. He and Hudson use code words like "Rrrrreticent", for "Let's Not Talk Here".
  • The Beast's native tongue lends itself to "Aaaaa", "Eeeee", "Mmmmm" "Ooooo", "Rrrrr", and "Sssss" sounds. "Eeeee" is happiness, "Mmmmm" is pensiveness, "Ooooo" is admiration, "Aaaaa" is uncertainty, "Sssss" is sneakiness, and "Rrrrr" is just plain dangerous. (13 Oct)
  • First contact on the hunt, the Satanic mage "Aaaaauge" von Shaitan. He claims neutrality. All politicians are equally the sinful corrupt tools of his lord Satan, in his opinion.
    • But he suggests the Method Man may be involved, being indwelt by a demon and a fallen spirit of wisdom and (at one point) a sinful corrupt human who's been declared the enemy of mankind.
    • That human would of course be me, Wyatt Ferguson. The Alien Beast has already gotten his fair chance to sniff me out. So he has better things to hunt.
  • Second contact, the extradimensional enforcer "Mmmmmethod Man". Isn't he supposed to be keeping a lid on the "Dreeeeemtime"?
    • No, not really. His mission is to keep "Rrrrrthlings" from getting the god-powers. The aliens have made a case that access to the Dreamtime is an integral part of their alienhood. Some were escorting Rrrrrthlings through there, as part of an alien project.
  • Contact, the alien "Mooooon" colony. They say, visitors came through there to "Rrrrrth" but not back. The Strategos of the former Rrrrrthling half of the colony may be involved. Target, "Strrrrrtegos".
  • Contact, the U.K. embassy to Russia in "Maaaaascow". The staff is doing bug-sweeps of the building - and of course their own surveillance. They have an idea where to find the Strrrrrtegos. He's been near the south of the Ural Mountains, in a place they call "Alt-Chechnya" - but he's gone to North America! (14 Oct)
  • Some statistics from back home (swapped from my employer Symmmmmetrical Enterprises, I'm pleased to say) indicate the involvement of one family, van Pelt. The patriarch Linus is known to be a responsible mystic. But in response, his sister "Loosssssy" became a psychotic chaos mage! She especially loves the fiery burst when she banishes people to the hyper-realms. (21 Oct)
  • Apparently Loosssssy and the Strrrrrtegos are camping out at a rest stop north of Albany, New York, inviting a confrontation. (22 Oct)
  • It is then found out, they have extradimensional allies called "Edenists", from a world where post-tsarist Russia and the Confederate States of America managed to overthrow industrial society, apparently with some sorcerous help. They call that event the "Lucky Revolt". (24 Oct)

... Now what? For starters, it looks like industry's been shut down again, just like last year, only not with a hypernuke. Earth is currently under Edenist conditions which suppress internal combustion and electrical charges. (24 Oct)

The Strrrrrtegos thinks he has brought human society to its knees. And he has a point.

But the Alien Beast is ready. He has ape allies! To him, these were always more sensible than the humans. And obviously not dependent on technology.

The Strrrrrtegos has been living with reduced resources ever since he was ousted from the Mooooon last year. With a giant ape about to chomp on him, he finally has to admit defeat. His Edenist allies promptly surrender, and reverse the Edenism. So, technology is back.

The Alien Beast, via the Combine, is working for the independent Presidential campaign of Baaaaarack Obama and Joe Corrrrrigan. By the terms of the contract, the Strrrrrtegos is delivered to their custody - to appear on a 30-minute infomercial on all the major networks, and admit to being the source of all Rrrrrth's troubles. (29 Oct)

Even before the election, apes start walking freely in human society.

  • One is seen in Davenport, Iowa. He speaks "human" almost well enough to say "Quad Cities". (It comes out "Grodd Cities".) (28 Oct)
  • Others show up at a gaming convention. (29 Oct)

It seems humans will have to start treating other inhabitants of the planet as equal citizens, or else risk the wrath of the Galactics and the Higher Powers. That plus an independent populist U.S. President who wants to fairly share the planet's resources, would be almost like Utopia. So I'd have to stop writing the story because it'd be so boring ...

... Figure the odds.

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Crusher Joe Corrigan is a character created by Joe Fucile. Leo was created by Ray Conrad. Bandolier was created by Richard DeSautels. The Manhunter from Mars is copyright DC Comics. Raise your hand if you think he's really dead! Lucy and Linus van Pelt are, of course, beloved Peanuts characters and copyright by some big publication syndicate. All other characters in this fiction and the phrase "Superhuman World 2008" are copyright © 2008 by Eiler Technical Enterprises. The map of the Superhuman World is based on one from Henry Bottomley's map software which is well worth a visit.