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Superhuman World 2008 is a work of fiction. The characters herein and the commentary about them should not be considered "real".

Superhuman World

March 2008

5 Mar

I Still Wait Because I Love You
The effects of the Panlucida Incident have come to my home.

This morning, my little wife Katerina awoke me. This has almost never happened before. I am of course an early riser, because I sleep as fast as I live.

Katerina was unusually frisky this morning. And she was strong. She said, "Erik, this is wonderful! I have so much energy now! And... I'm not afraid!"

This seemed abrupt and unnatural to me. I had to ask what happened. Katerina responded, "I went to a women's meeting yesterday. There's so much power that women have now! I'm finally not afraid of men!"

I could only conclude... "My God. You've been affected by the Panlucida sorcery."

I must admit, we then argued. As much as I admired my wife then, her state was sorcerous and unnatural. I could not in good conscience take advantage.

Some day we shall know how to reverse the effects of this rogue sorcery. Then shall men and women return to their natural relationships.

My little Katerina, I still wait because I love you.

5 Mar

Helicopter Crash
An attack upon my family.

I had an appointment in California, USA today, and then a picnic with my mother and siblings who were on vacation. Katerina was to join me for the family outing, but after we argued about sorcery, she declined.

We were at a cliff, slightly north of Los Angeles. Some of my nephews were climbing down the cliff for recreation. For those less physically active, I'd arranged for a helicopter ride. I was riding with my mother, when the helicopter went out of control.

In pictorial fiction, those who are portrayed as having super-speed would simply whirl their arms to create a cushion of air beneath the aircraft. This is ridiculous fantasy, of course. Adding a tornado to an aircraft incident would surely doom the craft.

Instead, I felt it best to instantly dress all passengers in their safety gear. Of course, all aircraft I travel in have air and water survival gear; I insist on it. And for this helicopter, I insisted on better than parachutes. We had parasails instead, inflated with compressed air when activated. Of course, I was already wearing mine. But I do not lead my mother unless her survival is in threat.

I announced, "We must abandon craft!" I then promptly assisted all passengers out the door, and activated their survival packages.

We landed in the ocean. I quickly moved them to shore.

My pit crew later examined the wreckage. They say it was caused by sabotage. I have no shortage of enemies, but they have never attacked my family before this. This cannot happen again.

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