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Superhuman World 2008 is a work of fiction. The characters herein and the commentary about them should not be considered "real".

Superhuman World

February 2008

5 Feb

Giant Robot Attack in New York City
I make my enterprise known in other superhumans' crises.

There has been a controversial robot attack in New York City. It is probably related to villains, who have exclusive access to the technology of giant robots.

A villain "Madfinger" seems to have "Build Giant Robots" as his superhuman power. now knows that villain to have served in Wyatt Ferguson's company "Freedom Engineering Research Group", under the alias "Chang Xia". Now that I have concentrated the attention of lawful authority upon F.E.R.G., this villain has been forced back underground. But his work has surfaced.

On Sunday 27 January, rogue operatives erected an inflatable "Tower of Defiance" at the World Trade Center site of New York City. This dirigible was not quite the size of the former skyscrapers, but it was nonetheless the size of a large building, and visible from the harbour. My staff informs me, the structure resembled a rude hand gesture common to North Americans. Its timing was probably related to a major sporting event the next week, in which a New York City team was contending. City government disclaimed all responsibility, but they did not object, nor dismantle.

On Monday 28 January, a 20-meter (65-foot) humanoid robot popped the dirigible tower. It then stood facing inland, with one of its own hands extended in the same rude gesture. My staff informs me, this robot vaguely resembled a football player. The governments associated with New York City's leading sports rival denied involvement.

The robot did not react to police investigation. But when superhuman vigilantes investigated, the robot employed intrinsic beam weaponry and rendered them unconscious.

On Friday 1 February, the vigilantes of New York City struck again. They had help this time, from a wide range of superhumans including the DuoPolarity Corporations and the Power Patrol. They drove the robot off, but failed to dismantle it.

With the robot actually moving, the public came in danger. I therefore decided to intervene. But I treated it not as a superhero fight, but as a race. Instead of bringing other superhumans, I brought a pit crew.

By Tuesday 5 February, the robot was moving west along U.S. Interstate Highway 80 in Pennsylvania. To minimise danger to the public, I performed my intervention at 4 am local time.

Naturally I can outrun a giant robot. But I allowed it to grab me. When in its hand, I was able to stun it with an electromagnetic pulse device I was wearing. It had previously been established, the robot was vulnerable to such pulses.

My pit crew was then able to swiftly dismantle it before it could reactivate. Those who previously assailed the giant robot had brought scientists along to help control it. But unlike my pit crew, most scientists are not trained in swiftness.

Hurriertech will investigate this giant robot, and determine whether its technology can be replicated for the benefit of humanity. But that is simply a side effect. I am proud to have defended humanity once again.

13 Feb

Meet the Saucers
Extraterrestrials act again.

Last year, extraterrestrials made themselves known on Earth. When Earthlings fought over Earth orbits, the aliens declined to take action. Now they once again act.

On Tuesday 12 February, my sources learned that a mayor had summoned a genie to represent him at a conference. The mayor was Russell Anvernacht, who seems to have links to the villain community and thereby to Wyatt Ferguson. The genie is known as "Vesper", and his interactions with Wyatt Ferguson are well-documented. I did not know the conference at the time, but I chose to investigate.

I discovered some Internet rumors about the conference. It had something to do with First Contact with extraterrestrials, and the delegates included the famous U.S. resident Martin Luther King Jr. - deceased 1968!

Of course the rumors sound absurd. But I chose not to disregard them.

  1. Firstly, it's not truly First Contact, because the extraterrestrials introduced themselves to Earth last year. But that does not indicate lack of further contact.
  2. Secondly, there are indications that the aliens have employed supposedly-dead Earthlings as minions for centuries, and these minions survive to this day. Reports include Queen Zenobia of Palmyra and U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. Therefore, reports of one more dead Earthling among the living were not immediately to be discarded.

Today, Wednesday 13 February, I attended the conference. It was in Antarctica, on the Palmer Peninsula! This time of year, cruise ships travel there often. Most of the human delegates arrived thereby. I instead travelled by private jet to Ushuaia-Argentina, then helicopter.

The Palmer Peninsula is dotted with Argentine, British, and Chilean scientific bases. The conference was staged well away from all these. The cruise ships offloaded their passengers via motorised inflatable raft. In the Antarctic, passengers often debark by this means. But interestingly, the raft then departed.

The conference location was below the South Polar Circle. The conference was at local midnight, such as it is during local summer. It was not a time of 24-hour sunlight, but twilight was still present. However, at the time of the meeting, the sky went black! I quickly checked my notes and found, the aliens have some superweapons which block all light.

Under the darkness, the human contact parties gathered under phosphorescent flags. There landed the flying saucers.

Humans emerged from the saucer. Several of them resembled deceased celebrities, including the Princess Diana of Wales. As previously reported, one human resembled the American activist Martin Luther King, and he led the delegation. He spoke to welcome us as we left the Earth forever.

Naturally I had to object. I was not there to leave the Earth. But after some discussion, we established that all the other humans at the conference were. Indeed they had been declared legally deceased, then chartered their cruise together. I had arrived by helicopter, and so missed this.

Aliens were interested in secretly transporting humans to colonies throughout our Galaxy. They said, the human species was in danger of extinction in fifteen more Earth years - 2023 by our calendar. These volunteers would act as reserve seed stock, as farmers say.

Fortunately the aliens had no interest in forcibly abducting me. I was allowed to observe as all the humans entered the saucer.

It seems cowardly to me to flee one's home planet, simply because authorities say it's in danger. But it is undoubtedly courageous to emigrate headlong into the unknown. In history many Germans have done that, particularly when France was invading, or even when Spain was fighting its way through Germany to invade France. (Only recently by historical terms has Germany invaded France instead.)

The United States of America was built with the aid of German emigrants. Perhaps something of value may be built in this emigration as well.

15 Feb

Attorney for Wyatt Ferguson
The wheels of justice are grinding, but this is tough grist.

An attorney has been chosen to defend Wyatt Ferguson in court. This attorney is famous in the entertainment industry; he last represented Marie Osmond in a libel suit concerning her 16-year-old son who was in rehabilitation clinic. Apparently Mr. Ferguson still has influential supporters.

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