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Superhuman World 2007

The Villain War

The whole Superhuman World and I are facing this one together, but in our own separate ways.

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Prelude: The Solarian on Earth. The aliens in the Saucer War have enough Solarian doomsday weapons for the job right now (one being enough), but they're missing one. Chances are, he's making North Dakota bright and sunny right now. Which leads to me being interviewed by the Weather Channel!

Since then...

The Return of MANIC 5. Hudson Ramo and Karen Bodil of the DuoPolarity Companies have been forced to work with Russell Anvernacht and an android of some sort to survive - and the android looks like the infamous MANIC 5! They're fighting their way off a teleport platform. (19 Jun)

The Saucer War, Status Report. The war is quiet, but the saucers are still in the news.

The news of the alien invasion is quiet recently. But it might be good to review the war so far.

Make It Never Was 2

Make It Never Was 2. There's been a nuclear meltdown at Michigan City, Indiana, and three friends of a young mage get radiation poisoning. He goes on a quest to make it Never Was. It's like a new Harry Potter novel, only with... nuclear meltdown? (26 Jun)

It might be good to review the factions at this point, and how they feel about nuclear meltdowns.

Here comes the 600 page quest! ... No thanks. I'm so busy writing, I can't even read 600 pages in less than two months, let alone write them. So let's cut to the chase.

My Vampire Love. Girlfriend situations never last long with me. Here's another reason why.


New Pannonia. The Patriotic Homeland Corps is starting to think very specifically in terms of empire. And one of their imperial terms scares me more than any term I've heard since "Aleut Republic".

Me and Mrs. James. Laura James (formerly known as the superheroine Morningstar) and I sit on a bed together and fool around with blankets and a remote control, while someone tries to debrief us. (3 July)

DuoPolarity 3.1. Weird creatures from another universe are invading us again. My old universe actually had protocols (I actually helped write them) for when avatars of chaos show up. But this universe is out of luck.

Librarian to the Galaxy. The Earthling cyber-strike against the alien invaders is underway - but it has some unexpected results. (6 Jul)

Now What?

Now What? I'm not sure what's going on, but there're weird customs, weird borders, weird currency, and Biblical warriors loose in the American heartland.

I've been clueless in my usual manner until now. But I finally catch on. It's like the Biblical warriors of Israel have shown up in the North American Midwest!

But back to the villains...

The forces of righteousness have barely kept the corks on the volcanoes so far. We've slipped once or twice, and we're taking casualties from power fluctuation and war fatigue. We still have to clean up after the Saucer War, and deal with the Black Arts Competition and the Patriotic Homeland Corps.

That's with only one or two of the world's greatest villains openly active. So this Villain War is only at 2% strength so far. What are 98 other master villains doing?

Me in a Superhuman World:
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