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Superhuman World 2007

Other People's Adventures in Comic Books

I have adventures in comic books. We all do, even if we're just innocent bystanders, because most comic books take place right here and now. And whenever we go to sleep and then dream of adventures, we have one somewhere. Why not in a comic book?

I'm having adventures this year. And they're worth talking about... somewhere else. But these are everyone else's adventures.

  • For once, these stories aren't about me me me. But I'm still the one writing them.
  • Don't ask me why the World Journal Monthly won't bring me on staff, they just won't. So for these stories, I'm the publisher too!

Mind Control Hum, Activate! A superhuman and a giant antenna play poorly together. Are the saucer aliens responsible?

Outpost Mongolia. U.S. agents are welcomed to the center of Asia - because villains got there first. (14 Jan)


Dinosaur Island. Those darn black mages have been trying to bring back the dinosaurs - from out of the Dreamtime! This let them bring in things like flying manta rays, too.

The Saucer War. U.S. foreign policy is changing, because a war against the flying saucers is underway - tabloid style. (26 Feb)

Science fiction has lots of reports on how a war against aliens will be fought, when the aliens think like Earthly world conquerors. It remains to be seen how the war will go, when the aliens think like aliens from the news tabloids... which is what they are.


Fine Green Paste. Some superhumans have way too much "healing factor" for their own good, to the point where they can be regenerated from a fine pink paste. What if plants got those same powers and refused to stay eaten?

What to do? Yon doesn't know. He's not going to just declare war on botanists for giving plants superpowers, though. What would you do, Gentle Reader? Yon's looking for opinions. (2 Mar)

Shootout. Some of our Heroes of the New Present have grudges from the old world. Fortunately they have protocols for resolving them.

It's good to know Our Superhumans can fight their duels without $#@!ing with the rest of us. But for their sake, I hope they're using rubber bullets. (3 Mar)

The Return of Private Danger. Runaways are encountering a World War II hero who calls himself "Private Danger". The old guy says he's been through a reality shift - and he's not really that old. (13 Mar)

The Return of Barbuda. A Caribbean island is having a security crisis and therefore started filming people in hotel rooms, but Sheryl Crow doesn't like being filmed there. (14 Mar)


On the Edge of Space. There's a plane which skims moisture off the clouds for its pilot; it's in polar trajectory now. Congress and Parliament are both debating how to finance it. (2 Apr)

The Return of Saddam Hussein. The dead dictator's been spotted walking on someone's back, after being found in a hole again. Now that's an extreme massage. (24 Apr)

The People of the Graves. In our new present, there's a new Marvel cosmic comic named, "People of the Graves". It's actually pretty good. And it's based on reality. Our reality, that is. (7 Apr)


Telekinesis and the Prime Numbers. Someone's giving lessons on how to factor the number 300, thanks to telekinesis and a lot of marbles. (9 May)

Cyber-Strike. There's a new Secret War in virtual reality. And it might be Earth's last chance against an alien invasion.


Somebody Else's Sandwich. Otherworldly villains are invading my world again. We're actually kind of busy right now, so let's just let them play through this time. (30 Jun)

... Whatever. If it ever comes to something, I'm sure I'll be right in the middle of it. I usually am.

The Villain War. Featuring:

Make It Never Was 2

The Villain War continues.

Crusher Island. Featuring:


Crusher Island continues.

High Priestess of Danger. A priestess is intimidated by an authentic World War II hero during a ritual, because he seems to be indestructible. (8 Aug)

Still, villainous plans are proceeding on this and other fronts. I've never known just one or two setbacks to cause the cancellation of a villainous plan involving a governmental contract. Usually the villains just declare mandatory unpaid overtime, for all their minions who take them seriously.

The villains have another victory now, because Spain's had another governmental change. The conservative-religious People's Party is back in power under Mariano Rajoy Brey, and is now ready to rejoin the UK / US alliance. (10 Aug)

World on Fire. Some suspicious fires in Greece are explained.


Happy Superhuman Birthday. Who could have guessed, the superhumans Ellipsis and the Mighty Tim had the same birthday? They've worked together practically forever, and even they never knew before this year. But now they're both iconic figures, and their mutual birthday is becoming a superhuman holiday. (9 Sep)

Earthfall, or The Hero War. The villains have been teaming up a lot this year. The heroes are finally catching on to this "team-up" concept, with spectacular effect. As often happens, I experience it first, and find out more after. (25 Sep)


Unholy Game War. Role-playing games, escalated.

Trapped on Dinosaur Island! A female rapper and a superhuman martial artist got chased up a shed by a dinosaur, which dragged down one man from the second floor. Now they've put out a music video about it. They must have been trapped on Dinosaur Island, when Dinosaur Island still had dinosaurs. (15 Oct)

Moon Poker. On the Moon they have strange currency with big nickels, and strange rules for poker... The Earth is now getting exposed to the strange customs of its secret Lunar colony. For instance, metal is much cheaper than paper, and they clean themselves with fine sand instead of water. They don't know what to do when the pumice pipelines are shut off. (16 Oct)


Hung be the Heavens with Black 2. Superhumans are coming under attack throughout North America. (4, 5 Nov)

Return of the Fine Green Paste. In March, some mercenaries discovered the Fine Green Paste, a virulent species of near-microscopic mold. In September the Fine Green Paste invaded Monaco, which fortunately is mostly urban. Now the Paste is stepping up its activity.


Attack of the Fine Green Paste. Why is mold showing up in barracks in the desert - and then walking into a mansion on the other side of the world?

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