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Superhuman World(s) 2007

Ladder to the Moon

In the middle of the war between the U.S. and. the flying saucers, people from the secret Lunar base have attacked my friends! That is something I will join the response to, without complaint or hesitation, even if it does inflame an interplanetary incident.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Luna, Mission Date 19 March 2007
Luna, Near Side and Far Side. Mission Date 19 March 2007.

DuoPolarity of Boston

Whatever Happened to DuoPolarity of Boston?


  • 1995: DuoPolarity launched the Challenger II, Earth's first reusable spaceship. It came in handy on a mission to the United Nations space station - from which Karen got kidnapped to the Moon. I was involved in the mission and the rescue.
  • 1996: The superhuman team Total Conversion commissioned the DuoPolarity Challenger III.
  • 1999: DuoPolarity founder Ted Clark died, from experimenting too much with alien powered armor which drove the user crazy.
  • 2003: DuoPolarity introduced their training suits in spectacular manner, in a baseball game against the superhumans of Total Conversion. All powered armor before that had cybernetic controls based on the alien design, and therefore drove the user crazy.
  • 2004: I (of all people) went into business and hired people away from DuoPolarity. Sorry, nothing personal. But there was a thriving market for the DuoPolarity training suits still, and it was enough for everyone.
  • 2005: DuoPolarity staff and their battlesuits were among the superhumans to evacuate the old Earth before the reality shift.
  • 2006: Bad year for DuoPolarity of Boston. When superhumans from before the shift started going into business, the company had some competition it couldn't handle. To make ends meet, they rented out their favorite spaceship at one point; I know, because I got to fly it again. Besides that, they had some personnel losses.


  • Hudson Ramo, founding member, pilot and handyman, born 1941. Retired 2006, but stays in touch.
  • Ted Clark, founding member, genius and team co-leader, born 1951, died 1999. Reappeared in Maquoketa, Iowa in 2006, age 22!
  • Ingrid Bodil, founding member, scientist and team co-leader, born 1961 (just like me!). Ted's wife.
    • Went to Maquoketa in 2006 to take Ted back. Awww. But that got her and the company embroiled in Iowa local politics.
    • That's even uglier than it sounds, because Iowa was the home of the U.S. superhuman internment camp, and Ted's evil rival Russell Anvernacht had come back from reality shift as the mayor of Maquoketa.
  • Karen Bodil, founding member and handywoman, born 1971. Ingrid's little sister. Pursued a successful athletic career starting in 2004, after the baseball game with the training suits. But in 2006, her big sister called her back to run the Boston end of the company.
  • Sureshkumar and Deepthi Prabhatha, talented engineers, born 1973 - 1977 or thereabouts. Co-inventors of the training suits. Now employed by a certain rival company whose initials are FERG.
  • Stephen O. Samuels, genius scientist and reportedly the world's smartest (non-superhuman) man, born 1931, died 2006.
    • Formerly known as "S.O.S." or "the Golden Age Ellipsis", he was the World War II boy sidekick to "Private Danger", who was the only superhuman to live more than one year under war conditions. Private Danger eventually disappeared.
    • In 1996, Mr. Samuels tried to help the U.S. Government fight the superhumans of Total Conversion. Too bad they didn't listen to him.
    • In 2006, another reality shift came along, and the Nazis took over the world. Stephen was involved in the resistance, and went out fighting Nazis the way he used to dream of. Coincidentally, Private Danger may be back.
  • Erika van Cognos, genius scientist and reportedly the world's smartest woman, born 1946. Had some personality issues with Karen, and left DuoPolarity in 2006.
  • Theodore Ketzel, genius engineer and creator of the Heid-Ketzel robots, born 1956. Nerdish old friend of Ted Clark. Ingrid called him out from his mother's basement to help run the Maquoketa operation. Which doesn't help out the Boston operation much.

It's the night before St. Patrick's Day, and I'm going pre-Amateur-Drunk-Day pub crawling with an old friend named Toejam! I have to find some good tapes and then stash my car near the rented room, but at least I know all the cheap places where I live. (16 Mar)

The matter comes up because Karen Bodil's of DuoPolarity has a rival on the moon, dating back to when she was abducted to "wrestling camp" there in 1995. He's come back down to Earth to swipe a DuoPolarity "training suit". And he brings along five junior wrestlers to jump Karen for old time's sake. (14 Mar)

One might say, Karen's had a rough year. And now she's under attack.

Then what? Karen has to call for help. And this help will have to get to the Moon - without the Challenger II, which was Earth's only interplanetary ship.

Ladder to the Moon

As often happen when I get recruited to go to the Moon, hijinks ensue. But not immediately.

A revolt against the rulers in the realm of dreams is waiting for support from Sri Lanka. Karen and I know this because we've landed at a travellers' inn - in the Dreamtime! (20 Mar)

In Brazil a mentalist with a cleft in his skull has trouble keeping his mental bolts under control so as not to ravage Sugarloaf Mountain. (22 Mar)

Okay, we've made it back from the Moon. Now it's just a matter of getting from Rio de Janeiro to Boston, without our passports which we unfortunately didn't think of taking to the Moon with us. After we call in to say we're safe, we basically have to go to the U.S. consulate and tell them everything. And it's an all-night session, because the U.S. Gov really wants to hear about us. Oh, joy.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Gov has a good idea who's worked with the alien Occulator Compuplex, and they know who's not working with them now. They've set up an ambush on alien sympathizers. Up until now, I admired their restraint. (19 Mar)

Also meanwhile, the aliens mentally advertise to all dreaming Earthlings that they have a construct called "The Beast" which looks just like Earthlings, but is strong enough to infiltrate the heroes of Earth and show random powers, like (for instance) freezing plants. That'll just make our Gov even more paranoid. Oh, joy. (24 Mar)

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