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Uh oh, this single-issue comic book story and stageplay of mine is becoming a whole four-issue limited series! Like that's never happened before in the history of comic books. Usually, it becomes a six-issue series with crossovers...

Anyway, welcome to Part 2 of 4.

Me 2004 in Comic Books

Picture the Future

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All scenes take place in the northwest corner office of the Freedom Engineering Research Group, East Douglas, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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SCENE 2. It's evening. The office is lit up, and Wyatt Ferguson is at his desk, typing on the computer. Music is playing: a song by the Boston band "Treat Her Right", called "Picture the Future". Computer screen shows an e-mail window.

Wyatt. (triumphantly hits the Return key on his computer) Escalation Fergatos Epistle.

Computer. Message sent. Delivery receipt received.

Wyatt. (tiredly) One down, ten to go. (continues typing)

Enter Onslaught, dressed like a supervillain, mostly in red and purple, with a cape and a helmet. His face is pitch black.

Onslaught. My plan to control the world's most powerful humans continues - with you, Wyatt Ferguson!

Wyatt, oblivious, continues typing.

Onslaught. I said, my plan to control the world's most powerful humans continues... oh, damn this music.

Onslaught claps his hands. Music ends. Wyatt looks up.

Onslaught. I have come for you, Wyatt Ferguson!

Wyatt. (tiredly) Do you have an appointment?

Onslaught. Onslaught needs no appointment!

Wyatt. (tiredly) Would "Onslaught" be you, or are you referring to a philosophical concept?

Onslaught. I am Onslaught! It is my destiny to conquer a world!

Wyatt. (tiredly) Stand in line... What can I do for you?

Onslaught. You can contribute all that you are to my power!

Wyatt. (pages through calendar) I seem to be available in December.

Onslaught. Onslaught will not wait for even one month, let alone two!

Wyatt. Oh, so you'd like a priority contract. (pages through calendar again)

Onslaught. No more talk of contracts! You are mine!

Wyatt stands up, silent.

Onslaught. (turns away) I have conquered the mightiest superhumans of two universes! The stronger they were, the faster I came to dominate them!

Wyatt. So the weaker we are, the less you dominate us?

Onslaught. (turns back) ... No talking!

Wyatt. (flatly) Yes Master.

Onslaught turns away. Wyatt silently snickers.

Onslaught. When last I fought a universe, I had the power of its four mightiest mutants! This time, I just take the four mightiest, period!

Wyatt. (stage whisper) I think you mean Four Mightiest Exclamation Point.

Onslaught. (turns back) ... I said, no talking!

Wyatt. (flatly) Yes Master.

Onslaught. The mutant fell first, of course. His powers and his genius are mine to exploit now!

Wyatt scratches his head, then silently says "Oh".

Onslaught. Now I come for his archrival who strides the universes!

Wyatt. (flatly) Been There... (surprised) Archrival?

Onslaught. With you under my power, this world is mine!

Wyatt. (flatly) Yes Master.

Onslaught. Now, go and spread my evil!

Wyatt. (flatly) Yes Master.

Wyatt sits back down at his computer, and resumes typing.

Onslaught. Not like that! Use your mighty powers!

Wyatt shrugs, then moves to the wall. An aerial harness with wings hangs there; Wyatt puts it on.

Onslaught. Yes! Fly forth in the name of Onslaught!

Wyatt slowly flaps his arms, as if swimming. Each flap raises him about a foot off the floor. (Yes, this harness is attached to a wire.) After five feet, Onslaught starts to look dismayed.

Onslaught. But... the mutant swore you were his most powerful rival!

Wyatt. (flatly) Yes Master.

Wyatt flaps some more.

Onslaught. Oh, to hell with it. There must be a better way to conquer the world.

Onslaught stomps off stage.

Wyatt. (laughs) Well, I guess he won't be hiring me... Whatta maroon.

Wyatt. Still, I suppose I'd best check up on Ellipsis...

Wyatt goes to telephone.

Wyatt. Hello, Julie? When's the last time you heard from your husband?

Wyatt. Oh, someone just came by and said he'd been talking with him.

Wyatt. He said they were doing a project together. One of those world domination things.

Wyatt. ... Well, they may have started since you talked with him.

Wyatt. ... Well, can you check the rumor mill? I'll be doing that too. This might be important.

Wyatt. ... Thanks.

Wyatt goes to computer, and resumes typing.

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Onslaught and Malice are copyright by Marvel Comics. John Steiger is a character created by Paul Fontaine. All other characters in this fiction are copyright © 2004 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.