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A Story of Me in the Marvel and DC Universes

This story has a lot of stuff I knew at the time, and a lot of stuff I didn't. It's almost enough for two stories. So, take your pick. But it would probably pay to know both parts. I wish I did at the time. (7 May 2001)

Part I: A Rough Landing

I knew at the time... Unbeknownst to me...
A plane I'm in makes an emergency landing on a highway, because it's forced too low by ambient water seeping in. It barely makes it over a bridge and misses trucks, a playground, trains, and power lines. I just sit there, saying, "Cool!" Batman's piloting the plane; the Martian Manhunter is telepathically calming the passengers. Which explains why we all just sit in our seats. Superman is down below, lifting the plane.
After the plane slides to a halt, a civilian comes out of the cockpit. (What was he doing there?) The guy across the aisle from me says "P'sodyoxmy" to him. Our Heroes are incognito, and they've established a passcode, "P'sodyoxmy". The Martian Manhunter's making contact with Batman.
I recognize this word! It's a Martian word for something. "Command-of-Compassion", as it turns out.
As soon as I hear this guy say the word, I echo it, "Psodyoxmy?". But I mispronounce it without the apostrophe. Without the apostrophe, "Psodyoxmy" means something entirely different.
To my surprise, the person who first said it, turns into a Happy Bear and starts singing a happy song. Just like I told him to. "Psodyoxmy" means "Command-of-Transformation" in Martian. And the Martian Manhunter was in a near-trance state already, highly suggestible.
A bunch of children who were crying in the aisles, calm down and gaze at the Happy Bear. And so the passengers remain calm until the stewardesses get an evacuation going. Superman's out calling the proper authorities. He's incognito too, so he doesn't just pop the plane open and save the day.

Part II: A Journey Home

I knew at the time... Unbeknownst to me...
After the plane's evacuated, I notice the Happy Bear turn back to human form. He's with the guy from the cockpit, and another guy who looks like a stereotypical nerd-businessman. They're talking about how they need to find access. Batman, Superman, and the Martian Manhunter have reunited in their civilian forms. They are of the Justice League, and are strangers to my Marvel Universe. "Access" is a guy who can get them home.
I approach them, and ask what they're trying to access. They telepathically confer, and decide lying to me is not really feasible. Since I've seen one of them change shape, they might as well admit they're from another dimension.
They tell me they're from another dimension. I admit I've been known to travel dimensions myself. Hey, I could be useful to them!
I ask what's special about their dimension... like maybe their most powerful Earth-based superhumans. They say they have a lot, but nobody's really special there. Modesty prevents them from being specific.
I tell them I might be able to summon a link to their best and brightest. In fact, I try it while they aren't looking... but nothing happens. Go figure. They're already here.
I try a different tack. I know one other dimension with superhumans. (I met an Amazon queen there... I think. It was one or another of those reality merge things, so it's hard to tell.) I can probably get them there... Oh joy, another dimension to get lost in.
...And I'm trying, just to see if I can. Before they can object, we are in the throne room of Amazons. I'm surprised at how well this trick worked, but I still manage to bow to the queen before my passengers do. Still, John Jones bows soon after me, then Clark Kent, then Batman's current disguise.
I beg the queen's pardon, identify myself (I think she remembers me!), and ask a favor. Can she get these stranded travellers home? Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons has herself been in the Justice League. Too bad they never trusted her with their civilian IDs, so she doesn't recognize them. Her daughter would; too bad she's not here...
The queen says that her island is sequestered, so this is not a casual favor... ...but Hippolyta is used to the telepathy of the Martian Manhunter, who is kind enough to ask for this favor himself.
...but in view of special circumstances, she is once again in my debt. (Huh?) And our Justice Leaguers go home safely.

The Adventures of Me in the Marvel Universe: Startup Escalation 1999 2000 2001 Psodyoxmy 2002 2003 2004 .