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Supplemental Home Page for Scott Eiler

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Revisions (since October 2006) are this color!

Well, this is my home page.

First things first. I maintain these web pages in a lame attempt at revenue.

  • Eiler Technical Enterprises. I'm a dot-com. Unlike other dot-coms, I didn't quit my day job... until 2006! Come see what Eilertech can do.

  • Eiler Technical Enterprises, Fitness Division. Eilertech goes where some technical consultants dare not. Even into the world of physical fitness.

  • Eiler Technical Enterprises, Games Division. Not so amazing: I write Web programs. I'm currently working on a modified version of the Game of Life. I also have a program to simulate a wrestling match.

  • Eiler Technical Enterprises, The Hall of Sticks. Like many old coots and young whippersnappers, I sit around the shanty and carve walking sticks. Like some of same, I sell them to unsuspecting tourists who could otherwise pick a stick up in the woods. But I like to think my sticks have more "value added" than any other sticks I've seen for sale. Come find out why. A moneymaker for the second year of Eiler Technical Enterprises!

  • Eiler Technical Enterprises, Area Code Map Page. Speaking of work, I work for phone companies and find all sorts of interesting maps. I even maintain one. Now updated for October 2006. As seen in AreaCode-Info.Com!

    No More Ribbons!
    Uh Oh, Success

    Now on to fun stuff. Doesn't everyone write Web pages for fun?

  • So You Met My Web Site At The Bar. Many people have, because my favorite computers get around as much as I do. And now I keep a membership roster!

  • The Domination of Eiler. Almost 50% of the electorate in every United States election agrees, the United States needs a change of leadership. Shall we continue to quibble over the major party choices? Or, shall we have a more direct solution... like the Domination of Eiler?

  • Me in Comic Books. This is the fan fiction formerly known as "Me in the Marvel Universe", except my supporting cast eventually got so large, I went out on my own. From what I hear about the lawyers of Marvel Comics, I'm better off that way.
  • Plus, I'm often rewriting and adding to old stories. As seen in CFAN!

  • The Travel Guides. I've written a lot of stuff that travellers might find useful, or at least amusing. Now it's placed all together for convenience. Including Silly Towns (with an online ballot now!), Fancy Places, Hudson, Massachusetts, and Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. As seen in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

  • The Cyber-Church of Jesus Christ Childfree. If you've ever wondered what to say when people in church ask you when you're going to have children, or if you've ever wondered what to say when baby-haters on Usenet ask you what you see in that Christianity stuff, this site may be for you. As seen in Yahoo, the Great Vacuum Cleaner of the Web!

    Scott and the Children of Brazil

  • A Message About Diversity. Why is it that only some fringe groups get mentioned in those diversity newsletters that companies put out? As seen nowhere but here, because this topic's kind of touchy.

    This set of web pages now has features which I publicize. Here's what's received that treatment so far.

    I also have bunches o' photos.

  • Bunch o' Photos. Wanna see my vacation pictures? It's easier than a slideshow. And I've taken some good ones, including the destruction of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. Also including Greenland and Baffin Island, and the moose that loved a cow in Vermont!

  • Bunch o' Party Photos. Eiler Technical Enterprises not only throws its own Halloween party, it enters the costume contest at work.

  • Bunch o' Childfree Photos. If you went to or heard about various secret gatherings of the North American Baby Haters Club, you might be interested in who showed up.

    I also have bunches o' stuff which isn't exactly web pages, but you can use my web pages to see it.

    Sample Icon

  • Bunch o' Icons. A set of 64x64 black and white bitmaps some friends and I have come up with.

  • Bunch o' Silly Text Files. It was either throw out all those joke e-mails, Top Ten lists, and silly newsgroup posts I've ever collected, or put them on my web page. Guess which option won.

    More is coming, whenever I get bored and want to make web pages.

    Some of my favorite links, and personal info, are this way.

    Scott Eiler, Secret Master of Webitude
    Copyright © 2006, Eiler Technical Enterprises