Fancy Places: the Restaurant Guide (from

The Restaurant Guide for Fancy Places

The following definitions of fancy restaurants were generated by posters to the Usenet newsgroup during January 1999, and occasionally thereafter. It all started with the following statement, declared in all seriousness:
  • At a fancy place, I only get up during the meal if there's a salad bar or if I really need to use the restroom and missed doing that on the way in.

Note: Most fine restaurants (as opposed to Fancy Places) bring you the salad.

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Drink Up The Fine Beverages at a Fancy Place

Wine list at Chez Fancy Place:

  1. White
  2. Red
  3. Rose
At Chez Really Fancy, the list might read:
  1. Franzia hearty burgundy
  2. Carlo Rossi Mountain chablis, North American Continent
  3. E&J Gallo Sparkling Wine, San Joaquin Valley, California
All wines $5/glass, $10/box, $15/big jug with thumbhole. Please order by number to avoid confusing the server.

Don't forget, "rose" is a single syllable, unless you want to be thought of as "high-falutin'". That's why the word has no accent. No decent American fancy place needs no damn Frenchy words. We drink good ole American wine, cuz since we invented it, we know how better.

And don't bring me none-a that fake zinfandel! I want the real one that's pink!