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Minions of Eiler Unite!

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Bellingham Weekend

Just two weeks ago, the Domination of Eiler deployed into Seattle. Now it's time to go the other direction.

Bellingham-Washington was a staging area for the Alaska raid ( ), but escaped total subjugation then. This weekend, that changes. It shall submit everything of value in its town, including museums, breweries, used CD shops, and Free Comic Book Day.

In Snohomish, Friday night:

- Inn at Snohomish: North Dakota ambiance (aside from the coffee stand in the parking lot), featuring real room keys and a radio that could only pick up country music.

- Oxford Saloon: non-Fancy Place with steak, 10 oz / $13

- Piccadilly Circus: English pub with bread pudding

- Fred's Rivertown Ale House: a kid named Malachi who could barely be dragged in to dinner. This showed up on Google maps as the primary restaurant in Snohomish. Fortunately the Dominator's beer sense was working at maximum that night to lead him to the other places.

In Everett, Saturday morning:

- Free Comic Book Day didn't start at Everett Comics until 11 am. The Bargain CDs store filled time until then. They're hostile to the concept of browsing CDs by title, though.

- Everett Comics submitted a modest selection of free comics, plus some back issue gems, despite resistance from a horde of amateur comic book buyers.

In Bellingham, Saturday afternoon and evening:

- The Hotel Bellwether submitted early checkin, provided the Dominator upgrade to an ocean-view room with patio. Deal!

- The Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen submitted sausage and beverage.

- The Comics Place submitted fewer free comics than in Everett, probably because later in the day. But snagged a trade paperback.

- The Whatcom Museum submitted local history. Plus art. It costs $10 to get in, about twice what a local museum should... but it's really two museums, spaced about a block apart.

- The annual Procession of the Species was going by about then. ( ) It strongly resembled a Cinco de Mayo parade, despite having no Mexicans. So the Dominator took up a butterfly mounted on a pole, and marched alongside a giant caterpillar. How appropriate. And the town newspaper actually took a photo!

- The Chuckanut Brewery had warned the Domination patrols away from other breweries for Amateur Drunk Night. Instead the Hotel Bellwether restaurant submitted salad, dessert, and an infamous Supermoon which strongly resembles any moon rising over Bellingham's harbor, impressive though that is.

Bellingham, Sunday:

- Saint Paul's Episcopal Church submitted to the Kingdom of Heaven. But they really need a nursery.

- Kulshan Brewing Company submitted a beer and some pretzels, plus information that the Orchard Street Brewery no longer existed. So lunch (an awesome salmon pizza) came from the Boundary Bay Brewery.

- Many CDs came from the well-organized collection of Everyday Music. The Domination of Eiler is convinced, it has to snap up used CDs while the medium still exists.

Many trophies were conquered. Most meals were consumed in breweries. And Anacortes-Washington (and its museum and brewery) awaits Domination tomorrow - unless Lake Samish submits instead. All hail the Domination!

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