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Minions of Eiler Unite!

The Next Great Offensive

The Domination of Eiler is once again inspiring people to conquer things. Finally against Alaska!

In the District of Dominance, the Domination of Eiler has been organizing its citizenry. Not to demonstrate against evil Other People, but just to meet each other.

The Eilertech Halloween Party had four people show up. That's a good proof of concept, since no one at that place of employment was known to even go to pubs before the Party.

A week after, twelve people went out! They went with the Dominator to Denny's and pigged out on exotic cuisine like pancakes and banana splits, like nothing they'd known in India. (God Bless America and All Hail the Domination!) Denny's was much impressed. Perhaps the Domination of Eiler has tapped into a great reserve of sociability.

Outside the homefront, the Domination of Eiler has agreed with corporate sponsors for one week of private operations every six months. Vacation, that is. November has been expediently chosen for vacation this half of the year.

The Domination considered crossing mountains eastward to patrol the rest of Washington State. But the snow is now falling on the mountain passes which separate Seattle from everything but California. So, no, not this time.

The Domination then considered patrolling the foothills of Mount Rainier. It also considered patrolling the northern approaches to Puget Sound. Those approaches contain mostly Bellingham, the railway gateway to Vancouver and the ferry gateway to Alaska! Of those two options, Alaska obviously wins. And so...

On a very few occasions, the Domination of Eiler has raised its population to follow and support its offensives. (1) Greenland ( ) (2) Brazil ( ) (3) Transcontinental ( ) Alaska is the obvious next occasion.

The Domination of Eiler has long targeted Alaska. And it has a long tradition of going north on offensives during November. Many parts of Maine and Wisconsin have thereby submitted to Domination.

The Domination has spent the last decade moving its home base westward across the continent of North Eilerania, just to subjugate the entire continent and especially Alaska. Now the base is near Seattle. At last Alaska is within reach for a one-week trip!

Support is rising. One of the Domination's corporate sponsors has already arranged to send a T-shirt, provided it be photographed next to something Alaskan! Already good enough.

Citizens of the U.S. Pacific Northwest are advising, the weather might be chilly in Alaska. But Domination has come from Chicago for this mission. So it often uses the phrase, "My chilly is different from your chilly."

So... Alaska! Finally prepare to submit to the Domination of Eiler! Or at least submit your seaward approach, in preparation for future conquest!

Alaska State Ferry Service! You will submit a round trip, each leg of which conveniently takes one day and two nights! You will provide private cabin plus public restaurant, bar, and "solarium" observation decks. Premium for 4-berth cabin because the 2-berths are full, but off-season discount for the ride. Good enough. And there will be precious solitude which the Domination of Eiler expects usually only from trains. The Domination is pleased to establish its professional relationship with you now, for it will surely be used again.

Ketchikan, Alaska! Already home of a Domination fiction-blog! ( ) Now real Domination comes for you! You will host the Domination of Eiler for four days and three nights! You will submit your apparent finest hotel, plus at least half a day's worth of local history, plus a lot of hiking and scenery including totem poles. You have no breweries, but you are in Alaska so the the Domination of Eiler will forgive you. The Domination's bicycle patrol will move through your roughly twenty miles of road net to subdue your entire land. The sun will set at about 3:30 pm, but that will merely make the Domination patrols think of Seattle in December. Citizens of the Domination are already envious because it isn't just a cruise ship stop for two hours, and one might see the Northern Lights!

Alaska! Prepare to submit at last!

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