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Minions of Eiler Unite!

The One Passionate Cause

Because everything else is just arguing over who dies first.

Citizens of the Domination of Eiler are especially passionate about causes nowadays. For instance, there's a holy war being waged over fast food chicken - because certain profits from that are sort of used to support hate crimes, some of which are deadly. At least one side in this dispute insists that bystanders be passionate for their cause, or else their friendships are at stake. ( )

Of course, it's not just chicken and hate crimes. One church is passionate about good drinking water. ( ) In some parts of the world, drinking urine is preferable to drinking water because at least urine is sterile... A preacher of this church has asked: What charity are you passionate about?

The Domination of Eiler does support causes. It's supported the raising of other people's children for three decades now. That support has sometimes been so spectacular, it's touched off a major lifestyle change ( ) and the Domination conquest of Brazil ( ). But that is not the cause the Domination of Eiler is passionate for.

In the Domination of Eiler, the one passionate cause is fighting overpopulation. Everything else is just arguing over who dies first when the Population Bomb goes off. And if it isn't going off in 2012, how will we recognize it when it does?

The Domination has considered this problem before. The summer of 2008 was an especially good time to plan for the end of the world. ( ) The issues then all came down to overpopulation. They do now too. For instance:

- The Drought(s). United-States is headed for a massive crop failure, because the middle of the continent of North Eilerania is now so hot that it wards off rain. Blame global warming. That is to say, carbon dioxide emissions from human activities. That is to say, overpopulation. Other continents are having that problem too...

- The Great Power Outage. India just had a nationwide power outage which affected almost one tenth of the entire world's population. They usually have a lot of hydropower, but that's not working well this year. Blame overpopulation. (See "The Drought(s)".)

- The European Debt Crisis. Southern Europe can no longer afford social welfare programs, due to lack of wealth-per-citizen. That is to say, overpopulation.

- The Arab Rebellions. Sure, it looks good when Egypt or Libya overthrows a tyrant. But then they elect a demagogue. Now Syria's going down that road... The rebellions were largely touched off by food riots. Which is to say, overpopulation. Look for more of the same. (See "The Drought(s)".)

That's all the kind of thing which leads to a world war. Humankind can probably still survive a world war, but the present generations are not going to like it very much.

Therefore the Domination of Eiler is passionate against overpopulation. However, this isn't a cause that lends itself to action, because it's already too late. Most citizens of the Domination will not react kindly when they're told they never should have been born.

So, if citizens wonder why the Domination is not passionately supporting their causes... that's why. Even the most important cause in the world isn't worth being that passionate about. About all it's good for is saying, We Told You So.



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